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Sunday, July 31, 2005

they servived!
So my sibs got back tired, sore, sunburned, grumpy ( a little), stinky( hehe really)......., but they did servive!! hehe Even if "george III" did die about a week befor they went. My cousin Laure and her mom( my dad's sisters, my aunt) also made it safly. And i think she is a having a good time! hehe. well i don't really have any thing to say... OH well we did go to Avon tonight and i got Andrew Door's CD that Elizabeth Enas burned for me. Its really good!! well thats all i really have to say. Every one who is going to the filds tomorrow have fun ( ya right! hehe) and be safe! well God bless and have a GREAT week.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Nails, late night, really tired!
yesterday i got my first manacure! that was cool, but i swam today and they chiped a little! then i didn't really sleep. well i got like 4 (tops!) hours of sleep! we went to bed at like 4:30 but i keped waking up and then i moved and yeah it was crazy! But now i am really tired, but i had to swim and watch 6 little kids today and that made me even more tired! *yawn* man like is stressfull some times! lol well i also did some thing really funny every one look at and look at the small name at the bottum! hehe. I donno if i can tell you y but just ckeck it out its funny. well i think it is at lest so its proubably really stuped! lol

get set, get ready, go my cousin is comming tomorrow. fun. well I think i am about to go out to eat or some thing with my lil bro and parents, so i better make like a gun and shoot! lol hehe i make that up my self isn't that great!! hehe. well i need to go so just keep one thing in mind I LIKE COMMENTS but i guess every one is at the camping trip so i will forgive you all. well i have to go bye!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

funny Ellen!!
last night we hade componey ( a friend of my dads form hi school and his wife and three kids) the oldst was a gurl my age, and her mom Ellen was soooo funny!! Erine and I swam till like 9:10 and they stayed till like 11 they had to little boys 8 and 5 and Ben played with them! Ellen or mrs. Daniel( she liked us calling her Ellen) was so funny and a verry personable person! Mr. Daniel on the other hand was verry quiet but was one of my dads was best friends! We also looked at there old year books! Now there was a sight the 70's! hehe. We had a GREAT time thought. I have to say i was a little consernd when my dad tould us that but it ended up being a fun time.

Well moving on, I am going to a friend of mine for a birthday party and my lil brother is going to a friends and the older 4 our getting ready for the camping trip, so that means my parents our going to have the house to them self's! I bet they are more excited then us kids! lol well i better go get packed. Oh shote my brother asked me to feed his rats. welp i better go do that and pack. well pray for the camping trip! Witch i am so jelious of becase they our going toobing and doing all sorts of fun and exciting things!! well I am getting my nails done ( lol doesn't even come close to as much fun but i will still enjoy it)!
well God bless all and have a GREAT day! it is so nice out by the way if you didn't notic!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

today i went to ride horses at my G'pa's but when i got there another was there and she was riding the horse i normally ride so i just came home! but when i got hear i rode Maria's moter scuter, and that was fun.

also last night we went to a movie and got home this morning. lol read charitys blog and it tells all about that edventure, It was fun i have to say. Sniking out its great fun :-)! Hope every one who is reading this has done it or will do it! lol

Tonight we have componey. A frined of my dads from Hi school , who happens to be in town, with his 3 kids and wife. so that should be exciting! Afther that my 4 older siblings out going to youth group.

This weeked i am going to a b-day party for one of my friends. so ben( my sis bro) will be home alone, becase the older 4 kids out going on a camping trip! and then on Sat my cousin from vagas and her mom our comming.

well that is all the plains in my life for the rest of this week. hope all you guys have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

cool now I'm like an official "blogger"
so now I am like a "cool" blogger ( NOT) lol. Hey for you all who prayed for my sisters..... They made it! Yeah! Just like 1 or 2 days left. I think they can endure the pain that much longer( well I hope so it lest)! I saw Sahara today and might go see it again tonight! Ok I will try to comment on all you peoples blogs who are reading this right now ( or who ever comments) but I can't promise that. Well for all you who detasal ( sp) I think you have day off so enjoy it! GOD bless and have a GREAT day!

Monday, July 25, 2005

my first wierd post
wowzers i FINALY got a blog. our you happy now!?! lol. I would first like to say thank you to my wierd little brother who helped me! he is so sweet ( some times). lol. welp if you think of it today pray for my sisters charity and Maria, becase well we are hear in the nice cool house, they our out in the blasting heat corn detasling! and so is a lot of other people! so pray that they wont die of heat egzoshton(sp?). well i think i am going to go swim now. hey i like comments just to tell you. ok I'll see how this first post goes. bye