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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pictures From our vacation in Nhill

actaully these our of our stops on the way there! :) good fun

(a post Lord willing will come later... maybe, and then a post about our adventure at Kennet River will come after that. Charity has a great lovely long post about out adventure in the country on here lovely blog and Zachary has some GREAT, MUST SEE pictures on his websigh! They really are great! Enjoy)

More pictues...

Thursday, November 09, 2006


these our from Hanging Rock. Make sure you read the post below!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what's new in my life

Well... Its a new month, we have two new Elders in our church (3 including my Father), and we had a new exciting LONG weekend.

A Blakston weekend!
you can't get much better than that.
Friday night was the installation of my Father, Tony, and Matt. Afterward us girls went to Lynsey and karin Blakstons for the weekend. We got up around 9:30- 10:30 (hey we didn't get home till midnight the night before) at 11 we went opp-shopping then we went and had a picnic at Hanging Rock. We took the walk up to hanging rock which was only suppose to take 50 min, but because Maria and I were all over the place (I just couldn't resist climbing on all the huge rocks!)! :-) It was so much fun. And Karin, Lynsey were right behind us. So 2 hour later we got down and went and got some ice-cream and went on another walk to see this huge Cross, that wasn't as long but by the time we got in the car I was So tired out! That night we watched the movie Picnic at Hanging - which I advise non of you to watch! It had no ending! There were some good and funny scenes in it but it was pretty dumb! :) Then they took us to church Sunday morning.

Then after evening church we had Jono and Lou Blakston (Karin's Son and his family) and their kids over to spend the night- the live in Geelong and came down for the thing on Friday- and all day Monday. We went to a park and ate lunch with them and the Glovers and that was good fun, then we came home and later some of us went to another close park and played before we went to the Bay. That evening Us kids stayed home and watched their kids while the adults went out to Tea. Then the sad goodbye came and they went about 8.

Yesterday we got school off again for the Melbourne Cup ( the only horse race that they say "stops the whole nation". How sweet a two minute race and you get the whole day off! :)) and first I went to the Glovers to help finish up the fence for the goats then at 3 our family went to Ralph Blakstons-Lynsey's brother- which was great fun! Then we had bible study they night.

They Blakstons are a way-cool family (and their are more of them) and you really can't get much better than spending a long weekend with them! They are great!

Two weekends ago Matt organized a trip to this place called Walla-halla. I will try and put some pictures up of it so I won't tell to much about it. A gold-mining little town. That was really fun too!

Now tomorrow we leave for Nile- some place in the middle of know where. :) I'm excited... Well not to thrilled about the 8+ hour car ride in our 8 pasenger, but it should be fun! I'll tell all about it when I get back home next Wednesday!

God bless all,
~Tamara Rose~

this song is dedicated to my Hero- aka my Oldest brother Allen!

I'll try and put pictures up tomorrow, they aren't working for me tonight. Sorry.