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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Walk, walk, and walk more!

This past week I have walked more than I have every in my life! :) Ok maybe small exaggeration (sp) there, but not to much of one.

Wednessday: can't think what I did but I know that I walked some were.
Thursday: We went to McKinnon and counted 15000 houses (we really did, we walked aroud and counted house on each block it was to see how many fiers we needed to prit out)
Friday: Ran to and from Ray and Carolyn's, Helpt coath Footy and ran around wiht a bunch of little boys, went to Ray and Carolyn's again and ran home.
Saturday: went door to door giving out the fliers for the 60th aniversary service next Sunday.
Sunday: walked to church
Monday: Walked to Ray and Carolyn's agian (we took a really long way though) and walked back
Tuesday (today): went back up to McKinnon and passed out the rest of the fliers. Later tonight we are going to walk to bible study D.V.
Wednessday: We are Lord willing going to deliver junk mail.
:) So I have been doing a lot of walking.

In other new's. Sorry that I havn't updated in so long. Yesterday was the first time I have gotten on the comp in like 12 days. It was really though not having to worry about the computer, but I'm glad I have it and proububly will be making up for my miss of days in the next couple.

If you want to see pictures of dixon's creek and other things go to the picture blog. And if you wnat to here about it go to Charity's blog. Well I updated the song! Sorry about having the other one up so long. I'm not sure if I like that song. I'm still deciding but I know I LOVE this song! :) Matt Pluke finaly straylight run CD so we can listen to it now! YEAH

Wow I just realized its 5 min till we have to go to bible study so I better scoot along now. Have a wonderful week everyone! God bless

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swiming and breaking records.

Ok So I didn't break a recored in swiming. Those are two difrent stories.

First of all swiming. So I joined a swim team. Monday (yesterday) I went to the highschool up the hill from us, and swim for about 15 min doing difrent strocks for this guy named Rob. He was a really nice guy. He basicly told me what group (they have difrent leavels) I should be in. So starting in two Saturdays. I was really nervace because fist off, I have never swam on a team or anything before, Secondly I always get nevace going to new things whith people I don't know, But I'm sure it will be really fun and good.

Ok the recored breaking was from yesterday. If you haven't heard we have seen the Plukes for 23 days in a row and It would have kept going, we acrtually had planed to go to a bibly study with them yesterday, But atlas it had to stop. All the Pluke children were sick (or had just gotten over from being sick) So they couldn't make it. But 23 days in a row is still a good record and I'm sure we'll keep that record for a while, Or it least till we break it. :-P

Well I better go soon. I need to read the bibly study for tonight so I must end this and go get ready. Have a wonderful beautiful day and week. Today has been so sunny and beautiful It just makes me think how wonderful God is to make days like today! God bless everyone!

Song of the post: Out of the Blue by Delta Goodrem.
An Austrailan singer.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to delet it!

Don't worry I'm not going to delet my blog (sorry Zachary ;)) I'm going to, enless many people andvise my not to, Delet my xanga.

So if you read it and love it than I may consider not deleting it, but other wise this blog is all i need for now.

So speak now or forever hold your peace.

Ok well Benji' and james's (Pluke) little fotty thing is calling so i must go. Have a wonderful day. Hope your's is warmer and less rainy than mine has been. :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gray day!

Well today its cold any rainy. When I say cold I'm talking like 40's and 50's. Ok so maybe its not that cold, but just 5 days ago it was in the 80's and 90's so it seems really cold to us! :)

Last weekend we went bowling with the Plukes, some friends of theirs form Tazmainai Emily and Matt, Ray, carolyn, Fe, Trevor, us, and Two girls from their old church Danile, and Aleasha. It was great fun even though I can't really bowl! :) I did all sorts of crazy things though! I bowled backwards, I used two ball's at once, I grany shot it, I pushed it down, I swang it all the way over my head, and it almost sliped and went backwards. ;) Then I pushed Matt and he slid half way down the lain. Then he came and pushed me and I got a strick! :) It was pretty cool. Actauly the second game I beat both Matthews. :)

Tonight were are suppose to say goodbye to Matt (aka Grigsey) and Emily but we can't get a hold of them. Well I'm really cold and Maria wants to get on so I gatta go. Have a marvolous new week!

P.S. who likes day light saving time? I sure don't. Now its really hard to call all you peoplein the US, but it does have maybe 1 or 2 advantages. ;)

P.P.S. Everyone better tell Maria happy birthday, because in three days she's turing 15.