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Thursday, September 29, 2005

tired, running, and my back is really hurting!!

ok my back is really hurting right now! i donno y but it kils! ok well i don't have much to post about just felt like posting. but i don't wanna do a long post. I went running at 7 ( pm) w/ my dog and that was fun but it kida hurt when i got back, because when you run and its cold your longs go all crazy and fell like the're ganna explode! and so i have coughing and its a little bit hard to breath, well i'm just not breathing normally. When i did track i ran in the cold and it was like the fist time ( this was like 2 years ago) and i started crying because i couldn't breath! And Allen Said it would have been beter to just puck on the side. :( i didn't really wanna do that though.
ok well i'm tired and i have some things to do befor i crash! so good night all.

Oh i have one more thing to say......
I am sorry about my poor spelling but you know what thats just how i am! So if you are that annoyed w/ it than get over it. I mean its my blog for crying-out-loude sorry if it buges you but thats just how i write! I may not be as good at spelling as you all but still give me a break i'm only 12 and its not like i'm the smartes 12 year old! ok sorry sory that i'm not up to your standers yet, but your just ganna have to deal with it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My( older 2) wonderfully brothers who I love!( i love Ben also!)

Allen And Zachary. 18 and 17 and already out there in the world on there own! crazzy I tell you!
*Sigh*..... i would be a WAY difrent person w/ out them! They are both in there fist year of collage at Purdue. They are staying w/ the Saunders ( a famaly that goes to the church in Layfette and is pretty close to campus). They are a great family and i am very glad they get to stay w/ them, even if some times i do think they are taking my brothers away! Ok
Ok well if you could all please pray for them while they are at collage. Allen is studing Elimentry Education, and Zach is studing Physics. He's a smart guy! They both are very smart. Also Allen's job is Very erly in the morning like.... 4:30-7:30 or 8 I think. And he is very tired a lot of the time so just pray taht he wouldn't get sick or any thing.
I love my brothers VERY VERY much!
Ok in other new's ( lol well my New's :) )....
Paint, Paint, and yes you guessed it more paint! man i am going to be SO good at this when we get done w/ all out house. I have painted the inside and out. I should go get paied for all this Paiting I have been doing! :) well we are going to a Bible study tonght so i better get goen' have a great night every one and a good Thursday tomorow! God bless ya'll.
I'll change song later!
sday tomorow! God bless every one.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Yeah I am done with a paper that I have to hand in tomorrow! I am happy and proud of my self :) *pats self on back* It wasn't that long or that hard but i had to follow some stuff and so yeah.

Yesterday I sleped in My sisters( charity's) room becase we painted my room on Saturday Then The Enas's had our family over for supper Then Maria and I stayed there until Sunday night becase My dad shaired about Ausie. So i didn't have time to put my room back together i did kida this morning but i still need to tonight. I stoped becase i had HORRABLE stumic pain but i am much better right now. Anywho we painted Ben's room this afternoon and got that all done. We have to do another one tomorrow, See we are going to try to paint us 4 Kids room each day so Thats not supper fun but we get to do less school so thats cool! I still need to clean it up and get sone stuff put off but i got most of the furniture put where I want it. I "had" to rearange it! :)

My brothers Came over the Enas's also so i got to see them for a while but i stayed and they went home Saturday night so i didn't get to spend a lot of time with them witch was kida disapoiting but I don't get to see the Enas's that much ither so... Not that I'm saying i like one more than the other I would D to stay home and talked with my great brothers and gone to the feloship lunch but I was alreay invited befor i knew about all the stuff that was happening.

Well I got class tomorrow and... we have to paint, Then Maria and i will be going clogging. Last time we went on a Thursday and got to go out to DQ afterwards and I was trying to drink some watter and just befor that i had Said some thing funny then Faith Hovee ( she goes with us) replied and said some thing hilareious (obveiously I can't remeber what it was, sorry its my memory lose) right when i was swallowing! I started chocking on my watter and i wasn't just hoding it it in so i wouldn't spit it out every where it was like stuck in my throat so i tried spiting it out in the little tray under the drinks ( This isn't verry plesant sorry but it was very funny!) and i couldn't so i RAN outside ( I was seareously not breathing this whole time!) and had to cough/ spit it up! It was SOO funny.... in that grose sort of way :). Now come on don't tell me all you people who are reading this havn't done some thing like that?!?

Well i decied to play linkin park becase.... umm i wanted to. :) i will play some of the sugjestions you guys gave me some time. Thanks for those. Ok Benjamen Is wathing my dads ordanation! Its really funny to see all these people like 13 years ago! I wasn't born yet i think i my mom was like 4 month pregnant with me i think! :)
Well my sisters and my mom just got home so i better go. Have a great week every one and don't get to stressed out. Take a little time for your self and relax read the bible if you want it doesn't matter, don'e work to hard. Its good advice really you shuould try it. ok well goodnight all!

(wow this was a long pst kida!)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

First day of fall!

Well....... Today Benjamen and I dug up a stup and that took a lot of my morning and then we went swiming in our frezzing cold water! I know some of you are thinking y are we swiming in Fall... well it was pretty hot today ( out side not in the pool i donno y it wasn't warm in the pool also but..) and it is the last time we are every ganna get to swim in it becase my dad wants to close it today! :'( sniff sniff. It was really nice durring the Summer, but i didn't get to enjoy it a ton, becase We where gone all the time! but still i am glad we have it. Maybe when we move will have one, but i doute it.

Fall.. *sight*...... gotta love it! Ok rase you hand if you like Fall! * me me pick me*! :) I love fall! Its my favorite season! whats your's? See i love Like all the seasons but i think fall is my favorit! Becase its soo purdy, and i love the temp! i like jeens and sweters and all the rest of that good stuff that comes with fall!

Today Ben and my slef went to a grauge sail and it was a very...... strainge one. Ok seareously it looked like they took EVERY THING out of there house, didn't look at it at all, and just poot it in a TON of boxes and layed them all in a row! It was crazy!! really ok listen to this, half the stuff in there ( well out there) was used like i found a used rasor a empty botle of free-brese (sp?), you know that smelly stuff! and like used light bulbs! Itsn't that crazy! well i thought it was any way.

So how's the song? I will try to change it next time i poast. My dear sister, charity showed me how! Sisters are wonderfull ........some times :) So i was wondering if you people would help me out and give me some songs? i really don't give a care what they are as long as there clean ( that doesn't mean that i will play it but.. :)). That means Nathan if you comment they have to be CLEAN songs! lol. but i like some rap also so if you know any GOOD rap songs people than i would like them.
Ok well i gtg now. God bless every one!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm ganna try this i guess ( sence every one elce is doing it)
So i wanna know who started it. i prouably could find out but i don't want to right now. ok well i may have some ( well a lot becase where sisters) of the same answers as my sister. Oh also i am on lack of sleep right now so give me a break if i make it really wierd!

10 years ago I was:
-umm... 2 ( wow am yong! :) )
-And was really cute sweet and inocent ( not like i'm not right now ;-))

5 years ago I was:
-had Just moved to Indianapolis and didn't know any one just kida scaried!
(becase i had been very shelterd in Evensvill!)
- hung out with the rays
-did a lot of stuff with my sister
-Y2K ( witch we didn't go crazzy about like every one elce! :) )

1 year ago I was:
-changed some people maybe would say for the worse
-I started Loving my church people
-and verry happy to be out of that "christian" school!

Yesterday I:
( ok give me a sec becase i can't think of any thing i did yesterday!!)
- juped when my mom woke me up ( becase of a dream i had had) And hit my head on my very low bunk bed.
-cleand up all the messes chariy made in my room
- school ( witch charity in my room becase her room was be in use!)
-saw my g'ma nd her new cat
-helped my dad work
-watched "miss conjenality"
-went to sleep ( or tryed but i didn't really doing any actully sleeping!)

5 snacks I enjoy:
-Chocolate ( who doesn't!)
-Ice cream/ shakes
-Chex Mix
- really any thing sweet

5 songs I know all the words to:
-Happy Birthday (sence every one is doing that)
-God Bless america
-umm prouably Psalms ( sorry can't think of them now)
- some of weezers song (sence i have herd them so often!)
-The reason ( that was WAY over played a phew month ago!)

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
-Fly to Indiana when we're in Aussie
-Fly all my friends and famly to Aussie
-Go on a shopping spree with my mom-
-Get a nice car ( also get some for my family)
-give half of it to my family!

5 places I would run away to:
- God( i donno if that counts but hey)
-My Aunt and Uncle's house!
- lets just say some of my friends house's
-yeah the Saunders to see my brothers.
-take my dog and go to a park or some thing and just stay there!

5 things I would never wear:
-a shirt that looks like a miny skirt
- under cloth for outter where
-A Strapless dress (I would be way to worried about keeping it up)
-Really sl'utty stuff...ya know...

5 favorite tv shows:
-Full House-
Gilmore s (sometimes)-
- kim posable ( some of the shows on disny some times)
I don't watch TV that often...

5 bad habits:
-Wasting time on the computer
-Being disrespectful to my par'ents
-Talking WAY too much
-messing around ensted of doing school!
-Putting myself above others

5 biggest joys:
-being in a quiet place and just thinking and talking with God
-talking! (lol)
-playing with my dog out in the fall leavs in my back yard
- eating ice cream and watching good ( maybe sad) movie!
-being with my brothers! ( and my family!)

5 people I tag to do this:
hmm ok like every one is already done this almost!
-Mary R
ok well i bet these people wont even do it but thats ok :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ok It took me a little while to think on what to post about and I finally decided to tell ya'll a little about how I feel( and other things) about us moving to Australia.

Ok So we are Lord will going to OZ. We still haven't gotten our visa approved but we hoping they will come in in about 3 or 4 weeks I think So you could pray that that would go well! well we are doing a lot of stuff to get our house ready and its not supper hard yet( well for me that is its proubably is for my dad) But we have to work like every Saturday so that's kida annoying because I always thought Saturday was for relaxing.... heh yeah right! lol . I guess I have always had to work or do school and stuff like that so its not that big a deal.
Ok so now I will tell you what I think about it because I know you are all DYEING to know! :) Well every one ask's me what I think about it so I guess this is what I will tell you. I Normally say no I am not excited but I really need to stop saying that because its not the whole truth! Ok what I don't like about it fist. Well fist I am leaving my 2 older brothers whom I love and will miss VERY dearly! And I am going to have to leave my dog who I have had for 7 years! So basic ly I am going to have to leave every one! But also I am going to have to leave every thing ( almost) that I have every known! All my stuff! And I am a husure, have been my whole life and I am a little bit scared to move on I am content where I am but I guess what I like isn't always what God wants for me and my family! Yeah well that's kida y I am sad because I am leaving every one ( and every thing!)
Well I am a little excited about it actually! Even one tells me that I profile wont wanna come back and right now I can't really even pic not wanting to come back but some where in the very back of my mind I can a very small amount! Well i was a little scaired that people would forget us then i remeberd that we are the blackwoods! lol NO ONE can forget us crazy people right?! :) well thats really all i have to say... well not its not i could talk ALL day about this but i should get goen' so ttyl
Oh and btw i just took down a tree with my sibs and my Uncle and his g/f so that was tiering! have a goodnight every body! bye
P.S. how did you people like this post rate it 0 to 10. if ya wanna.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Well today we went to the Zoo with some of the N. sidders home school group. Its was really fun to see all the neat animal! God Mad a great creation and I should get out and enjoy and thing Him for it more often. I think we all should! But it was very tirering! The Sun really takes it out of you some times! Special when you are walking around! I can tell you one thing it has changed from the last time I was there, witch was like 3 or 4 years ago! Well not that much but it just added some stuff. The best thing was that we got to take off school for the day it was great!

So if you have read charitys blog you know that they moved out! Its kida cool having my own room, even if its a little box and the smallest room in the house! It was kid sad because I helped every one else move and I didn't get to go any where when every one else gets a new room! But I am pretty content with small. Well I hope you all have a wonderfully Friday! And guess what now school tomorrow! Yeah! Well I need to go clean my house! Bye every one!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

forgotten again
I did my fist math lesson today, and like every time i start up school again, i forget every thing that i have every lerned! Its crazy! its kida funny but also kida bad! but Sence its the fist lesson its not verry hard it didn't take me that long. I am not verry good at math but maybe this year i will work harder and get better grads. I am not ready for school to start or for summer to end but on the other hand i am verry excited about Fall starting! I loved this summer! It was proubably the best summer of my life but i know i have to move on and i know there will be other great summers!Even know i have already stated classes I affshaly started all my school today! And normally I look forward in a way to the fist day but not this year. It was an OK day though.
Well i need to go soon and finish up some school and help Maria move out.... well move to upstairs, witch by the way we
FINALY got all, well about 95% of Allen's stuff out of his room! it only took him about umm.... maybe 5 years to move out! Its the cleanest i have seen it sence we moved in, thats proubably becase we( my sisters, my mother, and i) spent about 4 to 5 hours up there yesterday cleaning! So now the girls Maria (and charity some day) our talking over the upstairs! We all get our own rooms ( for a phew month it least!) now! Its really cool! Ok hope you all have a great day! God bless.