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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stressed and a little tired

We cleaned today till like 4:00 pm! Almost all day! Ok first of all its Saturday and normally we clean on Thursday and second we aren’t even having a showing. So are you wondering why we did all this cleaning? Well did I tell you how we were going to go to Kansas some time this week and my parents were going to go to Vegas today though Monday? Well my parents didn’t go, because they didn’t want to be their, if my Cousin Jason died. Alright well you are probably lost right now so I’m going to explain. My Cousin Jason, who lives in Kansas, has a dieses that he has had sense he was born also his younger brother Aaron has it. Jason is 23 (24 in March) and Aaron is 19 (I think), that is actually old for this dieses that they have. Normally they die around 18 and the oldest is 21. Its really sad, but God has shown his grace to both of them by letting them live longer. But on Tuesday we got a call from my Aunt Carla saying that the hospice nurse thought Jason would only live a few more hours, But he is still alive but barley. They think he might have serious brain damage because his eyes aren’t responding but he is still breathing and his hart is still pumping. My aunt and uncle almost don’t want him to have to suffer any longer. They don’t want this to on. We always thought that Aaron would be the first to go because he was always worse than Jason, but a few months ago they put him in this hospice care thing. It’s for people who have some thing wrong with them and aren’t expected to live much longer, but he seems happy their (well this is what my Grandma told me and she talks to my Aunt a lot and is up their right now) and doing a little better. So any ways every thing is up in the air, because if he dies tomorrow or some thing than we would have to go Monday probably. But If he doesn’t die before Monday than we still might go but he may be a long time so we don’t know how long we would stay and the Boys have to go back to school the 9th. My dad way/is thinking about going tonight but he doesn’t know if he going to do that. He has been working all day (he just got done) and is extremely tired also. Well Just pray for us that we would have wisdom about what our travel plans are going to be. And pray for my aunt and uncle and their family. My Aunt is very stressed out. And they will have to go though this again
With Aaron so that’s harder.


Well things are stressful around hear and next month it’s going to be getting even busier! Well I would give my best of 2005 but I think I’m going to go watch a movie. Happy New Years Eve every body! I have to say all en’ all 2005 was a pretty great year for me! Who knows 2006 could be even better! ;) Christmas in Oz should be a little interesting! :). Well have a nice New Years Tomorrow. Any bodies have any “New Years resolutions”? I think mine is that I will get though 2006, with out dieing in the land down under. lol I think that’s what I want. Hope you who went had a wonderful time at WC. I heard it was good. Alright Well goodnight all. I hope 2006 brings lots of joy, prosperity, and.... hmm running out of wise things to say ;) and lots of love! :) i donno if that fits but oh well.

Ok well please keep praying for our Famly and My Jason and his family. God bless.

~Tamara Rose~

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas All

So how was every one Christmas? Hope it went well. Mine did. On Saturday we had our Family Christmas and it was really good. Though it didn't really seem like Christmas, Nor does today (well to me) seem Like Christmas. I mean it was just to dreriy and rainy and so dark. But It Good to see a lot of people in Church. My dad preched and it was a very good servace. After Church in the afternoon we went to the Hospital and sang some Psalms to Maxine with the Hovee's, and some other s. Then they came to our house afterwards and we had a little "psalm sing" It was only us, the Hovee's, and Grace but it was fun. We went around and had favorates then we had some popcorn and stuff. Even though it was small it was still a good time of singing, but i think i am all sang out for the night. ;)

So one of the gifts I got From me dear little bro Benny was a high lighting kit. We didn't wast any time After we opeand gifts Saturday Morning we ate breakafast then Charity got started. Zachary took pictures (on before 2 durring and 1 after) that I am hoping to get on hear or some thing so you can all see my lovely hair, Well actually you can't really see the high lights because its just a Camara and they blind very well but i still try to put them on hear. When i first took them out I screemed because they were so blond but after i took a shower and stuff they blinded really well and now i LOVE it!

Well thats about all i have time for tonight. Hope every won who's going to WC has a great time. Have a wonderfully week. I'll try to update before next year. ;)
Merry Chrismas

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm free!

Yes I'm free from dreadfull school! Yeppie!!! I wish I could say i'm done forever but I'm only done till next year ;) Its really fun saying that or saying "see ya next year". I love doing that.

Well anyways sorry it took me so long to update. I was busy a lot last week then this weekend we hade componey and my dad was working on the comptures so I couldn't get on. Well actaully he still is. He like reprogmaed the computers so now a lot of my stuff is gone, Well its actually still on hear its just in a wierd place. Well I donno were just going to have to download some stuff so its kind of frusterating for me because all this stuff is moved around and some stuff is gone and I am not a tecnical person so i can't rigure it out. :)

Ok so now this is the time were I tell you all whats going on in my life and what you missed and whats comming up. and i'll try not to bore you to :)
So first of all like I said I'm off school, My last day was friday. Well friday we had a friend from evens vill come down, Roy, and he just left tonight, then Betty Eger came for lunch and she is staying till Tuesday or tomorow afternoon. Then wednessday afternoon the Man's (some friends of ours from Canses) our comming and staying till Thursday morning. And then friday we are going to my Aunts for Christmas with my mom's side of the family then Saturday( chistmas even, Also my mom and dads anaversury) we are having Christmas with our faimly then my dads parents. Then Sunday we are not going to celabreate christmas, becasuse We think its more emportant to celabrate the birth of chirst than to do wordly things and opean gifts ex. Well i'm not really going to get into that because I'm not very good at saying what i mean. :) Then we might have a psalm sing at our house or chuch Sunday night because they arn't having an evaning servas. Then Monday we might have Christmas with my G'ma and G'pa Walace so that will be fun, And if your wondering yes we have a LOT of Christmas's! ;) Thats what happens when you have a lot of family. Then Tuesay though Friday the s and Zachary (oh btw the way Allen and Zachary our home also. Allen came one last Wednessday and Zachary came home yesterday, And because we have componey Zachary and Ben took over my room and Allen wanted the whole basment to himself and Ben's room is the gest room so i was stuck out side... :) just kidding i sleeped in Charitys room. Well actually my dad had to tell them they had to let my up their because they wouldn't. Ok well back to the Subject) our going to winterconfrence and Allen will proububly work or do some thing and Ben is having a whole bunch of little boys over so i am stuch with no sisters and nothing to do so i am going to try to excape some were but still don't know were to. :) Well some time next week we want to go see Narnea and Tuesday Its maria and I's last glogging lesson so we are going to have a party! :) fun stuff. Well thats pretty much all thats happening I think. Ok so now i am going to do my "want i want to do over chistmas break list" ;-P

1. Finish shopping (well actually i might be done i'm not completly sure and if i'm not I only have a little left to do)
2. Finsih wraping all my presants
3. take a hot bath
4. relax
5. sleep!!!
6. Call people
7. write a phew peopls
8. Do stuff on the comp
9. visit with friends and family
10. Just chill and have a good chistmas break!

Ok well i think thats pretty much all i wanted to say and have time to say for now. have a wonderfully next week. And if you still have school then just keep telling your self "it will be done in like 1 day (or how every many days you have left)" and if your already out enjoy it. This is actually the fist year i really really looked forward to getting out of school for chirstmas break. Ok well i really should get on upstairs now. God Bless all

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

It’s snowing! Yeah! I love snow! And so does my dog and cat… well more dog but the cat thinks its fun to play with! It’s so cute to watch them play. My dog has been playing in it ever since it started and still is! You know how sad it will be in Oz not to have snow on Christmas… actually they won’t have snow at all except in the mountains! That’s going to be awful! Oh well I guess I should enjoy it well it last! Man it has been snowing for a long time and hasn’t let up a bit! Its crazy out their! Well if you are on the road be careful! It’s really getting deep fast! For those of you who go to school I have a feeling that you won’t go if the snow keeps up! There are tons of cool advantages to snow! I love
It! I don’t really want to go out side but my dog is looking at me with sad little eyes though the window and scratching on it and I am really board and wasting my life away on hear so I probably better get a move on! ;) Well hope you all enjoy the snow! And don’t take it for granted I have always but this yeah I don’t think this yeah I am going to every single snow flak… Ok maybe just every time it snows!! Last year I actually just laid down in the snow and looked at each little flak! It was so beautiful just sitting their in the quit and looking at Gods beautiful creation. I don’t under stand how you can do that though and not believe in God! It’s just crazy! I mean really. So this yeah if you find time to go out in the snow just take a minute and look real close at each beautiful snow flak and thank God for such beautifully snow! It truly is amassing to see how each one is different and how its mad so perfect! *sigh*… and just breath it all in… J well I am done with my… preaching for now. Have a wonderfully weekend. Ours is going to be a little dull because Charity and my mom aren’t hear but I am sure we will survive! Well I hope so:-D
God bless all

Monday, December 05, 2005

They harts!

Ok we had a great time with the harts Saturday! They are an incredibly nice family!! They are a ton of fun to talk to and hang out with! And their Kids are really sweet, and adorable! I love just sitting and talking with them! Especially about Australia, They make be very excited to go! Oh yeah I am talking about the harts from Layette (actually they are from Oz they are just staying in Layette), not the once from my church. J You probably already figured that out when I said incredibly nice, though! lol just kidding! :-D

Well my mom and Charity are going to Chicago with my G’ma and Aunt, to go shopping the 7th through the 10th, so pretty much till they kill them self’s! I am not a huge fan of shopping. I mean I like it some times but I pretty much have to be in the mood for it and I am not the one to go for 3 days strait! I will go for a few hours tops but not from 9 or 10 am to 11 or 12 pm! I think that’s just craziness, but I am sure they will have a blast! J

Well I don’t really have much else to say…. I am still considering the name thing. Oh wait I do have some thing else to say! Please comment! I am going crazy no one is commenting! People are so going to forget us when we go to Oz. Well will come back and people we be like;
“Who are the Blackwoods?” It will be so sad! Well anyhow please comment! J I am desperate. Well maybe I should just quite blogging I don’t think any won really reads or likes my blog. I guess the posts just aren’t interesting enough. I am sorry my life is not that interesting and I am not that good of a writer so yeah. Well every blogger thinks about quiting their blog at one point or another so I guess this is my point. I don’t know I will think about it I guess. Well have a nice week every won.

Friday, December 02, 2005

finally a date!!

Ok we have come to a date. January 26th lord willing we will be in the air on our way to Australia! People ask me how I fell well I would tell you: excited, scared, nerves, every mixed emotion pretty much! ;-P I really don't know who or how to fell! I kind of want it to hurry up but then again it seems like its coming to fast and I know there next month and a half will go very fast, but I almost just want to leave tomorrow. :) That sounds really weird and I don't know why but I do. Hah Megan and Brandon Fisher are actually traveling with us. They where going to go the 27th buy decided to have 3 s to help them with Jolene would make it worth it so they decided to switch their thickets so they did.
Ok I have had MANY people tell me rude remarks about Oz so I decided to share all that I could remember:
Would you hurry up and go to Australia- I think every Sturm has said that to me :)
When are you leaving!- Mel strum
So they let you in to Australia…. Wow I am suppressed!-Brandon Fisher

Well that's all I can think of and have time for. My bed is calling me. Well if you have any more you like to add or that I missed please share. :) lol really!
That's all for now. Thanks for praying. God bless. Oh waite! Also i am changing my name thier i am going to go bye my middle name: Rose.

( i did this last night btw)

Monday, November 28, 2005

were staing!!

Ok…. Maybe only till the end of January but still ( that’s a lot more time. It’s like a month more! YEAH!! Ok well maybe at this time your wondering why? Well… Se we where going to leave on the 9th because the plain tickets were cheaper but they are all sold out! And the next cheep ones aren’t till January 26th and 27th so Mr. McEwen said to just wait till then to fly over! It does complicate a few things but I am happy! We also might possibly be able to fly with the Megan and Brandon Fisher. But that’s just a possibility it might happen but it might not. It would be fun though, and we could watch Jolene. So I guess we will just have to see what works out.

Today we put out our Christmas stuff to surprise my mom when she got home and that was pretty fun! Though it did take quite a bit of time! ( I had to work on school for a while after but I did it pretty diligently and got it done before supper! I am normally very distracted but today I just buckled down and did it so I would get it over with!

So did every body’s thanksgiving went well I know mine did, though we didn’t get to play football because the guys said it was “to cold”! I mean come of they are such wimps! Just because it was like 30 or some thing doesn’t mean we can’t play! Guys are such wimps when it comes to the weather being cold! (

Well my siblings are watching Princess Bride and I really like the movie and haven’t seen it in a long time and it’s on a very good part so I better end this and go. Keep praying for our house to sell and every thing to work out. Thank every one! God bless

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

happy Thanksgiving

Aren’t you happy? I am happy, Very happy in fact! Well go ahead ask why? Well fist off we don’t have school, second tomorrow is thanksgiving, third Friday is thanks giving again, lol well it lest for our family, and forth its snowing… well it was this morning but now its just slush so its not so nice but this morning it just made my day when I work up and saw that beautifully snow falling down on those trees. I almost went out and played in it but Charity had some friends over last night and they where watching a movie and I wanted to watch it so I didn’t. But I guess my dog wanted to come in and watch it becase the whole time he kept scratching on the window and staring at me with these little sad eyes. Heh it was so cute. Actually he just wanted me to play with him which I still havn’t yet but I will some time today.

So sense it’s almost thanksgiving I decided to do 10 things I am thankfully for around thanksgiving. (And these aren’t really any order)

  1. God as provided a great family for me to spend it with.

  2. My brothers are home for the rest of the week.

  3. I get to see my extended family.

  4. I get to sleep in (().

  5. No school.

  6. That we are able to have 2 thanksgiving dinners with wonderfully Christian family!

  7. We get to eat 2 great home cooked meals!

  8. It’s a very nice time to relax and you don’t have to worry about presents and thing like that, that you do have to do at Christmas.

  9. There is always lots of laughter going around.

  10. And last but certainly not least we get to stuff our self’s! hah that’s always fun… well it least till you pop! Heh

Ok was that enough. I kind of ran out of ideas so that’s why they got weird. (

Last weekend was a great! We stayed with the Humphreys Sunday afternoon then we went to the psalm sing Sunday night so we all had a blast.

Well last night was fun. But when you have a bunch of s over then you always have to clean up the big mess every one made so I better get a move on. Well have a wonderfully thanksgiving every one! And remember really do give thanks for all you have. I am very humbled every time I hear of some family who doesn’t have any food or any thing but they are still happy at times like these because they have family. So just think of all your blessings and thank God for every single one! Well I just thought of this but this is going to be the last thanksgiving with Allen and Zachary for it least 2 years so I am praying that it will be a good one.
Have a wonderfully day and please keep praying for our family. The one thing right now that you can pray for is that we would be able to sell our house…. and soon! Thanks again. God bless all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Visa approved!!

I guess that means where moving….. FOR SURE (well I think :))

I want to tell you a story.
On day a little and her Brother were home alone. They where playing out side when the mail man drove up in there drive way. They didn’t know what He was doing but they decided to go see. He asked the little to sign a package. She was very curious what was in it, but then the little boy said:
“That’s our visas!”
“How do you know?” the little replied.
“Well see who it’s from and then we will see if I am right.”
The looked on the package.
“It says it’s from, Australia and Washington.” said the
“Then it has to be!” shouted the boy excitedly.
“I mean come on what else would come in the mail that you had to sign for from Australia?” Replied the boy, who was getting more and more excited.
“Well let’s just call dad and see what he says.” Said the calmly.
She calls her dad.
“Dad said he is coming home and he will look at it.”
The little boy dances around saying: we got our Visas! Oh yeah!
“Get a hold of your self! Fist of all we don’t even know if that is our visas, So calm down!”
Then their dad gets home. The little boy is still dancing around and he father replies.
“Well even if this is our visas we don’t know if they have excepted up.?”
“Oh yeah.” the Children say in unison.
As he opened the package the children held their breath.
“I can’t fined anything that says if they have approval us or denied us.” Replied there father.
“I am going to call them (the people who sent it).”
After a while of searching the dad comes back in.
“Look what I found.” As he sticks the passport in her face that has the visa approved page on it.
The little boy jumped up and down, but the wasn’t sure what to say or think. She was kind of excited but was in another way was kind of sad. That visa meant that they where moving to Australia for sure! That seemed scary for her, moving away from every one and every thing she had every known.

So did you guys like the story? It’s a true story. ( Well I don’t know why I wrote that whole thing. You guys don’t have to read it all if you don’t want to. So I have been thinking about this day for a long time. I pictured it the same way, that some how the mail man would come to the door and I would sign for it. And that’s what I did. So I am very happy… especially for my dad. He has wanted this for so long and now he has it. He said before he left that he probably wouldn’t be able to get very much work done. I am assuming that he meant because he is so excited! When we got our sponsorship approved he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep that night so I don’t know what he is going to do tonight. Well if you haven’t heard we are probably moving in January. My dad found plain tickets that are only $30 more on January 9th and 10th we still haven’t figured out why just on those days but they are so most likely we will leave then, but we still have a house to sell so please keep praying. If you want more details there are some on our website (mainly about hosing and stuff)

Well I have been wanting to update in for a while and now that I finally am its going to be long because I have a lot to say (sorry guys)!

Well last weekend Allen came home because the Dr. said he needed some rest so he got about 20 DVD’s and Videos to watch. So he mainly just rested and watched stuff and ate. My mom put him on a soft food diet (which he didn’t like very much. ;)) and tired to get him better. He went to the Dr. Monday and they said he ganged back 4 pounds so that was good, then they checked for TB (heh not me lol) and they wont get the results back till Thursday so they want him back then, but if every thing comes out clear then they are going to give him the Medication, they where originally going to give him last Thursday (or Friday… I forget). So please pray that the TB test will come back clear and that he will be able to get the medication.

Well this Friday Ellie and Ruth are coming up and us s are going to hang out with them, then they are going home on Saturday and we are going up to Layette for a talent night and Maria and I are staying with flo and Charity is staying with Kathryn ( I believe) and my parents and Ben are staying with Betty Eger. Then we are going to there church on Sunday. So we should have a great time this weekend!

Ok I will finish up soon I just want to say some things about our extremely cold whether! This morning we had to take a bunch of leave bags (like 30) done to the end of our drive way and all I had on was my PJ pants and a little sweatshirt and slippers! I almost died I was so cold! My hands went numb! We have had some flares throughout the day but no real sticky snow which is sad but I think it will snow soon; I just have to be patient. ( It wouldn’t fell so cold if we didn’t have so much wind! That is what makes it freezing! So bundle up, especially if you go out some were tonight. I heard it was going to be down to 19!!! I guess it means fall and winter is coming, whether we like it or not! (
Well God bless all have a wonderfully day!


Friday, November 11, 2005

Country Music Therapy

Hey go to my Xanga There is a great "song" thing i put on their! Actually i am kind of coping Nathan but i really didn't mean to Maria just found it. :) Its so funny. Its actually not a song is some of your favorite "Country music Therapy" with Dr. Phil! hah. But it’s a different song.
Well actually I think that the one Nathan has is better, but that’s ok. ;)

Well about Allen, Right now he is here because now they think he might have bronchitis (sp), so he is getting some R and R. and getting plenty of TV and movie time in! ;) Yesterday he got i think...12 DVD's and 2 Videos! heh we told him he wasn't going to be able to watch then all in like 2 or 3 days he and he said that he didn't have to watch them all! :) But right now I feel like a nurse because we have to get every thing for him! Yeah so I am kept busy, But its nice to have him home. Well please keep praying. Bye

Thursday, November 10, 2005

They won!

The pacers won yesterday! It was a blast! Even though we where in the nose bleed seats I had a great time! We stopped by the library before we went and my dad read though the whole thing almost. ( It was very close most of the game and the last 3 minutes every one was on their feet screaming half the time and waiting in suspense half of it! I have actually been to Conseco Field house before. When the state games where their and lapel was playing. But that was the fist time to see the Pacers play. Ok what do you love about going to a b-ball game at Conseco? What I love is when you are on like the top level (or close to it) just walking in and seeing all the fans! I love that! But my back side dose hut today because of sitting on those chars for 3 hours. ( We got back about 11:15 and I didn’t fall asleep till about 12:30 then I had to get up at 7:30 so I didn’t get that much sleep but I took a little nap today so I think I am ok.

Also yesterday when we went ridding at my G’pa’s I think I saddles my horse wrong and I was running (on the horse ;)) behind Maria and I could fell it slipping to I tried to stop but then we turned and off I went on my side (and some how I hit my nose also). Pretty hard to, so I tried to breath and I couldn’t. I mean really I couldn’t take in any are, so I moaned for like 30 seconds or more and finally I started gasping in air! Ok if you have ever not been able to breath and you are full a ware of it you know It’s kind of scary. But I am ok. I got some bruised and scarped up my elbow that just finally started healing from when I wrecked on Maria’s motor scoter. So today I am not just tired I am bruised and sore. (

Well I have a pray request for Allen. My mom went to His DR. appoint meant this morning and he had to stay for about 3 horse more because they had to run some test and now they have to do chest x-rays because they think he might have pneumonia! So please pray! That would be so hard when you where in collage. I had it for 2 weeks when I was in…. I think 5th grade and I had it real bad for 2 weeks. I was so sick that I don’t remember much. And trust me I am not the one to forget stuff like that. But yeah if he does get it pray that it will not be bad. But please just pray that he won’t get it at all! Well thanks every one. Oh also you could pray that us s do Ok alone. Ben is with mom and my dad is at presbytery.

Life is what you make of it, so make it worth living.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ok well today had been pretty good. I might go horse back ridding w/ Maria in a phew min sothis can’t be long but I just wanted to tell you guys if you wanted to know more about Allen’scondition then you can read his blog or Xanga and it gives some updating but I think if you read min or Charity’s blog you will already know every thing on their. Well I am kind of excited about to night, (if you didn’t read my other post down below) because we are going to the pacers game and I have never been to one I don’t think. My dad always took the boys so now I guess sense they are gone we s get to take over. ( Well I need comment on myother post. ( Not need but want. Well hope you all have a good Wednesday! God bless everyone!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is a new test post.  I am using bloggerforword and writing my post in word, then I just hit a button and it is on my blog!


Ok this day has been so tiring. We went to The Harts last night. for those of you guys who don't know who they are, they are from Australia, but are hear right now because Gram Hart is I think finishing up seminary over hear so they will be hear for nine month. I think they have already been here for like 2 and a half month (I think). They have 3 kids, Jasmine, Locklan, And Caleb (that from youngest to oldest. I think like 1, 3, 5) They are the cutest kids ever! I mean really! They are so cute, how they talk and they are so good! Well behaved I mean. It is the cutest thing every! Well we hade a great time. Also Allen and Zachary came so we got to see them and that was fun. Allen still looks a little puny, but it was still great to see him.

Ok earlier I was sitting on my hand so now It's half a asleep and it’s really annoying to type when half of my hand is asleep :)

Well tomorrow night we are going to a pacers game. So that should be fun. Oh I forgot to tell the down side of going to the harts. Well not going but just because it took so long. Well I had this paper that was due today and I had to do it on the way and the way back (if you couldn't tell I am a last minute person :)) and so we got home late and then I had to get up early to type it up, but then my alarm didn't go off so I didn't actually wake up till 7 and I wanted to wake up at 6 or 6:30 so then I was kind of rushed and I didn't get to take a shower, but in the end we got to class on time so it was good, but my paper wasn't great. But that’s Ok and I would have definitely had rather gone though all that than to miss out on the Harts invitation. Also after we ate, while my parent where talking to the harts, Maria, Ben, Zach, and myself (charity was going to play but she found the Piano and couldn't resist it I guess ;)) played hid and seek in the dark! It was so much fun! I love the Lafayette church building; it’s so pretty and had so many cool rooms. I love the church (as in the people) tons also! But yeah I had a great time, and I am sure I am speaking for the rest of my family when I say that. Also Charity said it kind of makes her more excited for when (if) we go! It’s the same here, just hearing them talk about it and every thing was so fun! Well to sum it all up I had a blast!

Nothing real new in my life. Tonight Maria and I are going to clogging but that’s about it. Oh you could pray for Charity because she is kind of sick, and Allen is going to the DR. Wednesday so pray that will go well. Thanks. That’s all that pops in to my little brain (and yes I do have one of those :)) for now so bye-bye.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Ok this is a real quick update!

my dad shaved his beard! i think i scremed 10 times when he came down. Its going to take a while to get used to :) its soo wierd! :) no offence, but when some one canges some thing like that its really.... schoking! ;) In time i will get used to it.

well the sermon was good tonight. It was kinda sad but good. well i have to go to bed every one. have a good week. and good night!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

work, work.... and guess what more work! ;)

That seems to be my whole life these days, that and school. Pathetic hu? :) I have been wanting to update and i never had time. We just got done watching a time to kill. Sonds like a quality movie right? :) Well really it is! Its a great movie if you have seen it you know what i am taking about and if you havn't i stronly suggrest it!

Any who in other new's :) I have been working a lot of today. I cleand up our grauge weel Maria mowed our sea of leavs into a bunch of pileas and the reast of my family put them in trash bags. We where going to put them in the burn pile but can you imagen how much smoke that would have been. Yeah well yesterday me and Ben ( is that correct or is it Ben and I?) wraked about a foth of the yard yesterday and jumped in them and that alone was a huge pile! Well actually It was maybe a foth of the back yard today they did frount and back. But our yard and grauge looks pretty good. So does our in side.

We showed it today and when every we show it we have to leave the house so we went to Subway and that was really good! Then Maria, Charity, And Ben to the burris's Ben just went to play and Natily took Maria And Charity to Youth group, so i was hear for a while by my self, well my mom was hear but i was the only kid.

Ok if you have read Charity's blog you know you that she has had 775 (or some thing like that) Well i counted mine and i don't have close to that i have like 36 post, but she has had a blog for like 3 years and i have only had one for about 4 or 5 month, so that might explain some of it, oh and she used to post like 5 or more post in a day, i don't think i have every posted more than 1 post in a day. :) but if you look back on her post they are really funny! Maria and her took like 2 days looking at them. :)

Ok well i don't really have much elce to say. hope you guys all have a wonderfully Sunday. My parents arn't home yet from the Purdue corps dinner thing but i think they will be home soon and Charity and Benjamen want to get on so i better go. bye

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Ok maybe its just me but how many of you guys don't fell like today should be tuesday or some thing, i donno y it just donesn't feel like wednessday! Its soo wierd! well actually its not just me beacse i have heard people say that it doeasn't feel like Wednessday. At fist i thought maybe it was just beacse of last week or some thing but..... OH i just thought of some thing maybe its becase spring break was last week. well no mine wasn't. Oh i donno, Its just strange!

Well i am tired and i don't really feel like doning a long updation. Allen went to the Dr. today and they put him on more medison becase they said he was suppose to be well by know. He need to catch up on his sleep. So please keep praying for him. *sigh* i want to help him but i can't. well when i see him next and it is night or some thing i think i will give him a massage or some thing. :) he likes those, but i can't right now becase of the distence. My dad actually went up thier for his appoint ment so he is on his way back now.

hey you all need to go to Micah and Emily's blog and tell Micah that he is great! :)

Ok well thats pretty much all i have to say. good ngiht every one. (not that i am going to bed any time soon, but i proububly should think about sleeping. :))

Monday, October 31, 2005

for sail!

Ok our house is on the market. some think I have been dreading but waiting for! It seems like things are soo fare away but at the same time so close. I have been having dreams that we don't go and when i really think about that I am disapointed! I am kind of getting used to the idea now. And kind of deep down getting excited, but i do really really want to stay for christmas!
Well our house is very clean right now! Its pretty nice and i found out today that half of it was built in the 1920 and a nother half built in the 1940. so its kida old but I like it! So now we need to get our vesas (sp?) and need to sell our house. Well i am sure thats not all the stuff is done but a lot is!

Ok well for all you who prayed for Allen thank you. He is doing much better. He is still not all better but the pain has stoped. but please contenue prayers for him. He is going to the Dr. on Wednessday so pray for that.

last week was a blast! At my Aunt and Uncle's i wreked on Mara's moter scuter that she brought and i am still in brused and cut and scraped up and kida sore but i had a great time. Then we had a little costume party that my Uncle desided to do when we all come down for my G'pa's b-day and i was a guy! ;) i was pretty good to except i couldn't keep my voce down low enough. And all you guys who have word a shirt tucked in and buttend all the way with a tie.... i feel your pain and i am sorry! :)

Layfetty was TONS of fun to! the Fall party was great and then the squr dance was great also! Man i had a blast! Then we went over the the Helds g'parends and had a little sleep over and that was really fun! we also got to church really really early! we where the fist car in the parking lot (except the Hart's but they live there ;)) so we did pretty good! And church and class where good also. then we ate lunch with the olivetti's for lunch and that was great! I love them and there kids! they are soo great! and sooo cute! well to just say it all together i love Layfetty!

then we heard my dad preach and i sat in the back becase i was in the nersure but there where no kids and that was a change. :) but his semon was really good! i really like it when my dad preaches! but i was kida bumbed becase i like Jared to but we had to go to South side but still like i said it was good.

Ok well it is getting late and i woke up kida early this morning and i am going to tomorow becase i have classes. well befor i go i have to ask a question. Do any of you guys put your self down? I do a lot and i know its bad but i donno i guess its just becase of what people have said in the past sticks. well goodngiht all. Oh and look at my xanga its like done now kida! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

more on Allen

Ok just Incas non of you know who he is this is him. His is my cool older (oldest) bro. So yesterday he woke up with intense pain in his lower stomach and so Mr. Saunders ( that's who he is living with) took him to the hospital from their he called my father and mother and my dad went down right when he heard and is still their now and my mother and us 4 kids our going up tonight. Ok so at Noon today he had a thing called a colonoscopy and they found out that he has thing thing called ulcerated colitis. Its like big sores. That is better than what we thought he was going to have. Sense it runs in my mom's family we though he was going to have crons. My grandpa B-wood actually had ulcerated colitis so I donno if it is a genetic thing but there are some people in our family who had it. Don't ask me what they are because i couldn't tell you. Well i sorta know but i don't want to explan it and even if i did you wouldn't understand a word i would say. So anyways he can still fell a little pain but he is on pain killer so that is helping a lot. Oh befor i forget i want to give a huge thinks to Mrs. Dr betty ray! She has been a great help! she always is but she is just sooo sweet and considerate! so thanks you so much Mrs. Ray!

So I think he's doing ok. He will be in the hospetal a phew more days and they will give him medison and things to help the pain and help it heal. We are thinkfull it isn't
but it is still a little seareous. but Mrs. Buris (she is a lady from our church) said she had it when she was about is age and she Said she had awfle pain! I am Sure my dad and mom (and Allen when he can go home, well his second home, the Saunders ;)) will get info about it and reserch. Well i will tell you more about what the doc says later on this week or next. I am pretty sure this will be the last time I update for about 2 or 3 days becase i will be gone and all but you will hear more some time. you can always call, sepeaking of phones yesterday my mom's Cell,our home phone, even Charitys was on the phone with some one about Allen it was absalutly crazy! ;) i was like if I was going to keep answering these phones i am goint to start saying "hello Allen's hot line" :) i didn't but i wanted to with all the calles we got from people! they where mostly family but still it was crazy stuff last ngiht. But i guess thats what happens when some one is in the hospetal. Well thanks for all the prayers and conserns! But keep praying please! i am sure he would appresheate that.

Well this week we where suppose to put the house on the market so i donno if we are still going to do that or not. Its kida funny how one thing effects all your plans! Well Maria and I are still going up to My Aunt and Uncles so that will be fun! I might fell a little bad for leaving Allen I would love to stay with him but i think with every one elce thier he will be in good componey! :) We are going to get balons and candy and stuff for him when we go up for him tonight so i hope he will like that. Well i have to go pack and make some popcorn. Oh i did get taged but bec for the "10 tings that make me joyfull" and i have it writen down but i don't have time to post it right now so some other time i will. I kida chaged it around a little but thats 0k. :) its my thing i can do what i want with it right? :) ok well by every one. please keep praying. and have a great week!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Ok i don't have time to give a full update but Allen is in the hospetal right now with really bad Stumic pain so please pray for him! we don't know much right now but i will try to update later but becase i am going to be gone and supper busy i don't think i will be able to. ( look at Charitys blog she might update) Ok well we might go up in the morning to see him. Ok thats all i know and have time to share right now sorry. so please pray for him! and if any of you don't know Allen is my dear oldist brother! and pray taht this wouldn't be major! thanks every one! bye

Monday, October 24, 2005

This week!

Ok on Wedness we are going over the Neals for supper then Maria and i are going over to my Aunt and Uncle's. We are going to stay with them till Friday night then we are going to my G'pa Coles b-day and my parents are going to be their so we will go home Friday night whith them, then we are going up to Layfettie ( with maybe some other s) and they are going to drop us off at the Church becase there is a how-down party thing and afterwards some Collage kids are going to do squar dancing. We are going to stay over ngiht with flo Faris then go to the Layfettie chuch in the morning and i think some one is having us over for lunch, then we go home. Oh and my dad is preaching Sunday night. Well that my whole agenday! I have to go do some more school. My oral repot is actually kida done i just have to practic it like 100 times! :) But its all thanks to my mom ( and Chariy help too). Well hope every one is going to have a spectuallyer day! bye

Oh i also chaged the song. i forget what it is now thought! :)
Ok and my xanga is:

Oh also i chaged a phew things around. I just wanted some change i might do more later i donno.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Its pretty peacfully around hear. Earlyer my mom was playing the peano and it was really nice. We are doing some odd jobs around hear and just kida relaxing. I got home around 2 from the Hovee's house. That was fun. We didn't do that much ate, talked, watched movies, listend to stuff ( Mary and Fath danced :)), look at pictures, i helped clean some, and just did the basic stuff. Well i am pretty happy right now. Its nice. Nice day and I feel nice!

Right now i'm pretty tired! Ok its ture i'm always tired... Well i can get PRETTY hipper some times, but a lot of times i'm pretty tired.
Its most likly becase last night i stayed up kida late like... 1 or 1:30 then i got woken up at 6:30 becase Any Hovee was getting ready to go some where. I did kida slepp till about 8:45 but i kept waking up. I might go to bed early tonight so then i wont be so tired at Church! I get tired a lot at church! I guess its becase you feel the whole week and it hits you and i just get tired. But Sunday is a day of rest so its nice. Not just becase i want to sleep, its becase i don't have wordly things to keep me busy so its nice.

Speaking of nice it was pretty nice out today. I was going to go run or some thing but i didn't. I really want to right now becase our basment is really hot! OH yeah i didn't tell.... OUR BASMENT FLOUDED!! Yesterday about noon. See i was down stairs and then i went up stairs to help put awayfood and then Ben came back down and said that there was a leak and my dad came down and then i came down and the intire half of our basment (where the pool table is and the TV and stuff (if you have ever been to my house you will know what i'm talking about) and some was getting by the comp ( it was not hurt.. well i don't think it was becase we unpluged it right away!)! It was from the sumpump. It got unpluged some how ( I don't know how It might have just fallen out or some thing) and it flooded some how! So we put fans and

Ok well i wrote more but i didn't not work! Ok Well I was really at peace earlyer! God is great! Ok well my parents went on a date and now they are back and we watched the seares of Unfrotunant events. The 12th book came out the other day. Do you guys like those? have you heard of them? Our family really likes them!

Ok well i wrote more but i did not work. Ok well i was really at peace earlyer! "I love life, except when i it" quote by Sara, but she used it difrently (in collage). Well i really don't ever (even when i sound like it) Life. Ok well i am tired and i want to go to bed. Goodngiht every one. Have a good Sunday. I love Sunday. I need sleep becase normally i am tired on Sunday. I think its becase all the week hits on you. But Sundays are nice, not just becase i get to sleep but becase wordly things don't get in the way and you can just relax and think about God! He is so great!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Time Goes by quick!

Ok well this week has gone by quick. My Oral report that i am suppose to do is getting really annoing! I am SOO confused and i don't know where to get the info and stuff.

Today i am going over to a friends house for the night so i am got my school done pretty quick( except that paper!).

Ok i watched some thing scary last night. Then i had to go to bed alone, (heh that sounds a little wierd) See i Love having my own room but there are disadvantages, Like no one to talk to, and when your scaired no one to, in a sence, protect you, not that when Maria was in my room she protected me, but some times i did feel more safe. Ok i know i know I'm a woos. Ok Nathan you are right, I am a woos some times, But It wasn't that scary it was suppensfully and thats what is scary! Ok no one will understand what i'm saying ( i don't even know if i understand ;)) so i am going to stop talking now :)

Well It is a very glomey friday! We did need to rain though so its good. Oh pluse it was stormey last night so that was freeky! Not that i am scaired of thurder and lightning, I love it, But the sound on the windows and stuff is kida freeky ( especially at night!).

Oh sorry it took me so long to update the song. But i finally did! even know the other was a good song!

Ok well i need to go. Sorry this was so randome, But thats me. well have a good friday every one! bye

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ok well i got my Hair cut.

Look here to see a pic of me and my new hair cut. I want it on my blog as my profile pic but it wont work and its really annonig! ok well do you guys like it? i don't think i have had any one say it looks bad or they don't like it, but they could have just not said any thing. It doesn't look great in that pic becase i had just gotten up from a nap, so if i ever get it on my profile then i will put a better one on there. So does any one know how to do that. I my ask my sister. She's a pretty good help.

Well i was trying to update last night and i erased the whole post and it was late and i didn't want to do it again. Also i was going to earlyer in the day but i was kida mad a some one and i was afraide i would say some thing i didn't mean and yeah so i didn't. Well I messed up a paper for my Seek classes. Actually it wa an out line, so i have to do that over again this week and i am giving a Oral Presentation next week so i am kida nervas becase i am not very good at speking in frount of people, pluse i am afraide that my thing will be dumb comparaied to the other kids! Well maybe i shouldn't worrya about it.

Ok well i just got back from clogging and i'm really tired so i am going to go sink into my wonderfull bed! Its so wonderfull to have a bed at night! Bed..... Its such a beautifully word! Oh and sleep, i just LOVE those words! :) good night all! have a wonderfull time in bed tonight!
Oh hey i got a xanga. Its not all done so i wont give you the link yet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

don't wory i have changed the song! :)

Ok i am posting 2 days in a row this is pretty good!
Well today i was gone till 4 and that was kida annoing becase i didn't get like any school done well i was gone. I wrote a EXTEMLY bad poem. I may put it one hear some day i don't know. But Mr. Cutter and 2 of his guys came down to help ( i forget what his componey is called) So they got a lot done and that was a big help! Well tomorw i will have to do a lot of work and friday i am leaving at 10 and befor that i will most likly be working on our house or school! And i wont get back till Saturday evening, so i don't think i will be able to Update. Well every one who goes on Fall Menisty Prodject hope you have a good time there!

I don't have much to post about...... tomorw a relitor is comming and monday an oprsor (sp?) is comming, so we have to clean up or house and try to make it prety! :) and of corse we get to do more Painting! yeah! :) Well tomorw is going to be busy so i am going to try to get some late night school done. Ok i am going to put a wierd lil fact on hear.
target was started in Australia!
did any one know that? not that you guys really care! :)

Ok well i am going to add on to this post becase as the ngiht goes on it is getting more stressfully!we have to do an outline, and i am trying to get the Info for it and its really annoing becase i don't know where to get it really and they didn't explain any thing on this very well and tomorow and friday i will be working so i am going to try to it least start it tonight but its not coming along to well. There are topics i can pick from and i am looking on Google to try to get firther info and i can't find any thing very usefully. *sigh* this is anyoing! Ok well maybe i am just not very good but still... i donno its really getting annoing so i desided to take a break and write this! ugg... i don't know what to do!!!! ugg ok well i have to go to bed! I guess i will try in the morning!
Well i decieded to put this song. Its called bad day! I really like it. I'm not having that bad of a day but i still love the song! i bet you will hear it more than once on my blog. Ok time to end this post. goodngiht every one!
have a wonderfully weekend!


Ok i dicided to edit this post one more time! I am going to get my hair cut and i want to know what you guys think should i get it cut really short or should i just get it trimed and layerd? I was thinking like supper short so i could spik it! :) lol i don't think i want it that short but you know i kinda do really want a mohock! :) i thought Lukes was so cool that i want one now! :) well what do you guys think? should i keep gowing it our or cut it short? and i will stile it. well think about it. And i might not do what you say just sugestion if you want to put them down. ok well thats all. i donno y i don't just make this a new post? oh well i'm not going to. bye

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ok so this is our last day of fall break! which stinks, but it was a fun fall break! Like every thing we did revoved around my brothers! It was fun i have to say! they just left a phew min ago, so they will get home kida late but i had a good time with thim. Monday we did most of our stuff becase we didn't have to go any where. But i had a blast becase fist we went to a pizza buffet and then we went shoping a cuple places then we went to the movie theator and saw batman begans! Thats a sweet movie! and i have 2 ways i can do (or watch) some thing scary. I can ither make it funny ( some times make fun of it ex.) or i can be really scaired! So i desided to let it really scare me! It was so fun! i was shaking durring though most of the movie it was great! :) them we went to one more store and got home and watched the goast in the darkness! Thats a good movie also! We bought a new DVD player sence out other one broke so now we can start wathing some of our DVD's again! yeah! Then today we went to our seek classes and Zach staid home and helped my dad and Allen went to IUPUI and visited with some other people and was gone all day! So i'm sure he had fun. Then tonght Maria, Faith, and I went to clogging and that was really fun! we all did our hair REALLY wierd! Mine had like 12 poiny tails all over my head, Faith had cut lil pig tail, and Maria had her hair sticking strite up! it was great! and i think i had a bust of energey from that becase i was really hiper! well i was miled compaired to Maria! it was really funny to watch! Ok well i am really tired and i have school ( darn!) in the morning so i better get to bed! Have a good night every one! Oh and i am EXTREMLY sorry for the pain my song had caused you but i don't have time to change it tonight but i will try to soon! goodnight all!

Friday, October 07, 2005

spice gurls!

Ok i never thought that i would put the spice gurls on my blog but hear today it is! :) I'm soo crazy! heh and i love it! Ok i'm not saying i even like this song but i just felt like being wierd so i did it! and don't wory i will take it off! :)

So guess what?.... Allen and Zachary our comming home for fall break! yeah! They are driving up in the morning! My mom is at the Womans retreet so she will come home i think Saturday night! So its just us thress s and Ben and my dad! I have been working ALL day! I did school in the morning then i worked (painted man i am sick of painting!! :)) the rest of the day! Ok I have to do a lot of work, like help my dad on our house and stuff, becase the s are always doing school and Ben isn't a huge help when it comes to big things so i get picked! :) luky me! heh.

Ok for those of you who wonder if i ever do school yes i do! I just have to do it fast and i admit i don't have a ton of school today but i still am kida busy! :) ok well i don't have any thing elce to say! have a good friday night! stay up late and sleeping in late! :) bye

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brace face
Ok my braces our Killing me!! I went to the orthodontist today and they put chances, don’t know if you guys know what those our, well I don’t really know what they are! All I know is they are a LOT tighter! My whole jaw is hurting really bad! And of course my teeth kill! So I took medicine earlier today but I think it wore off! My cheeks kind of fell like I have been smiling and Laughing for 2 days straight, But my tell feel….. I don’t know what they fell like but they hurt that’s all I know! :)
Sorry that I am complaining and I know that some of you braces people say what are you complaining about I had mine on for a lot longer! Oh yeah I forgot to tell I’m going to go back in 4 weeks and see if my teeth have come together that why he put them on! And then at the end of November I will probably get them of! Yeah! I know what you’re thinking, y am I complaining when I just got them on February, well….. I have to get them off before we got to Oz because the insurance won’t pay for it. So there I have a good reason! :) Man my whole face and head hurts!! Well the good news is I like them better, like the look of the Chan thing. So I guess that’s y they say “pain before beauty”! :) I think that’s how the saying goes?

Ok enough of my complaining. I have a request of all you who are reading my blog, could you please pray for Beth long (
She had Ear surgery Tuesday and she is in a lot of pain right now! Her blog tells more about it. But if you could all pray for her I am sure she would preheat all your prayers! Thanks!
Well that’s about all I have to say for now! Ok I am writing this Monday night but it’s not working on the blogger thing so I am just writing it on Word doc. So most of the things should be spelled right! :) You all need to clap for me! :) *pats self on back*
Goodnight all! Hope you have better sleep than I will probably have! :)

Ok I’m having a double post I guess :)
My teeth hurt more today! It’s hard to drink and eat and all that stuff! You know you never know how much you use your teeth until they get hurt. That can apply to about any thing really. Well I wanted some thing that I could eat that was soft so I told Ben I was going to make pancakes and he was said “No let me, I’m really good at it!” ok well lets just say they kind of died because he put to much water in them and stuff but I helped him and they actually tasted pretty good! :)

Ok well another thing you could pray about is Andrew twisted his ankle I think, so yeah. And keep praying for Beth! Ok well thanks every body!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Game boy!

Haha ok i am really bad at playing most of those games! in study hall today i tryed to play one and it was really funny becase i would do the dumbist things! i had no clue what i was suppose to do! Anyways i sliped it in my back pack about 20 min befor study hall was out and the guy who owned it ( ben) didn't see but Micha ( his older bro) did and tould Ben but he didn't care at the time ( proubably becase he thought i would give it back..... heh * evil Laugh* hah) then he did some thing ( that i'm not going to mention) so i tould him i was going to keep his game boy! He tryed to take it but i put my back pack in my lap so he couldn't! I tould him he had to say sorry fust and he didn't so i didn't give it to him so them he desides to take my purse and i was like i don't have that much valubles in it but i still want it back, he said if i hand him the game boy he would give it back, but considering it was me i said No say sorry fist! So Micha is telling him to look in it and i was just like NOOO, But he still did and when he fist opens it i about give him it but then i deside not to, but he looked thought like my whole purse! it was kida funny but he did find my pic and i about smaked him for looking at it! heh Finaly he gave it back and Study hall was just about up and he REALLy wanted his game boy back so i tould him sence he took my purse he had to say sorry twice! He is sturbern also so he said no then when i was about to get up he said "Sorry sorry." i wouldn't except it thought and i said he had to get on his knees and say sorry but he wouldn't so i just got up! he followed me and tryed to gabe my back pack but he didn't quite get a hold of it and then he just was like, Ok fine i'm leaving ( not out of the building though) and i was kida felling bad so i desided to give it to give it to his sister but right when i was about to Ben comes back up the stairs and tryes to get it and i tell him i wont give him it enless he says sorry on his knees! Well to end this story, He never would and i had to get to class and he looked kida mad and he had that look like "i'm thinking about doing what you said" but then he said NO! heh so i finaly gave up gave it to him! heh Oh and after wards I gave him some candy as a pease offering! :)
Ok just to tell you there was really no point to this wierd repettitive story! i just wanted to share what happend in my morning! :)

Ok well Batman i was good i liked it a lot!! we got home kida late but i went right to bed like a good little gurl! :) well i am going clogging to night and i need to mow so i better get a move on! sorry if my story bord you to ! i will pay for your toom stone if it did! :) bye have a nice night every one! Oh and if you havn't gone out side today do that becase its a nice day! God bless all!

Monday, October 03, 2005

fess up!

Ok i don't care about my spelling i and i'm not mad i just wanna know who put the Anonymous comment on my blog! i really really think i know who did it but the person denies it! ok well i am not mad or offended but just say you name!! your making me crazy!! maybe i should just not have anonymous comment on hear! ok well please tell me who you are i won't get made! I just want you to know that i am my own person and i may spell bad on my blog but thats ok becase no one is focing any of you to read it! you read it on your own will and you can read it can't you? yeah so.... i don't think its a big deal. Do you want me to say that i am a bad speller again for your satisfaction? Well there it is I'm a bad speller ok! got it. And I'm not mad i'm just telling you.

Well tonight we might go see batman if it all works out! I havn't seen it yet and i wanna see it really bad! ok well i don't have much to post about... yesterday we went to life chane w/ the rays and that was good. I got really tired becase my back was in the hot sun? so who went who is reading this? it was pretty good, I guess it never made it in our church bolitin but there was still and ok amount of people there from our church! So i was talking to one of my friends and i learned that this was a global thing! i guess you lern some thing new every day! :) But i thought that was really cool. i knew that it was in IN and i was kida thinking that it was in at least half of the US so i wasn't totaly dumb! :)
well thats all i have to say for now! please HT tell me who you are :)!!!!! have a wonderfully week every one!

God bless Tamara

Thursday, September 29, 2005

tired, running, and my back is really hurting!!

ok my back is really hurting right now! i donno y but it kils! ok well i don't have much to post about just felt like posting. but i don't wanna do a long post. I went running at 7 ( pm) w/ my dog and that was fun but it kida hurt when i got back, because when you run and its cold your longs go all crazy and fell like the're ganna explode! and so i have coughing and its a little bit hard to breath, well i'm just not breathing normally. When i did track i ran in the cold and it was like the fist time ( this was like 2 years ago) and i started crying because i couldn't breath! And Allen Said it would have been beter to just puck on the side. :( i didn't really wanna do that though.
ok well i'm tired and i have some things to do befor i crash! so good night all.

Oh i have one more thing to say......
I am sorry about my poor spelling but you know what thats just how i am! So if you are that annoyed w/ it than get over it. I mean its my blog for crying-out-loude sorry if it buges you but thats just how i write! I may not be as good at spelling as you all but still give me a break i'm only 12 and its not like i'm the smartes 12 year old! ok sorry sory that i'm not up to your standers yet, but your just ganna have to deal with it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My( older 2) wonderfully brothers who I love!( i love Ben also!)

Allen And Zachary. 18 and 17 and already out there in the world on there own! crazzy I tell you!
*Sigh*..... i would be a WAY difrent person w/ out them! They are both in there fist year of collage at Purdue. They are staying w/ the Saunders ( a famaly that goes to the church in Layfette and is pretty close to campus). They are a great family and i am very glad they get to stay w/ them, even if some times i do think they are taking my brothers away! Ok
Ok well if you could all please pray for them while they are at collage. Allen is studing Elimentry Education, and Zach is studing Physics. He's a smart guy! They both are very smart. Also Allen's job is Very erly in the morning like.... 4:30-7:30 or 8 I think. And he is very tired a lot of the time so just pray taht he wouldn't get sick or any thing.
I love my brothers VERY VERY much!
Ok in other new's ( lol well my New's :) )....
Paint, Paint, and yes you guessed it more paint! man i am going to be SO good at this when we get done w/ all out house. I have painted the inside and out. I should go get paied for all this Paiting I have been doing! :) well we are going to a Bible study tonght so i better get goen' have a great night every one and a good Thursday tomorow! God bless ya'll.
I'll change song later!
sday tomorow! God bless every one.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Yeah I am done with a paper that I have to hand in tomorrow! I am happy and proud of my self :) *pats self on back* It wasn't that long or that hard but i had to follow some stuff and so yeah.

Yesterday I sleped in My sisters( charity's) room becase we painted my room on Saturday Then The Enas's had our family over for supper Then Maria and I stayed there until Sunday night becase My dad shaired about Ausie. So i didn't have time to put my room back together i did kida this morning but i still need to tonight. I stoped becase i had HORRABLE stumic pain but i am much better right now. Anywho we painted Ben's room this afternoon and got that all done. We have to do another one tomorrow, See we are going to try to paint us 4 Kids room each day so Thats not supper fun but we get to do less school so thats cool! I still need to clean it up and get sone stuff put off but i got most of the furniture put where I want it. I "had" to rearange it! :)

My brothers Came over the Enas's also so i got to see them for a while but i stayed and they went home Saturday night so i didn't get to spend a lot of time with them witch was kida disapoiting but I don't get to see the Enas's that much ither so... Not that I'm saying i like one more than the other I would D to stay home and talked with my great brothers and gone to the feloship lunch but I was alreay invited befor i knew about all the stuff that was happening.

Well I got class tomorrow and... we have to paint, Then Maria and i will be going clogging. Last time we went on a Thursday and got to go out to DQ afterwards and I was trying to drink some watter and just befor that i had Said some thing funny then Faith Hovee ( she goes with us) replied and said some thing hilareious (obveiously I can't remeber what it was, sorry its my memory lose) right when i was swallowing! I started chocking on my watter and i wasn't just hoding it it in so i wouldn't spit it out every where it was like stuck in my throat so i tried spiting it out in the little tray under the drinks ( This isn't verry plesant sorry but it was very funny!) and i couldn't so i RAN outside ( I was seareously not breathing this whole time!) and had to cough/ spit it up! It was SOO funny.... in that grose sort of way :). Now come on don't tell me all you people who are reading this havn't done some thing like that?!?

Well i decied to play linkin park becase.... umm i wanted to. :) i will play some of the sugjestions you guys gave me some time. Thanks for those. Ok Benjamen Is wathing my dads ordanation! Its really funny to see all these people like 13 years ago! I wasn't born yet i think i my mom was like 4 month pregnant with me i think! :)
Well my sisters and my mom just got home so i better go. Have a great week every one and don't get to stressed out. Take a little time for your self and relax read the bible if you want it doesn't matter, don'e work to hard. Its good advice really you shuould try it. ok well goodnight all!

(wow this was a long pst kida!)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

First day of fall!

Well....... Today Benjamen and I dug up a stup and that took a lot of my morning and then we went swiming in our frezzing cold water! I know some of you are thinking y are we swiming in Fall... well it was pretty hot today ( out side not in the pool i donno y it wasn't warm in the pool also but..) and it is the last time we are every ganna get to swim in it becase my dad wants to close it today! :'( sniff sniff. It was really nice durring the Summer, but i didn't get to enjoy it a ton, becase We where gone all the time! but still i am glad we have it. Maybe when we move will have one, but i doute it.

Fall.. *sight*...... gotta love it! Ok rase you hand if you like Fall! * me me pick me*! :) I love fall! Its my favorite season! whats your's? See i love Like all the seasons but i think fall is my favorit! Becase its soo purdy, and i love the temp! i like jeens and sweters and all the rest of that good stuff that comes with fall!

Today Ben and my slef went to a grauge sail and it was a very...... strainge one. Ok seareously it looked like they took EVERY THING out of there house, didn't look at it at all, and just poot it in a TON of boxes and layed them all in a row! It was crazy!! really ok listen to this, half the stuff in there ( well out there) was used like i found a used rasor a empty botle of free-brese (sp?), you know that smelly stuff! and like used light bulbs! Itsn't that crazy! well i thought it was any way.

So how's the song? I will try to change it next time i poast. My dear sister, charity showed me how! Sisters are wonderfull ........some times :) So i was wondering if you people would help me out and give me some songs? i really don't give a care what they are as long as there clean ( that doesn't mean that i will play it but.. :)). That means Nathan if you comment they have to be CLEAN songs! lol. but i like some rap also so if you know any GOOD rap songs people than i would like them.
Ok well i gtg now. God bless every one!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm ganna try this i guess ( sence every one elce is doing it)
So i wanna know who started it. i prouably could find out but i don't want to right now. ok well i may have some ( well a lot becase where sisters) of the same answers as my sister. Oh also i am on lack of sleep right now so give me a break if i make it really wierd!

10 years ago I was:
-umm... 2 ( wow am yong! :) )
-And was really cute sweet and inocent ( not like i'm not right now ;-))

5 years ago I was:
-had Just moved to Indianapolis and didn't know any one just kida scaried!
(becase i had been very shelterd in Evensvill!)
- hung out with the rays
-did a lot of stuff with my sister
-Y2K ( witch we didn't go crazzy about like every one elce! :) )

1 year ago I was:
-changed some people maybe would say for the worse
-I started Loving my church people
-and verry happy to be out of that "christian" school!

Yesterday I:
( ok give me a sec becase i can't think of any thing i did yesterday!!)
- juped when my mom woke me up ( becase of a dream i had had) And hit my head on my very low bunk bed.
-cleand up all the messes chariy made in my room
- school ( witch charity in my room becase her room was be in use!)
-saw my g'ma nd her new cat
-helped my dad work
-watched "miss conjenality"
-went to sleep ( or tryed but i didn't really doing any actully sleeping!)

5 snacks I enjoy:
-Chocolate ( who doesn't!)
-Ice cream/ shakes
-Chex Mix
- really any thing sweet

5 songs I know all the words to:
-Happy Birthday (sence every one is doing that)
-God Bless america
-umm prouably Psalms ( sorry can't think of them now)
- some of weezers song (sence i have herd them so often!)
-The reason ( that was WAY over played a phew month ago!)

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
-Fly to Indiana when we're in Aussie
-Fly all my friends and famly to Aussie
-Go on a shopping spree with my mom-
-Get a nice car ( also get some for my family)
-give half of it to my family!

5 places I would run away to:
- God( i donno if that counts but hey)
-My Aunt and Uncle's house!
- lets just say some of my friends house's
-yeah the Saunders to see my brothers.
-take my dog and go to a park or some thing and just stay there!

5 things I would never wear:
-a shirt that looks like a miny skirt
- under cloth for outter where
-A Strapless dress (I would be way to worried about keeping it up)
-Really sl'utty stuff...ya know...

5 favorite tv shows:
-Full House-
Gilmore s (sometimes)-
- kim posable ( some of the shows on disny some times)
I don't watch TV that often...

5 bad habits:
-Wasting time on the computer
-Being disrespectful to my par'ents
-Talking WAY too much
-messing around ensted of doing school!
-Putting myself above others

5 biggest joys:
-being in a quiet place and just thinking and talking with God
-talking! (lol)
-playing with my dog out in the fall leavs in my back yard
- eating ice cream and watching good ( maybe sad) movie!
-being with my brothers! ( and my family!)

5 people I tag to do this:
hmm ok like every one is already done this almost!
-Mary R
ok well i bet these people wont even do it but thats ok :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ok It took me a little while to think on what to post about and I finally decided to tell ya'll a little about how I feel( and other things) about us moving to Australia.

Ok So we are Lord will going to OZ. We still haven't gotten our visa approved but we hoping they will come in in about 3 or 4 weeks I think So you could pray that that would go well! well we are doing a lot of stuff to get our house ready and its not supper hard yet( well for me that is its proubably is for my dad) But we have to work like every Saturday so that's kida annoying because I always thought Saturday was for relaxing.... heh yeah right! lol . I guess I have always had to work or do school and stuff like that so its not that big a deal.
Ok so now I will tell you what I think about it because I know you are all DYEING to know! :) Well every one ask's me what I think about it so I guess this is what I will tell you. I Normally say no I am not excited but I really need to stop saying that because its not the whole truth! Ok what I don't like about it fist. Well fist I am leaving my 2 older brothers whom I love and will miss VERY dearly! And I am going to have to leave my dog who I have had for 7 years! So basic ly I am going to have to leave every one! But also I am going to have to leave every thing ( almost) that I have every known! All my stuff! And I am a husure, have been my whole life and I am a little bit scared to move on I am content where I am but I guess what I like isn't always what God wants for me and my family! Yeah well that's kida y I am sad because I am leaving every one ( and every thing!)
Well I am a little excited about it actually! Even one tells me that I profile wont wanna come back and right now I can't really even pic not wanting to come back but some where in the very back of my mind I can a very small amount! Well i was a little scaired that people would forget us then i remeberd that we are the blackwoods! lol NO ONE can forget us crazy people right?! :) well thats really all i have to say... well not its not i could talk ALL day about this but i should get goen' so ttyl
Oh and btw i just took down a tree with my sibs and my Uncle and his g/f so that was tiering! have a goodnight every body! bye
P.S. how did you people like this post rate it 0 to 10. if ya wanna.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Well today we went to the Zoo with some of the N. sidders home school group. Its was really fun to see all the neat animal! God Mad a great creation and I should get out and enjoy and thing Him for it more often. I think we all should! But it was very tirering! The Sun really takes it out of you some times! Special when you are walking around! I can tell you one thing it has changed from the last time I was there, witch was like 3 or 4 years ago! Well not that much but it just added some stuff. The best thing was that we got to take off school for the day it was great!

So if you have read charitys blog you know that they moved out! Its kida cool having my own room, even if its a little box and the smallest room in the house! It was kid sad because I helped every one else move and I didn't get to go any where when every one else gets a new room! But I am pretty content with small. Well I hope you all have a wonderfully Friday! And guess what now school tomorrow! Yeah! Well I need to go clean my house! Bye every one!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

forgotten again
I did my fist math lesson today, and like every time i start up school again, i forget every thing that i have every lerned! Its crazy! its kida funny but also kida bad! but Sence its the fist lesson its not verry hard it didn't take me that long. I am not verry good at math but maybe this year i will work harder and get better grads. I am not ready for school to start or for summer to end but on the other hand i am verry excited about Fall starting! I loved this summer! It was proubably the best summer of my life but i know i have to move on and i know there will be other great summers!Even know i have already stated classes I affshaly started all my school today! And normally I look forward in a way to the fist day but not this year. It was an OK day though.
Well i need to go soon and finish up some school and help Maria move out.... well move to upstairs, witch by the way we
FINALY got all, well about 95% of Allen's stuff out of his room! it only took him about umm.... maybe 5 years to move out! Its the cleanest i have seen it sence we moved in, thats proubably becase we( my sisters, my mother, and i) spent about 4 to 5 hours up there yesterday cleaning! So now the girls Maria (and charity some day) our talking over the upstairs! We all get our own rooms ( for a phew month it least!) now! Its really cool! Ok hope you all have a great day! God bless.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas, and my week.
Gas it outrageous! 3.19 a gallon! That's just flat out crazy!!!
what is this world coming to!?! Some one sent me this thing a while ago to try to get the prices to go down, by not buying from Cretan big (meaning most used) gas station, but I don't think it worked. heh. Well there's got to be some thing that will make it go down! My mom said that she can remember it being 29 sense! Because they had gas wars to see who could see it the cheapest and get the most customer's. Now that's that's what kind of price I'm talking about! We want it cheap! We want gas wars to see who can get it the lowest not the highest! *sigh*... Well that's all if have to say on gas right now.

was not a Vera good day for me. I was pretty upset that day, but Monday night I was on IM talking to some people and they made me a lot happier! So with them, music, and sleep, I felt a lot better in the morning!
that was a slow day! I had to get up early for SEEK( its a home school group) so I went to my first period class then I had 2 study halls in a row! Each period is 1 houre and15 min, so I was in there for 2 hours and3o min! The first one I study and I met a , but the second one all I did was slept! It was really boring! It was also rainy that day maybe that's on of the reasons why it was so boring. Then yesterday night we watched "pay it forward". That's a good movie. It was kida sad to! Then I went to bed, and early to it was like 10:30.
Well today has been relaxing so far. I got to sleep till 9 and then I took a bath and I haven't really had to do that much. A little home work but still I think all in all its going to be a nice day.
This long labor day weekend( the-sat)
well we are going camping this weekend at my cousins, So that should be really fun! Its with my moms side of the family the Cole's. Then Sunday we are going to go to two of my cousins ordination. So I hope that will go well.
So what are you all doing this weekend? Any thing. Even if you don't go any where I hope its nice and relaxing for you!

Well its true I went Christian on you'll. LOL. Its casting crowns. I like that band.
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Oh and please pray for All the people stranded from hurricane Katrina. If you have watched the news you have seen how much damaged its done! I think some thing like 80% of New Orleans is flooded!
God bless New Orleans! And God bless you all who are reading this!