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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to a new year..

It's weird. Its 2008... But for those of you who are still stuck in 2007, still saying "next year I'll do this or that" when its really this year, or still writing the date 1/10/2007.. I'm with you. I always do this though, and it takes a few weeks for me to stop doing all those things and realise it really IS a new precious year God's given me. *smile* Its funny.. at the begging of each year I wonder and wonder what God had in store for me.. then at the end of it I look back and see what God has shown me, taught me, put me through and for what reasons (some aren't always clear), what blessings he's poured out, what hardships he's strengthened me by.. etc.

What God has taught & done for me this year.
  1. Taught me to trust Him with my heart.
  2. Looking to Him for answers.. not the world.
  3. Held me together, when I thought the goodbyes would rip me apart.
  4. Taught me about death- in a very real way.
  5. Granted the desire of my heart: trip to America
  6. Provided food, clothes, and breath every single day {plus much much more!}
  7. Given me counselors & friends to encourage, build me up, teach me at just the perfect time.
  8. straightened my priorities out- made me take a second look at what I've got.
  9. kept my family safe.
  10. Peace.

[this is only a very small, veg list of what God did for me over 2007. Ask me for more details if you want them. Trust me, I could go on and on..]


I must say having having New Years in Australia is a bit different.. 1/1/2008: I went to Sorrento font beach, read bit before everyone else came, ate lunch, played botchy ball, swam and got salt water in my eyes, talked with lots of friends, made sand angles, played Frisbee in the ocean, got a tan/ little sunburn, ate ice cream, missed my brothers and snow, and laughed.


Many prayer request for our family & family Church family- go to Charity's Blog.


It's hot here.. and I have a pool waiting for me.. so God bless you all in this New Year! and...



Song of post: All Men Will Know- Acappella {thanks to Edwin Allen Henry Blackwood the Second}