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Monday, November 28, 2005

were staing!!

Ok…. Maybe only till the end of January but still ( that’s a lot more time. It’s like a month more! YEAH!! Ok well maybe at this time your wondering why? Well… Se we where going to leave on the 9th because the plain tickets were cheaper but they are all sold out! And the next cheep ones aren’t till January 26th and 27th so Mr. McEwen said to just wait till then to fly over! It does complicate a few things but I am happy! We also might possibly be able to fly with the Megan and Brandon Fisher. But that’s just a possibility it might happen but it might not. It would be fun though, and we could watch Jolene. So I guess we will just have to see what works out.

Today we put out our Christmas stuff to surprise my mom when she got home and that was pretty fun! Though it did take quite a bit of time! ( I had to work on school for a while after but I did it pretty diligently and got it done before supper! I am normally very distracted but today I just buckled down and did it so I would get it over with!

So did every body’s thanksgiving went well I know mine did, though we didn’t get to play football because the guys said it was “to cold”! I mean come of they are such wimps! Just because it was like 30 or some thing doesn’t mean we can’t play! Guys are such wimps when it comes to the weather being cold! (

Well my siblings are watching Princess Bride and I really like the movie and haven’t seen it in a long time and it’s on a very good part so I better end this and go. Keep praying for our house to sell and every thing to work out. Thank every one! God bless

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

happy Thanksgiving

Aren’t you happy? I am happy, Very happy in fact! Well go ahead ask why? Well fist off we don’t have school, second tomorrow is thanksgiving, third Friday is thanks giving again, lol well it lest for our family, and forth its snowing… well it was this morning but now its just slush so its not so nice but this morning it just made my day when I work up and saw that beautifully snow falling down on those trees. I almost went out and played in it but Charity had some friends over last night and they where watching a movie and I wanted to watch it so I didn’t. But I guess my dog wanted to come in and watch it becase the whole time he kept scratching on the window and staring at me with these little sad eyes. Heh it was so cute. Actually he just wanted me to play with him which I still havn’t yet but I will some time today.

So sense it’s almost thanksgiving I decided to do 10 things I am thankfully for around thanksgiving. (And these aren’t really any order)

  1. God as provided a great family for me to spend it with.

  2. My brothers are home for the rest of the week.

  3. I get to see my extended family.

  4. I get to sleep in (().

  5. No school.

  6. That we are able to have 2 thanksgiving dinners with wonderfully Christian family!

  7. We get to eat 2 great home cooked meals!

  8. It’s a very nice time to relax and you don’t have to worry about presents and thing like that, that you do have to do at Christmas.

  9. There is always lots of laughter going around.

  10. And last but certainly not least we get to stuff our self’s! hah that’s always fun… well it least till you pop! Heh

Ok was that enough. I kind of ran out of ideas so that’s why they got weird. (

Last weekend was a great! We stayed with the Humphreys Sunday afternoon then we went to the psalm sing Sunday night so we all had a blast.

Well last night was fun. But when you have a bunch of s over then you always have to clean up the big mess every one made so I better get a move on. Well have a wonderfully thanksgiving every one! And remember really do give thanks for all you have. I am very humbled every time I hear of some family who doesn’t have any food or any thing but they are still happy at times like these because they have family. So just think of all your blessings and thank God for every single one! Well I just thought of this but this is going to be the last thanksgiving with Allen and Zachary for it least 2 years so I am praying that it will be a good one.
Have a wonderfully day and please keep praying for our family. The one thing right now that you can pray for is that we would be able to sell our house…. and soon! Thanks again. God bless all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Visa approved!!

I guess that means where moving….. FOR SURE (well I think :))

I want to tell you a story.
On day a little and her Brother were home alone. They where playing out side when the mail man drove up in there drive way. They didn’t know what He was doing but they decided to go see. He asked the little to sign a package. She was very curious what was in it, but then the little boy said:
“That’s our visas!”
“How do you know?” the little replied.
“Well see who it’s from and then we will see if I am right.”
The looked on the package.
“It says it’s from, Australia and Washington.” said the
“Then it has to be!” shouted the boy excitedly.
“I mean come on what else would come in the mail that you had to sign for from Australia?” Replied the boy, who was getting more and more excited.
“Well let’s just call dad and see what he says.” Said the calmly.
She calls her dad.
“Dad said he is coming home and he will look at it.”
The little boy dances around saying: we got our Visas! Oh yeah!
“Get a hold of your self! Fist of all we don’t even know if that is our visas, So calm down!”
Then their dad gets home. The little boy is still dancing around and he father replies.
“Well even if this is our visas we don’t know if they have excepted up.?”
“Oh yeah.” the Children say in unison.
As he opened the package the children held their breath.
“I can’t fined anything that says if they have approval us or denied us.” Replied there father.
“I am going to call them (the people who sent it).”
After a while of searching the dad comes back in.
“Look what I found.” As he sticks the passport in her face that has the visa approved page on it.
The little boy jumped up and down, but the wasn’t sure what to say or think. She was kind of excited but was in another way was kind of sad. That visa meant that they where moving to Australia for sure! That seemed scary for her, moving away from every one and every thing she had every known.

So did you guys like the story? It’s a true story. ( Well I don’t know why I wrote that whole thing. You guys don’t have to read it all if you don’t want to. So I have been thinking about this day for a long time. I pictured it the same way, that some how the mail man would come to the door and I would sign for it. And that’s what I did. So I am very happy… especially for my dad. He has wanted this for so long and now he has it. He said before he left that he probably wouldn’t be able to get very much work done. I am assuming that he meant because he is so excited! When we got our sponsorship approved he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep that night so I don’t know what he is going to do tonight. Well if you haven’t heard we are probably moving in January. My dad found plain tickets that are only $30 more on January 9th and 10th we still haven’t figured out why just on those days but they are so most likely we will leave then, but we still have a house to sell so please keep praying. If you want more details there are some on our website (mainly about hosing and stuff)

Well I have been wanting to update in for a while and now that I finally am its going to be long because I have a lot to say (sorry guys)!

Well last weekend Allen came home because the Dr. said he needed some rest so he got about 20 DVD’s and Videos to watch. So he mainly just rested and watched stuff and ate. My mom put him on a soft food diet (which he didn’t like very much. ;)) and tired to get him better. He went to the Dr. Monday and they said he ganged back 4 pounds so that was good, then they checked for TB (heh not me lol) and they wont get the results back till Thursday so they want him back then, but if every thing comes out clear then they are going to give him the Medication, they where originally going to give him last Thursday (or Friday… I forget). So please pray that the TB test will come back clear and that he will be able to get the medication.

Well this Friday Ellie and Ruth are coming up and us s are going to hang out with them, then they are going home on Saturday and we are going up to Layette for a talent night and Maria and I are staying with flo and Charity is staying with Kathryn ( I believe) and my parents and Ben are staying with Betty Eger. Then we are going to there church on Sunday. So we should have a great time this weekend!

Ok I will finish up soon I just want to say some things about our extremely cold whether! This morning we had to take a bunch of leave bags (like 30) done to the end of our drive way and all I had on was my PJ pants and a little sweatshirt and slippers! I almost died I was so cold! My hands went numb! We have had some flares throughout the day but no real sticky snow which is sad but I think it will snow soon; I just have to be patient. ( It wouldn’t fell so cold if we didn’t have so much wind! That is what makes it freezing! So bundle up, especially if you go out some were tonight. I heard it was going to be down to 19!!! I guess it means fall and winter is coming, whether we like it or not! (
Well God bless all have a wonderfully day!


Friday, November 11, 2005

Country Music Therapy

Hey go to my Xanga There is a great "song" thing i put on their! Actually i am kind of coping Nathan but i really didn't mean to Maria just found it. :) Its so funny. Its actually not a song is some of your favorite "Country music Therapy" with Dr. Phil! hah. But it’s a different song.
Well actually I think that the one Nathan has is better, but that’s ok. ;)

Well about Allen, Right now he is here because now they think he might have bronchitis (sp), so he is getting some R and R. and getting plenty of TV and movie time in! ;) Yesterday he got i think...12 DVD's and 2 Videos! heh we told him he wasn't going to be able to watch then all in like 2 or 3 days he and he said that he didn't have to watch them all! :) But right now I feel like a nurse because we have to get every thing for him! Yeah so I am kept busy, But its nice to have him home. Well please keep praying. Bye

Thursday, November 10, 2005

They won!

The pacers won yesterday! It was a blast! Even though we where in the nose bleed seats I had a great time! We stopped by the library before we went and my dad read though the whole thing almost. ( It was very close most of the game and the last 3 minutes every one was on their feet screaming half the time and waiting in suspense half of it! I have actually been to Conseco Field house before. When the state games where their and lapel was playing. But that was the fist time to see the Pacers play. Ok what do you love about going to a b-ball game at Conseco? What I love is when you are on like the top level (or close to it) just walking in and seeing all the fans! I love that! But my back side dose hut today because of sitting on those chars for 3 hours. ( We got back about 11:15 and I didn’t fall asleep till about 12:30 then I had to get up at 7:30 so I didn’t get that much sleep but I took a little nap today so I think I am ok.

Also yesterday when we went ridding at my G’pa’s I think I saddles my horse wrong and I was running (on the horse ;)) behind Maria and I could fell it slipping to I tried to stop but then we turned and off I went on my side (and some how I hit my nose also). Pretty hard to, so I tried to breath and I couldn’t. I mean really I couldn’t take in any are, so I moaned for like 30 seconds or more and finally I started gasping in air! Ok if you have ever not been able to breath and you are full a ware of it you know It’s kind of scary. But I am ok. I got some bruised and scarped up my elbow that just finally started healing from when I wrecked on Maria’s motor scoter. So today I am not just tired I am bruised and sore. (

Well I have a pray request for Allen. My mom went to His DR. appoint meant this morning and he had to stay for about 3 horse more because they had to run some test and now they have to do chest x-rays because they think he might have pneumonia! So please pray! That would be so hard when you where in collage. I had it for 2 weeks when I was in…. I think 5th grade and I had it real bad for 2 weeks. I was so sick that I don’t remember much. And trust me I am not the one to forget stuff like that. But yeah if he does get it pray that it will not be bad. But please just pray that he won’t get it at all! Well thanks every one. Oh also you could pray that us s do Ok alone. Ben is with mom and my dad is at presbytery.

Life is what you make of it, so make it worth living.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ok well today had been pretty good. I might go horse back ridding w/ Maria in a phew min sothis can’t be long but I just wanted to tell you guys if you wanted to know more about Allen’scondition then you can read his blog or Xanga and it gives some updating but I think if you read min or Charity’s blog you will already know every thing on their. Well I am kind of excited about to night, (if you didn’t read my other post down below) because we are going to the pacers game and I have never been to one I don’t think. My dad always took the boys so now I guess sense they are gone we s get to take over. ( Well I need comment on myother post. ( Not need but want. Well hope you all have a good Wednesday! God bless everyone!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is a new test post.  I am using bloggerforword and writing my post in word, then I just hit a button and it is on my blog!


Ok this day has been so tiring. We went to The Harts last night. for those of you guys who don't know who they are, they are from Australia, but are hear right now because Gram Hart is I think finishing up seminary over hear so they will be hear for nine month. I think they have already been here for like 2 and a half month (I think). They have 3 kids, Jasmine, Locklan, And Caleb (that from youngest to oldest. I think like 1, 3, 5) They are the cutest kids ever! I mean really! They are so cute, how they talk and they are so good! Well behaved I mean. It is the cutest thing every! Well we hade a great time. Also Allen and Zachary came so we got to see them and that was fun. Allen still looks a little puny, but it was still great to see him.

Ok earlier I was sitting on my hand so now It's half a asleep and it’s really annoying to type when half of my hand is asleep :)

Well tomorrow night we are going to a pacers game. So that should be fun. Oh I forgot to tell the down side of going to the harts. Well not going but just because it took so long. Well I had this paper that was due today and I had to do it on the way and the way back (if you couldn't tell I am a last minute person :)) and so we got home late and then I had to get up early to type it up, but then my alarm didn't go off so I didn't actually wake up till 7 and I wanted to wake up at 6 or 6:30 so then I was kind of rushed and I didn't get to take a shower, but in the end we got to class on time so it was good, but my paper wasn't great. But that’s Ok and I would have definitely had rather gone though all that than to miss out on the Harts invitation. Also after we ate, while my parent where talking to the harts, Maria, Ben, Zach, and myself (charity was going to play but she found the Piano and couldn't resist it I guess ;)) played hid and seek in the dark! It was so much fun! I love the Lafayette church building; it’s so pretty and had so many cool rooms. I love the church (as in the people) tons also! But yeah I had a great time, and I am sure I am speaking for the rest of my family when I say that. Also Charity said it kind of makes her more excited for when (if) we go! It’s the same here, just hearing them talk about it and every thing was so fun! Well to sum it all up I had a blast!

Nothing real new in my life. Tonight Maria and I are going to clogging but that’s about it. Oh you could pray for Charity because she is kind of sick, and Allen is going to the DR. Wednesday so pray that will go well. Thanks. That’s all that pops in to my little brain (and yes I do have one of those :)) for now so bye-bye.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Ok this is a real quick update!

my dad shaved his beard! i think i scremed 10 times when he came down. Its going to take a while to get used to :) its soo wierd! :) no offence, but when some one canges some thing like that its really.... schoking! ;) In time i will get used to it.

well the sermon was good tonight. It was kinda sad but good. well i have to go to bed every one. have a good week. and good night!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

work, work.... and guess what more work! ;)

That seems to be my whole life these days, that and school. Pathetic hu? :) I have been wanting to update and i never had time. We just got done watching a time to kill. Sonds like a quality movie right? :) Well really it is! Its a great movie if you have seen it you know what i am taking about and if you havn't i stronly suggrest it!

Any who in other new's :) I have been working a lot of today. I cleand up our grauge weel Maria mowed our sea of leavs into a bunch of pileas and the reast of my family put them in trash bags. We where going to put them in the burn pile but can you imagen how much smoke that would have been. Yeah well yesterday me and Ben ( is that correct or is it Ben and I?) wraked about a foth of the yard yesterday and jumped in them and that alone was a huge pile! Well actually It was maybe a foth of the back yard today they did frount and back. But our yard and grauge looks pretty good. So does our in side.

We showed it today and when every we show it we have to leave the house so we went to Subway and that was really good! Then Maria, Charity, And Ben to the burris's Ben just went to play and Natily took Maria And Charity to Youth group, so i was hear for a while by my self, well my mom was hear but i was the only kid.

Ok if you have read Charity's blog you know you that she has had 775 (or some thing like that) Well i counted mine and i don't have close to that i have like 36 post, but she has had a blog for like 3 years and i have only had one for about 4 or 5 month, so that might explain some of it, oh and she used to post like 5 or more post in a day, i don't think i have every posted more than 1 post in a day. :) but if you look back on her post they are really funny! Maria and her took like 2 days looking at them. :)

Ok well i don't really have much elce to say. hope you guys all have a wonderfully Sunday. My parents arn't home yet from the Purdue corps dinner thing but i think they will be home soon and Charity and Benjamen want to get on so i better go. bye

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Ok maybe its just me but how many of you guys don't fell like today should be tuesday or some thing, i donno y it just donesn't feel like wednessday! Its soo wierd! well actually its not just me beacse i have heard people say that it doeasn't feel like Wednessday. At fist i thought maybe it was just beacse of last week or some thing but..... OH i just thought of some thing maybe its becase spring break was last week. well no mine wasn't. Oh i donno, Its just strange!

Well i am tired and i don't really feel like doning a long updation. Allen went to the Dr. today and they put him on more medison becase they said he was suppose to be well by know. He need to catch up on his sleep. So please keep praying for him. *sigh* i want to help him but i can't. well when i see him next and it is night or some thing i think i will give him a massage or some thing. :) he likes those, but i can't right now becase of the distence. My dad actually went up thier for his appoint ment so he is on his way back now.

hey you all need to go to Micah and Emily's blog and tell Micah that he is great! :)

Ok well thats pretty much all i have to say. good ngiht every one. (not that i am going to bed any time soon, but i proububly should think about sleeping. :))