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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Been a while

Sorry about that everyone. I haven't really been on a compture longer than a phew minutes latly so I haven't had much time to update but I will try to more, and I'm ganna have to if I want to get any points in the blog contest, Which I actually don't even care about but just decided i might as well just give it a go. But if any of you want to do it you can look at this websight and it will tell you about the rules and stuff. Well look at one of my sisters blog if you want to know what has been going on in our lives. the past week or so. But starting monday week i'll try to start updating more.

Well we have to leave for church in like 30 min so i might try to get a little sleep before we jave to go. But before i do go you have to look at this beautiful list that we (Charity, M.J., Ben, And me) came up with.

You know your a Blackwood when.....
  • You know how to argue by the time you're 2 years old.
  • When you're upset with someone, you simply say their name in a disapprobing/disgusted way.
  • You've actually eaten green eggs and ham.
  • You carry your Bible in the box that it came in.
  • Your scedule gets all messed up if you dont have Frideay night pizza and Saturday morning chocolate-chip pancakes with peanut butter and syrup
    Your birthday just isnt a birthday without monkey bread.
  • Nearly every phrase reminds you of a song (and you start singing the song out loud)
    Thr front row of your church is often filled by you and your family.
  • You're late to everything except for church.
  • You're known by nearly all RP'ers as "Ed's kids"
  • Pouring/spilling water/food on somone is a common accurance during dinner
    You're very easily entertained.
  • Your disagreements often go something like this...
    "Allen, you are wrong"
    "No, Zachary you are wrong"
    "Allen, no you are wrong"
    "Zachary, No! Zachary you are wrong" etc
  • While driving along in the car with your siblings, you enjoy loudly singing along to weird music and bobbing you heads back and forth in rythem with the music
  • You've always Loved "Adventures in Odyssey" and often quote lines from them
  • You're used to at least six people talking at once.
  • One of your favorite things to do with people is tell them your life stories for hours and hours
  • your big vacation of the summer is covfamikoi

and feel free to add on.

Hope every one has a great Sunday, wether its just started or in the afternoon. ;)

Monday, February 13, 2006


If you would FINALLY like to see some pictures go here. Maria and Charity made a beautiful websight. :) It has a lot of my pic on there too. Also go here if you want to see a really funny websight that maria made in memory of Flo! :) Its great But flo may kill me if she finds out that i and tellling every one about it! ;) If your reading this flo i hope you still love me! :) I love you! lol

Ok if you want the whole long story of out journey down hear Than go to Maria's or Chairty's blog. I don't really have time to write it all out considering that Charity and Maria are on the comp all day, and even if i did no one would read it becuase you have proububly already read M.J.'s or Chairty's and i'm sure mine wouldn't be much difrent. But I'm going to put a little short (well it least compaired to the s) post about it just so you get my veiw of the whole adventure.

At the train station was very sad! It was proububly the Saddest, Hardest, and scaryist thing i have every had to go though. Trying to say good bye to the boys, trying to hold it all together and not cry, trying to catch up with the guy that had our sutcases and trying to get to the right car! It was crazy, It was so loud I have never been on a trian so i was scaired but i just wanted to sit down and cry and let the world go on with out me.... But considering i'm in Australia right now writing this post you might be able to guess i kept going and didn't give up, Though i did want to many many times!

Well the train ride was very good. I met a phew nice people on it. Benjamin and I were in the same cart so that was annoing at times but alright. We went in the loung a lot and looked though the train (as much as we could) so that was fun. I got some nive pic of the senerie (sp) and played cards ex. It was very relaxing which was what we ALL needed!

L.A. was kind of cool to see. Very crazy big city which i don't think i would want to live in but it was cool to see. And the plain ride wasn't that bad. It was wierd having two nights in one day but was proububly better becuase if it would have been light out I wouldn't have been able to sleep very well (not that I did any ways but it was better than if it would have been light). When we first got off the plain and standing in line i didn't feel very well but when they were waiting for us and had the sign and every thing it was amazing! I was almost overwelmed with all the new people entroducing them selfs and standing all around me but it was good.

Well thats about it. Short and borring! :) Well hopefully not. I could have told you MUCH MUCH more but like I said if you read Maria's and Chairitys you proububly know almost all I would tell you. I really do love Australia! They people hear are encreadable and its just beautiful. We are still getting settled in and getting used to every thing (some thing i don't think i will every get used to) but its nice.

I don't know if I will put my pictures on here sence most of them are on the s little websight thing but i still might.

Well I think thats all i have time for. I'm still thinking about changing my template but may not end up doing it i donno. Tell the other side of the world hi for me! I miss you all lots and lots!

God bless
~Tamara Rose~

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well I just wanted to say we made it! This is our 12th day hear (I think). I would love to write more but i need to go get back to school. It is a beautiful country though and I love the people hear! They are So sweet and Amazing! I love them :)!

I'm going to try to change my template soon becuase this one is getting a little old but not sure what i want it to look like or say. Sugjestions (sp) are welcome.

Hope every one has a wonderful day..... actually its night in the US ;) Well have a wonderful end of Wednessday.

Oh please write:

100 Foot Street
Frankston South, VIC 3199

I would love to hear from you. I'll try to put pic on hear soon or my dad will have them on our family websigh soon I hope. Zachary actually has some which are kind of sad so go look at them.

Oh One more thing Maria got a blog so you should go look at it!

Love you all and miss you lots!! Please keep us in your prayers.

~Tamara Rose~

P.S. I havn't changed my name but like no one can say my name! Its worse than in the states! Its crazy! I knew i should have! ;) Oh well its a little late now.