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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas, and my week.
Gas it outrageous! 3.19 a gallon! That's just flat out crazy!!!
what is this world coming to!?! Some one sent me this thing a while ago to try to get the prices to go down, by not buying from Cretan big (meaning most used) gas station, but I don't think it worked. heh. Well there's got to be some thing that will make it go down! My mom said that she can remember it being 29 sense! Because they had gas wars to see who could see it the cheapest and get the most customer's. Now that's that's what kind of price I'm talking about! We want it cheap! We want gas wars to see who can get it the lowest not the highest! *sigh*... Well that's all if have to say on gas right now.

was not a Vera good day for me. I was pretty upset that day, but Monday night I was on IM talking to some people and they made me a lot happier! So with them, music, and sleep, I felt a lot better in the morning!
that was a slow day! I had to get up early for SEEK( its a home school group) so I went to my first period class then I had 2 study halls in a row! Each period is 1 houre and15 min, so I was in there for 2 hours and3o min! The first one I study and I met a , but the second one all I did was slept! It was really boring! It was also rainy that day maybe that's on of the reasons why it was so boring. Then yesterday night we watched "pay it forward". That's a good movie. It was kida sad to! Then I went to bed, and early to it was like 10:30.
Well today has been relaxing so far. I got to sleep till 9 and then I took a bath and I haven't really had to do that much. A little home work but still I think all in all its going to be a nice day.
This long labor day weekend( the-sat)
well we are going camping this weekend at my cousins, So that should be really fun! Its with my moms side of the family the Cole's. Then Sunday we are going to go to two of my cousins ordination. So I hope that will go well.
So what are you all doing this weekend? Any thing. Even if you don't go any where I hope its nice and relaxing for you!

Well its true I went Christian on you'll. LOL. Its casting crowns. I like that band.
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Oh and please pray for All the people stranded from hurricane Katrina. If you have watched the news you have seen how much damaged its done! I think some thing like 80% of New Orleans is flooded!
God bless New Orleans! And God bless you all who are reading this!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lafaytte and Pain

So this Weekend my family went up to Layfette! My sisters and I stayed with Micah and Emily Humphreis! it was really great! also She invited Cathren Held, and Flo Faris over! It was GREAT fun! I saw poeple from ECHO (and met some of there sibs), Covie, friends, my brothers, and we( my whole family) had lunch with the Saunders ( they are the family Allen and Zach are staying with) So that was a LOT of fun! It gets better! In the moring Jolene Fisher got baptized in the morning and that was cool to see also we talked our parents in to staying for the Eveaning servace! It was soo much fun! ok the only bad part of that whole weeked was the Paine. Sunday afternoon i had a kida bad headach so that was no fun but i just lived with it and still had a great Afternoon with the Saunders. Also sometime when we where at the Humphreis i think i pulled something in the top part of my right arm and it hurt like all Sunday! but See the wierd thing is that i don't every remember doing it i just remeber putting my arm back to scratch it and it hurt kida bad... So i donno what i did really did, but i just know it hurts! it still hurts today not as bad ( well it was never like SUPPER bad but still) as it was yesterday i dont think. Well i need to go organize some things for school. Hope you all Had a GREAT weekend and have an even better day today!! bye
Ok i know i have said this befor but i really really am going to get another song on my blog ( some time)! see i don't know how and so i ask my sister and she is never around and when she is she is doing something elce so i gess i will have to go get her and drag her down the stairs! lol well ttyl. bye.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A forgotten shadow!
by Nathan skinner

Ok I have pretty much been a shadow my whole life! Its kida sad and I bet some of you are thanking how could I Tamara a loud annoying person like me be a shadow? Well I get ignored ALL the time, by I bet EVERY one who is reading my blog right now! Most of you don't really care but it is kid hurting some times. Like I can literally go into a room and NO one will notice me! Its crazy! I like talking to people but some people get annoyed by me but I really don't know what I do some time to make people completely ignore me! Any one want to help me out on that question?

I go to these SEEK classes and we went for an orientation Tuesday. So I was in class and they past out these packets, guess who they forgot and didn't even have on there list? Your reading her blog right now! Well they had one extra because one guy didn't show. Nathan. So now that's who I am. Way to make a first impression right? Yeah it wasn't so, but I laughed about it but I was embarrassing. Well that's pretty much all I have to say. I am going to bed because I am really tired! So I hope you all have a good night and just thank a bought what I wrote hear.
night night,


Monday, August 22, 2005

Sad... Well you can make if fun!
Friday night my sisters and I went to the longs and in the morning we where going to to help them redo there kitchen then Maria and I where going to be dropped off at the state fair then they'd pick us up then we where going to go up to Lafayette because they where going to see there Aunt and Beth and my sisters I where going to spend the night and go to church the next morning. Ok you might be thinking y is she complaining.. Well that's how it was SUPPOSE work out let just say.. Thanks came up and it didn't happen! Witch was really upsetting.... When we got the news Saturday morning of cores we where upset but the Longs Said we could do any thing we wanted to so we decided to go out to eat then go shopping at the mall and good will then go see a movie ( this was after me and Maria got picked up from the state fair) well we didn't get to go to the mall but we did get to go to good will and we rented a movie instead because nothing was on. But even if that wasn't as fun as going to Lafayette we still had a good time! hopefully we are going up there next Sunday and the Longs said we could try to go up there again with them and go the the Faris's or something. Well we made the best of the situation even know it was really sad at the beginning so just remember that next time some thing comes up like that.
Hope you all have a great day!
God Bless,

Thursday, August 18, 2005

i had a blast!
ok yesterday Maria, Charity, and I went to the state fair at 2 and meet up with the longs, Beth, Anna, and Luke(some of the time) and David Pullam( for a short time) also the Faris's, Oee, Flo, and Anna. I also saw a cupple of people that i knew. but i am not going to say them all. So we walked around and looked at stuff bought some candy and we got to play these wooden ensterments with these older people they had a little band and it was in frount of people but most of the people that where watching where old but it was still fun! we also got kicked out of like 3 stors, an RV, and in like 2 stors they gave us evil looks so we decided that was our Q to leave. lol and we stol some of these peopl's watter ( we filled up our cups with it) and they yelled at us. I mean it wasn't like we knew or any thing there was this big pitcure of watter sitting on a chare OUT SIDE a little ten thing so we took it but don't worry we didn't do that again. heh well we also prformed (clogging) and that was great! Luke, Beth, Anna, and Charity watched us so that was really cool! We are doing it again on saturday from 12 to 1. and that should be fun.

A word of WARNING.... the people there who are trying to get you to do the games are MEAN, RUDE, AND UNEXCEPTABLE and they RIP YOU OFF! there was only one guys there that was nice and didn't really rip us off he gave us a good deal but most of them where jurks! This one guy wanted luke and David and us s to play this b-ball thing and he was like " hey bro come play" lol and we just keped walking and then he blew this REALLY loude whise at us it scaried the heack out me! wow yeah but we just keep walking! So on the way back i was really fedup with every body doing that to me( us) so i tould this one guy kida loud " NO I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY!" it was pretty funny but what was funnyer was that he hadn't yelled it at us yet but we was just about to befor i said that! it was great! also next time i go i want to make a shirt that on the frount says" no i don't want to play!" and on the back "so don't ask!" lol that would be great. well thats all i have to say on the state fair

Ok i am sorry to all the people who don't the song( witch is a shame becase its a GREAT song) but never the less i will try to change it. but i can't right now. sorry gtg. have a GREAT day!

Monday, August 15, 2005

painting, fair, collage/school,and OZe
Ok i want to start out saying thank you so much to all who helped Paint our house you have no idea how much that heped! Even if i did go to church the nexed day painted,tired and sore it was all woth it! well i also got hurt see i fell off the roof....... lol j/j but i did get hurt twice. the first time was friday see luke long thrugh a scraper at me and tould be to chatch ( and i didn't even know he was going to through it!) and the courner of it sliced my thumb and he was LAUGHING! Now isn't that just awfle lol but he said sorry when he noticed that he actually really hurt me! heh and the other time was Saturday Allen was cutting a old gutter up so we could put it in the trash can and when we put them in and i think nathen ( well i donno really who let go for sure) let go and they cut up my leg. At first Nathen was like "umm your bleeding" heh and i was just like yeah i wonder why :-) but after that he laughed about it and was like " look what i did to Tamara" heh Nathen and luke if your reading this i forgive you. heh but i did have a blast! Oh also i danced on the roof that was sweet! becas Allen brought his speakers out of his window and we listed to about EVERY THING! lol well thanks agin

State faire,
well my sister has been begging me to do this so i guess i will finaly do it. Ok so Maria and i are Colgging at the state fair this wed and Sat on wed from 5-6 and on sat 12 to 1 It should be great fun! So if any of you want to come than feel free to come. there is one rap song that we are dancing to by Usher called "Yeah" witch hopefully i will put on my blog some time and Nathen don't call me a hepocrit becase i have rap songs on my blog. lol But i Do like SOME rap songs but most aren't to great but some are good( key word there SOME).So Well where talking about this do you all like the song that i have right now? hope so Charity heped me get it. when she gets back hopfully she will get me thats other song on. any ways getting back today they have state faire tickets free in the paper today its good for monday through thursday but not on the weekends. Also i want to go with a whole bunch of you people some time and like spend most of the day there that would be really fun! Also a lot of other people said the same thing. well just a thought.

School/Collage and OZe
I heped Allen move some of his stuff today ( well more like put it in the back of the van). after wards when i thought abought it more and it hit me, what i was actually doing it was kida sad almost! I mean just having Allen & Zach go to collage, move away from us is big I mean befor i knew that we where going to oz i was upset becase they where going to move away from us, but know.... man think of how much harder its going to be! Moving thousands and thousands of miles away i'm talking across the world thats HUGE! And leaving my 2 older brothers behind... I donno its almost to much! Ok now i am depresed and upset.
:( And moving them out is so hard. It is going to kill me to leave them! I will fell like half of my world is gone! I donno if i am going to be able to deal with that?!! Ok i need some one to tell me every thing is going to be ok and that God i ALWAYS no matter what going to be in control! well back on school wise our family doesn't start till next month witch is really cool! Ok you want to know some thing really wierd when we leave from the US to OZ we will leave on a Sat and get back on a thursday and it only takes 1 day to get there! now how freeky is that!? also when we come home we will get back an houre befor we left! now thats freeky! ahh.

whats going on,
Well Charity isn't hear because she is is with a friend at there beach house and gets to go toobing and all that fun stuff but i am not that jelious becase we might go see a movie today! but wednesday morning we have to get chest ex-rays ( the three older s and i think my parents) is some thing you have to get to beable to get our visas( sp?) for Oz well this has become a long post ( well for me it least) hope you all have a great day i will try not to be to down. I think i've cheered my self op a little but i could always use more so i will be verry happy if you comment! love you all
funny quote
" don't worry about tomorrow, becase its already tomorrow in Australia"
lol i like that quote! :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

sorry its been so long!
Ok i know it had been a long time sence i have posted.... but i have been busy! I was going to do it yesterday but i had to leave becase we went hores back ridding At my G'pa's and my faforit horse was leaving yesterday. My G'pa sould her to some one at our church! It was sad but i got to ride her one more time it least.

*sigh* but today my legs are sore I donno if its from Ridding or from last night at amily fun night we did irish barn dancing! So that was a blast! Did eveyone who when and is reading this have fun?

Oh yeah and at our reunion I had a blast! I thought i wasn't going to have like any fun but i found out we have GREAT and fun cousins! I miss them sooo much! They where so sweet and fun and nice!

Well i better go becase my cousins Hannah and Paige are hear till tomorrow and i need to go hang out with them. Man i really need to change my song but i am not sure all what to do so maybe tomorrow or some thing i will ask charity to help me with it.
Hope you all have a great day! God bless!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

my busy schedule!
so this is my agenda for the next week....
Well tonight we are having company again, (my dad's friend from collage) but this time I am making supper ( pizza and breadsticks and desert pizza) and there 3 kids, Ben, and me are going to hang out hear well, my parents and there parents go out for supper! So I get to be in charge, Oh and the 4 oldest are at youth group. So I was thinking about having a party but i guess I will be good and just chill.
tomorrow is the begins of our long Blackwood family reunion ( witch I have to clog at witch is ok I guess!) then on Saturday we are going up to Elkhart and my dad is preaching then on our way home we are picking my my cousins.
So they are staying with us till Wednesday! On Monday we have family fun night, witch by the way they are doing barn dancing again so that should be a blast again and All who are reading my blog should come! Tuesday we are doing Clogging and Wednesday I donno what's going on excepted that my darling cousins Hannah and Paige have to leave! *sniff*.
Well that's pretty much All what I'm doing these days EXCEPT SCHOOL is starting soon and that's a real drag! Well proubably no one is even reading this right now but that's ok.
:( I guess. Well I better get back to supper. Hope you all are having a good night. And this will praubalbly wont be able to update for a while so I'll leave you with this.

~to the world you may be one, but to one you may be the world~
love you all!
Tamar Rose

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

so tonight I am going clogging( its a kind of dance). I have been so busy And gone all the time that i havn't gone for like EVER! so tonight i get to go! and then i think 2 days this month we are going to preform at the state fair! AHHH I think i am going to be sick thoes days! lol.

Guess what?!!? School is starting soon! *sniff* some one *cough*nathen*cough* HAD to bring it up! uggers! Its crazy! i mean it has gone so fast! Its like its a dream! But this has been proubably my best summer ever!! I am so sad its going to have to end!! I am not sure when school for us is going to start but i think in a couple of weeks 2 or 3! Now that i think of it my parents have been buying books and stuff. Soo i guess we should say goodbye to Summer! I really should be out and enjoying it but........ i have update. lol.

Hope every one has a good " last part of summer!!". And have fun shopping for school( NOT)! bubye.