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Friday, December 29, 2006

They're Gone again,

Once again my brothers are gone, but this time I watched them walk away, instead of them watching me walk way. Yesterday at 11:20 (iss) they walked though those airport doors and *snaps fingers* just like that, they were gone.
I didn't really cry at the air port, all of yesterday I was actually reasonable happy (I'll tell you why in a minute), Wednesday was the killer. I guess I got all my tears out Wed night, cus' boy-oh-boy did I cry. Silently on the way home from the Glovers (at 9:45. our last car ride with just us 5 older kids for awhile), then when we got home I cried and cried for about 5 or 10 minutes alone in our dark living room. Then with my sisters a little after that. It was good though because I got all my tears out so my Brothers didn't see me cry.

I'm sure more tears will spill over later when it hits me that they are gone, but for now I'm ok. So Jono And Lou Blakston and their 4 kiddo's met us at the air port- before that we had breakfast at Jono's parents house- then after the goodbyes they came back to our house for lunch *laugh*, it was a lunch that turned into afternoon tea, then a game, then dinner, then a movie, then showers for the kids, then at 9:30 ish they left. :-) I was good to have them though, it made us happy. But when they left I hit the bunks, 4 hours of sleep made me very tired. But i didn't go to sleep right away, I heard the phone ring at 2:30 am- the boys calling to say they had made it safe- then I went to sleep till 9 something.

So, They left on a jet plane, and Lord willing they'll be back again in less then 5 months, But oh babe, I hatted to see them go.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A big thanks to Zachary!

my dear brother, For helping me get the Rose thing back up and helping me out with my blog. Ok so I've got a pink blog.... is that to wierd? Well I can mess around with it still, not anymore right now. I'm sick of messing with this blog, but I hope you like it. Thanks again Zach!

Two more days till christmas. Are you ready? I'm not, Ive got all the gifts and everything i'm just not ready for this Christmas, everything' to wierd. But it does feel more like Christmas now then it did.
Welp God bless and have a very Merry Christmas all! (and if there is any, through a snow ball for me :))

~from the girl "down under"

Friday, December 22, 2006

Ok right now I'm very frustrated. Maria decided to help me upgrade my blog and it destroyed my old template... :( I'm very sad and annoyed. Oh well I'll work on it later. I don't think I can get my old template on here, so maybe later (with some help from my family) I'll mess around with this and make it pretty. Maybe Charity can help me again and make another pretty blog.

"last kiss"- Pearl Jam

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

lalalalalife is wonderful

10 reasons why my life is wonderful!

#1. I've got my whole family here for Christmas.
#2. Saturday I went lazor taging and bowling with the bedfords
#3. I had a great run yesterday night
#4. I've got the best sisters in the world!
#5. I've got the greatest Brothers ever!
#6. Its warm.
#7. we have a beach 5 minutes away.
#8. I've got the best parents you could ever ask for!
#9. My church family loves me and I love them!
#10. My God has blessed my with great family, friends, and home, and He's always there!

:) Those are 10 reasons why I have a wonderful life!

thanks to Ruth for the great song!

"life is wonderful"-Jason Mraz

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This ain't the Christmas I know.....

It's supposed to be snowing. We are supposed to be getting our warm clothes out. We are supposed to be making snow angels, making hot chocolate to warm us when we come inside with clod hands and noces. We are supposed to be sitting 'round the fire. Thats my Christmas is supposed to be.

We aren't suppose to be waiting for rain 'cuz its so hot and dry, our summer clothes aren't supposed to come out for another 6 months. We aren't supposed to be laying out in the sand, drinking ice cold lemonade to cool us down we we come inside from the blazing sun. We aren't suppose to be sitting around a pool! This isn't my christmas, its not the way its supposed to be...

I miss waking up, looking outside and seeing how calm and white everything is. The first snow, getting all excited, getting my snow suit on and running outside and loving that first mouthfull of snow.

We should NOT be waiting for the first warm day, getting our bathers on, then running down the ocean, and getting our first splash in the face of salt water.

The days are suppposed to be getting shorter and colder, not longer and warmer. Where are the coats and scarves? Not shorts and flip-flops. Where has my Christmas gone..... But I guess Christmas really isn't about all taht, maybe I should focas more on Jesus's birth, and less on the seasons. It really isn't
that big of a deal weather we have sand or snow under our feet.
Christmas (in my eyes at least) is a day to be with our family and friends and celabrate Christ's birth. And maybe, even though I miss my white Christmas, I should try harder to see what their Christmas season is all about. See it there Their eyes.

A Christmas on the beach won't
really compair with a white christmas, but maybe, just maybe if I give it a chance, I might even like it. :) Besides I've got my 5 siblings with me and my parents. Can't ask for much more. :) Plus I've got all my new Ossie friends. Don't get my wrong, I miss all you guys like crazy, and miss my white Christmas, but I love my new second home and I'm willing to give this Christmas a chance.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pictures From our vacation in Nhill

actaully these our of our stops on the way there! :) good fun

(a post Lord willing will come later... maybe, and then a post about our adventure at Kennet River will come after that. Charity has a great lovely long post about out adventure in the country on here lovely blog and Zachary has some GREAT, MUST SEE pictures on his websigh! They really are great! Enjoy)

More pictues...

Thursday, November 09, 2006


these our from Hanging Rock. Make sure you read the post below!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what's new in my life

Well... Its a new month, we have two new Elders in our church (3 including my Father), and we had a new exciting LONG weekend.

A Blakston weekend!
you can't get much better than that.
Friday night was the installation of my Father, Tony, and Matt. Afterward us girls went to Lynsey and karin Blakstons for the weekend. We got up around 9:30- 10:30 (hey we didn't get home till midnight the night before) at 11 we went opp-shopping then we went and had a picnic at Hanging Rock. We took the walk up to hanging rock which was only suppose to take 50 min, but because Maria and I were all over the place (I just couldn't resist climbing on all the huge rocks!)! :-) It was so much fun. And Karin, Lynsey were right behind us. So 2 hour later we got down and went and got some ice-cream and went on another walk to see this huge Cross, that wasn't as long but by the time we got in the car I was So tired out! That night we watched the movie Picnic at Hanging - which I advise non of you to watch! It had no ending! There were some good and funny scenes in it but it was pretty dumb! :) Then they took us to church Sunday morning.

Then after evening church we had Jono and Lou Blakston (Karin's Son and his family) and their kids over to spend the night- the live in Geelong and came down for the thing on Friday- and all day Monday. We went to a park and ate lunch with them and the Glovers and that was good fun, then we came home and later some of us went to another close park and played before we went to the Bay. That evening Us kids stayed home and watched their kids while the adults went out to Tea. Then the sad goodbye came and they went about 8.

Yesterday we got school off again for the Melbourne Cup ( the only horse race that they say "stops the whole nation". How sweet a two minute race and you get the whole day off! :)) and first I went to the Glovers to help finish up the fence for the goats then at 3 our family went to Ralph Blakstons-Lynsey's brother- which was great fun! Then we had bible study they night.

They Blakstons are a way-cool family (and their are more of them) and you really can't get much better than spending a long weekend with them! They are great!

Two weekends ago Matt organized a trip to this place called Walla-halla. I will try and put some pictures up of it so I won't tell to much about it. A gold-mining little town. That was really fun too!

Now tomorrow we leave for Nile- some place in the middle of know where. :) I'm excited... Well not to thrilled about the 8+ hour car ride in our 8 pasenger, but it should be fun! I'll tell all about it when I get back home next Wednesday!

God bless all,
~Tamara Rose~

this song is dedicated to my Hero- aka my Oldest brother Allen!

I'll try and put pictures up tomorrow, they aren't working for me tonight. Sorry.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stressed, tired, but SO happy that its Saturday and i'm alive! :-)

Ok so right now Im getting a massage by my wonderful sister Charity. And oh boy do I need it! See yesterday we went to Berwick (our lovely homeschool group :-P).... oh wait I must tell you what I did Thursday.

Ok so I was stressing about our debate we were supposed to have done the next day (Friday) and I had just started. We don't have to actually do the debate till next friday but our teacher wanted it done yesterday so we could perfect it all this week (which won't happen! ;)). So I was stressing because I was supposed to go over to Casey's in one hour and I had just started! Well Jakie came at 4:20 and I hadn't packed or anything, but I just threw everything in a bag and left. :) Leaving my lovely debate partner, aka Maria my sister, to finish. :) It was HEAPS of fun at Casey's (even though she had to work from 5:30-9)! But I only got 6 (at the most!) hr. of sleep, but I forgot about all my stresses and worries and just relaxed and had a lovely time, so that was great!

Ok so Friday morning, after we messed aroud and Casey did my hair ( :) look at the pic down below of it), Me, James, John, and Jakie were off to Berwick. And to my supprise my WONDERFUL sister had got all my jumbled thoughts and info I had thrown on a page, together and made it into a great speach... well as great a speach as it can be with a title of "That sewer water should be recyled" Yuck! But hey, I gatta do it. We had lunch (my favorite period! :)) then Drama, which was good, then sport! :) Was that fun or what!? Pluse it was raining and we were playing Ultimate Frisbee (pluse at lunch time I played soccer in the rain)! Even though it was very cold I had a blast, and had SO much energy for some unknow reason, maybe thats what lack of sleep does to me.

Anyways, now I'm tired today from all that 'muckin' aroud in the rain yesterday, but Charity was giving me a massage, :) she got tired i guess and is now on the compie again. Oh well it was very nice of her anyways. Look at here lovely new post. (P.S. I totally helped with that poem!).

Now the rain has gone and the sun has come out! *sigh*.... isn't it great to be alive!


I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.
14, Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

94:18, When I said, "My foot is slipping,"
your love, O LORD, supported me.
When anxiety was great within me,your consolation brought joy to my soul.

Here are some pic for all-ya'll enjoyment. :-)

Song of the post- "I wish I was a punck rocker"-sandi thom
This is like my all time favorite song ever.... ;) well maybe not, but I like it a lot!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Pictures
(make sure you read the beautiful post below! :))

me burning up! ahh...
our lunch with Josh and Lucila Sunday when we were up in Geelong
me and Ben on our way to the Back Beach
up at Aurthers Seat (after we went to
the beach) with Josh and Sarah and
Her parents (the prichard)
Serrento Back beach. Beautiful huh?
scary pic of me and my new cute Bunny,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm finally back!

Never fear Tamara's here! :) hah sorry guys it took me so long to get back to this lovely Blogio. But I'm back now.

Two weeks of Spring break (aka- school holidays) was great but very busy! I'll tell you the highlights of it: Going to Serrento back beach. Having a BBQ with the Prichards and the church people. The Jr. camp and Dixon's Creek I helped lead. That was so much fun! The Drama was classic! If you have every led or been around 8-11 year old's for a couple days then you know what I'm talking about! I got a bit stressed out when I had to lead all 15 of them in on a bush walk in a dried up over grown creek! "Jonno where did you go!?!" ;) but it was fun. And I tried to be responsible. Ask one of the other great leaders: Jono B, Karin B, or Alex M, to find out the REAL story. :-)
We had Kids club in McKinnon and Frankston the second week of school holidays and those went pretty well. Friday we went to Vic Markets ( Queen Victoria Market). That was really fun! That was the first time seance we have been here that I actually went shopping for myself and bought more than one thing that wasn't at an op-shop. Besides getting cloths and shoes and things, we got a dwarf bunny! Its so cute! It fits in my palm! I love it. We named it Dopey, sense its a dwarf. ;) Then the last weekend of the holidays we went to Geelong. My dad preached up there.

Last week we were just getting back into school and playing with out new bunny. We went again to Geelong. Friday night us girls took the train up and had a movie night with Sara B. That was heaps of fun! Meg and Emily M. came too! We stayed up soo late but had heaps of fun! At 11 we got up and ate breaky then went to a Charity Footy mach that a bunch of guys from Geelong (and my brothers) and some others were playing in. It was really nice day (pretty hot out in the field, but it least it wasn't rainy and cold like last year, or so they told me). We went to Meg and Brandon's after the game and practiced our song. You see that night they had a charity concert (this charity concert and footy thing was not actaully for my sister Charity, its for a gal who used to go to Geelong RP church and had Brest cancer, They announced that about $1600 was made and more still comming so it was good turn out) and they had asked our family to do something in it, so we did. I also played the drums along with others in my family who sang and played other insterments and sang pluse three other people. It was really fun! We sang the Star Wars Weird Al song. It was great! haha. We didn't back to Frankston till about 11:30 or so. It was a late night, but a good one.

Yesterday I sprained my ankle or something. I was playing on a fallen down tree in the Glovers back yard ( a family in our church) and me and MJ were just messing around and trying to pass each other, with out falling. We finally did it once without falling and we were trying to do it again and I feel and my foot sorta went sideways and I think I heard it pop. Yeah... Ouch! It was extremely painful but I'm alright. I have been limping and hopping today but I just think its maybe sprained. I might go to a Dr. but I don't think its that bad. If it still is on Thursday I might but I think I'll be fine. ;)

Well now you all are all caught up on my life. I'm not going to say I'll try to update more in the future because I always say that and it never happens. :-) I'm going to try and get some pic up here and change this song finally! :) But if the pic don't work go to
Zachary's web page and you'll see lots of lovely pictures! :) God bless all and have a lovely week!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

the american hick serving! :)

me and brandon

Springs here!

And it feels great!

Last weekend we went up for sarah's 21st! It was heaps of fun. I'm going to try and put a couple pic on so you can see our lovely outfits! :)

Well We have some new friends! And They live right behind us! Amy (she is 16) and her mom. Claire, and her gandma, Rosa! Pluse they are all christans! They are all really sweet! I love them all! And its great to have new Christan friends!

Well Amy and Claire are here to play a card game so I better go!
Happy laborday to everyone in the States! Miss you all. I'll try to change the song later.
God bless

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A sad ending to a great week!

Good report first:
Mt. Baw-Baw (or Boar-Boar as the Aussies say) was a blast! It was really nice Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday-Friday weren't sunny, but good skiing weather. Wednesday it was almost like a blizzard! It was great fun. I went out in in jeans and a hoodie, right after I had had a shower, dryed my hair, and got all nice (bad idea ;)). So I went out down to the slopes where some of my family and some of the Blakstons were. It was alright at first, just sleeting/snowing a bit, on and off. Then it started getting real windy and I decided to be crazy and go on a walk while they were finishing up skiing. I went up and up, down, around in circles, everywhere (mind you, I was wearing no hat or gloves)! Finally, I made it back to civilization. I was alive! ;) Ok it wasn't that bad, but I was frozen. Well, Jono and Lou were still skiing away so I, being the crazy person I am, went back for a nother walk. :) Thankfully I didn't get lost but I wasn't going back up again, at least till I got warm! Joel and Angie Blakston (there were a LOT of those Blakstons. :) but they made it heaps of fun!) walked me back, and when I got in everyone asked were I went and I just said "around" and I wasn't ever lost lost. I always knew I was on Mt. Baw-Baw. :) But that was heaps of fun. I went snowbording with Charity Tuesday and Friday. Friday was better because Jono and Allen snowboarded (Jono tried it Wednessday afternoon, he said he learned how by watching what us girls did wrong. He did everything opposite what we did. So in a round-about way, I taught him how. :-P lol sorta) and they sorta toutored us. :) I wiped out a TON, but it was loads of fun! I thought I did alright for never having skied or snowborded before (you can ask my family for the real story ;-D). We had dinner with Jono and his family after we got down from the Mountans Friday night then came home. It was a great, de-stressing (not distressing) week!

Sunday morning (13th) kind of wrecked out relaxful week. Sort of. We got a phone call (my dad did) and then I come in my room and Charity said Megan and Brandon's front room caught on fire. Then she said Allen was in the house when it happend. My first thought was that she was just kidding. Then when I figured out that she was serious I was shocked! It was like she had knocked me over with the news! Sunday was not a very good day. My mom was sick. Thankfully Greame Heart was preaching so my dad after lunch, we had with Greame and his parents over, and my dad took off to Gelonge to be with Allen. So us kids had to make sure the Hearts got entertained, do lunch and clean up, make sure every thing Sunday night was alright, on top of ever thing that had happend in Gelonge. I'm sure most of you saw the pictures and got the e-mail from the Fishers. If not go to their
Blog and you can see them or go here. It got more than just the front room. The front three rooms are all burned, nothing left. The hall way is buned. All but one room (the spare room) has bad smoke damage. Its so scary and sad how quick the fire just swallowed up everthing!

Thankfully, God has been very good and has provided for them in amazing ways. Allen was pretty shaken up last week, but he is doing pretty well now. He lost a lot of stuff, too, but I'm sure God will continue to provide for him and the Fisher's.

Last weekend was SO MUCH FUN! We went to Geelong Friday-Monday. Geelong people are so great, I tell you! Well...all except Brett Mikelsons. (JUST KIDDING!) We stayed with the Mikelsons Friday and Saturday night (much to Brett's dismay! hehe), which was a blast. I love that family! We also got to eat lunch with the Hart's, and spend Sunday night and Monday morning with them. Maria and I almost missed the train home! We had to run from Allison's car to the train, with less than one minute to spare!

We may get to go back to Geelong again this weekend because we were invited to our friend, Sarah's, 21st birthday party.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! We had so much fun "cheerleading". Haha!

Proof that I really DID snowboard. Yep, this makes me look like quite the pro, huh? well...don't be toooo fooled. ;)

The whole group(excluding The Fisher's and Feldman's, who left early).

Here's a picture from "Swimming in the beach in winter". More photos at!!!

***Thanks to
Charity for editing and finishing this post***

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow!

I really want it to snow in the Mountains! It needs to snow in the Mountains! See next week, monday-Frinday, Our family and a bunch of other people are going to Mount Baw Baw. Its going to be a blast! Except I'm learning how to ski here in Augest! Which is a bit wierd, first that is is winter in August, and second that i'm learning how to ski here! Ok thats a lot wierd! ;) Allen and Zahcary are coming up Thursday night. It would be cool if they could come the whole time but they have school.

Maybe you all should pray for me, or all the people out on the slops who are going to get run over. :) Some one's going to get hurt I just know it. :-P Hopfully I won't kill anywon or myself.

My suitcase is so full! I was kind of sad when I was packing, which is wierd because I love to pack (or I did), and I couldn't figure it out but I think it was because The last time I packed was when we moved and all the feelings were coming back. Its pathetic I know but I don't like packing anymore. It reminds me to much of Leaving.

*sigh* but even though I am a big nervase and a bit sad, I'm still very excited. I miss snow in the winter. Now when Christmas comes and i'm swiming in the ocean, thats just going to be to wierd. Charistmas on teh beach, thats pushing it! ;)

God Bless ya'll

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Swimming in the beach in winter....

Can you say crazy? Yeah well, that's precisely what I thought when Maria first asked if I wanted to ride down and go to the beach, but I decided it would probably be fun. So Zach, Ben, M.J. and me all rode about 50 min to this beach (I have no idea why we rode so far, we have a beach like 5 or 10 min away on a bike) And I'm talking massive hills! Huge. It was an alright balance of how many were on the way there and how many were on the way back.

In my brilliance, I knew we should wear shorts under our pants. So we did, and after the long journey there we hid our stuff in a bush that we had to climb like 14 feet to get to (just to make sure it wouldn't be seen and that it would be hard to get to). So Maria and were probably in the water the most, but we all got wet. Even though I cut my feet on sharp rocks, rough sand, rocky hills, and - the worst - the dreaded snails,. ;) and even though the water was freezing cold, it was still cool! It was sunny one minute then super windy and rainy the next. Sometimes you couldn't hear yourself talk! But we got some cool pictures and got to hang out together. I definitely think that's the coolest thing - hanging out with family. ;) The beach is about the only thing left these days that is free and great fun! Even in the winter.

Well I need to go. Just to tell you again) I'm officially back into the blogging world! Hope you all love my template as much as myself and Charity. Thanks for the comments. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

THANK YOU, CHARITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... I'm finally back. No, Zachary didn't convince me to become a MOABite. I just took a break from blogging for a while. But, oh baby, it's GREAT to be back! Especially with this GREAT new template which my dear sister, Charity, has spent a couple hours "creating". Isn't it perfect?! And the picture is SO CUTE! We took it the other day at the Glovers'. In the picture with me is Joshy (and Maria, standing behind).

Wow... a lot has happened. The Missions Team came and went. My wonderful brothers came and are still here until the end of the year. Allen is in Geelong right now, but Zachary is here with us. They have both started Uni - Zachary at Monash, Allen at Deakin. It's so great to have them around! :)

I wonder if anyone will even look at this, considering I haven't updated in 3 or 4 months. Well, they better 'cause it's been SO LONG and I want to get back into blogging business. :)

Hmm.... I could probably write about a ten page report of my life, but most likely many of you already know what's going on. And if you don't know, you probably don't care. You can always go to
Charity's or Maria's blog, though.

So for now, just let me know what you think of the new look. And I'm going to try and post some pictures in the near future for your enjoyment. PLEASE comment and keep coming because I am seriously back in business!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Walk, walk, and walk more!

This past week I have walked more than I have every in my life! :) Ok maybe small exaggeration (sp) there, but not to much of one.

Wednessday: can't think what I did but I know that I walked some were.
Thursday: We went to McKinnon and counted 15000 houses (we really did, we walked aroud and counted house on each block it was to see how many fiers we needed to prit out)
Friday: Ran to and from Ray and Carolyn's, Helpt coath Footy and ran around wiht a bunch of little boys, went to Ray and Carolyn's again and ran home.
Saturday: went door to door giving out the fliers for the 60th aniversary service next Sunday.
Sunday: walked to church
Monday: Walked to Ray and Carolyn's agian (we took a really long way though) and walked back
Tuesday (today): went back up to McKinnon and passed out the rest of the fliers. Later tonight we are going to walk to bible study D.V.
Wednessday: We are Lord willing going to deliver junk mail.
:) So I have been doing a lot of walking.

In other new's. Sorry that I havn't updated in so long. Yesterday was the first time I have gotten on the comp in like 12 days. It was really though not having to worry about the computer, but I'm glad I have it and proububly will be making up for my miss of days in the next couple.

If you want to see pictures of dixon's creek and other things go to the picture blog. And if you wnat to here about it go to Charity's blog. Well I updated the song! Sorry about having the other one up so long. I'm not sure if I like that song. I'm still deciding but I know I LOVE this song! :) Matt Pluke finaly straylight run CD so we can listen to it now! YEAH

Wow I just realized its 5 min till we have to go to bible study so I better scoot along now. Have a wonderful week everyone! God bless

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swiming and breaking records.

Ok So I didn't break a recored in swiming. Those are two difrent stories.

First of all swiming. So I joined a swim team. Monday (yesterday) I went to the highschool up the hill from us, and swim for about 15 min doing difrent strocks for this guy named Rob. He was a really nice guy. He basicly told me what group (they have difrent leavels) I should be in. So starting in two Saturdays. I was really nervace because fist off, I have never swam on a team or anything before, Secondly I always get nevace going to new things whith people I don't know, But I'm sure it will be really fun and good.

Ok the recored breaking was from yesterday. If you haven't heard we have seen the Plukes for 23 days in a row and It would have kept going, we acrtually had planed to go to a bibly study with them yesterday, But atlas it had to stop. All the Pluke children were sick (or had just gotten over from being sick) So they couldn't make it. But 23 days in a row is still a good record and I'm sure we'll keep that record for a while, Or it least till we break it. :-P

Well I better go soon. I need to read the bibly study for tonight so I must end this and go get ready. Have a wonderful beautiful day and week. Today has been so sunny and beautiful It just makes me think how wonderful God is to make days like today! God bless everyone!

Song of the post: Out of the Blue by Delta Goodrem.
An Austrailan singer.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to delet it!

Don't worry I'm not going to delet my blog (sorry Zachary ;)) I'm going to, enless many people andvise my not to, Delet my xanga.

So if you read it and love it than I may consider not deleting it, but other wise this blog is all i need for now.

So speak now or forever hold your peace.

Ok well Benji' and james's (Pluke) little fotty thing is calling so i must go. Have a wonderful day. Hope your's is warmer and less rainy than mine has been. :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gray day!

Well today its cold any rainy. When I say cold I'm talking like 40's and 50's. Ok so maybe its not that cold, but just 5 days ago it was in the 80's and 90's so it seems really cold to us! :)

Last weekend we went bowling with the Plukes, some friends of theirs form Tazmainai Emily and Matt, Ray, carolyn, Fe, Trevor, us, and Two girls from their old church Danile, and Aleasha. It was great fun even though I can't really bowl! :) I did all sorts of crazy things though! I bowled backwards, I used two ball's at once, I grany shot it, I pushed it down, I swang it all the way over my head, and it almost sliped and went backwards. ;) Then I pushed Matt and he slid half way down the lain. Then he came and pushed me and I got a strick! :) It was pretty cool. Actauly the second game I beat both Matthews. :)

Tonight were are suppose to say goodbye to Matt (aka Grigsey) and Emily but we can't get a hold of them. Well I'm really cold and Maria wants to get on so I gatta go. Have a marvolous new week!

P.S. who likes day light saving time? I sure don't. Now its really hard to call all you peoplein the US, but it does have maybe 1 or 2 advantages. ;)

P.P.S. Everyone better tell Maria happy birthday, because in three days she's turing 15.

Friday, March 31, 2006

You want to see an Australian Hottie?

You'll want to keep your lips on this one all night!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Profile picture

So you do guys like it? Complements of a very sweet brother! :) If you guys couldn't tell I'm holding a little black dog that I got for Charistmas. *sigh* but sadly Zacharty really wanted it so being as nice as I am I gave it to him! :) I just let it give me a kiss before I had to give it up. But I did get the one Zachary had and its cute as well. I have a pic of me and it and I may end up putting that one up. I don't konw i'm experimenting with my Profile Picture.

To night we have a bible/ pray meeting so I better go. Have a wonderful day. And Look at Charity's blog she has a funny post. God bless

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Playing with Kanga and Roo :)

Camping was a blast! Saturday morning at 6 us kids, my dad, and Tony went and saw lots of Kangaroo's (as you can see from the pic). I think the finaly count was 16. It was pretty amazing! The Beach was beautiful too! When we got their, us kids went and ran down to the beach I told Charity that we were living out a dream! We went and ran on the softest sand I have ever felt and ran in the watter when the sun was going down. It was encreadible!

So we set up the tent Friday night, ate some hotdoges, and went to sleep. The wind was pretty strong that night but besides that fact that I was on a hill and kept rolling down then got stuck between charity's cot and the poll but It was ok. Then after we went and saw the Kangaroo's we came back and Casey, James, and Matt Pluke had just got their. Even though we brought lots of serf bords we didn't get to becuase the waves were to small, But we got the general idea how to do and and Matt tied a rope to a stick and we sat on our knees on a bogey bord and we pulled each other aroud. So even though it was cold and we didn't get to serf it was still great fun! We packed all up after we ate lunch then went to squeaky beach (which btw when you walk on the sad it really does squeek. Its really sweet! :)) and didn't swim because it has a really strong undertow but we climed some big rockes aroud it. Us girls went to the top of the meadum size rock then Matt got to a really hight one, then Maria went up, then after her Tony went up. He sliped once and fell but not off the rock, But it still scaird us all! Then they told me to go up so after a bit of convensing I went up. It wasn't to hard, Tony and Matt helped me a little bit but mostly I did it my self. It was great fun! A weekend I won't forget.

Well I need to get to bed now. I put a few pic on here just so those of you who don't have time to look at our pic blog can see a few Kangaroo's but All who can go to the Picture blog! Maria put a lot more pic up and they are really cool! Alrighty well we all have to get back to school tomorow :( so you could pray that it would go well. Thanks! Have a wonderful week.

a cool spider Posted by Picasa

wow baby she's big! Posted by Picasa

a bunch of Kangaroo's together Posted by Picasa

Beautiful.... us and the veiw Posted by Picasa

The girls... Charity, Maria, Kanga, and Tamara ;) (stole that from my dad) Posted by Picasa

one of the 16 Kangaroo's we saw Posted by Picasa

on our way to Wilsons Prom with Tony and Norma Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm real happy right now! Casey and James Pluke came over this morning and Casey brought a cake and us girls had a little tea party! It was really fun! And we talked and stuff. The burns are... Actually they just got here so I have to go soon but anywho, here for Supper and after supper us kids are going to the plukes for a "sleep over" :) So that should be a blast! Then Friday and Saturday we are going camping with Matt and James Pluke and Tony and Norma McKemen (casey Pluke has to work which stinks but i'm sure we'll do it again). And i'm really excited about that. We sould finaly be able to see Kangaroos and some other cool animals and Mathew's going to try to teach us surffing! :) Not that he can't teach, I'm just scaired we can't learn it! :) Oh well it'll be fun to try anyways. Well I have to go in and eat! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Love you all!

P.S. look at the pic blog and Charity's blog and comment!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Well I don't have a title for this most because I'm to tired to think of one. Well sorry I havn't updated in so long I havn't been on the comp for a few days. And have been kind of busy.

Monday we went and saw the race walkers so that was pretty cool. Our party on Saturday also went really well. We should have pic on the pic blog soon of the party and a couple other things. :) I had a really good birthday. Thank's everyone who said happy birthday or sent a card! It was really sweet! Well we have bible study to night so that should be good.

Ok well I'm really tired ( I don't know why though) so I'm going to end this little post. Hope everyone has a splended day! God bless

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

12 wonderful year's have gone by!

It's been a whole life time for me, but just a blink of an eye for my parents.

Well I'm now an offically teenager! Thirteen wow. Ok does that sound old or young? To me it kinda sounds old... But because I have four older sib's then it also sounds really young. Well Thank's a lot every one who rememberd my birthday yesterday, But even if you didn't i'll still give you a chance to redeem yourself (You live in the US) becuase its still Tuesday over their. ;)

Also Charity, my older sis who I look up to and admier, Is 16! Sweet sixteen! Can you belive it? Wow... Thats old. :) Well you can also tell her happy late birthday. :) I'm sure she'll forgive you.

Oh hey do you guys think its cool that me and Charity have the same birthday (March 14th)? I think its pretty cool! Kinda wierd but cool.

So yesterday we went out to eat with Casey (f0r our b-day) and that was fun. The water was really nice and we said that it was mine and Charity's bithday and when we orderd desert ( a huge thing of ice cream that we all shared) He put a sparkiler in in! Then we didn't have to pay for it ( ether he just did that becuase it was our birthday or some one messed up but it was pretty cool). Then we rented some movies and watched them all afternoon. Then we went to the bible study. So I had a pretty good birthday. Exccept I'm was kind of sick, Just like a cold, But it was still great fun!

Well I tryed to update yesterday but M.J. unpluged the comp and I didn't have time to update again. But Charity did help me get the music back up and some difrent pic. Well I hope you all have a wonderful day! Love you all!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The heat really takes it out of us!

Well its like suppose to be 38 (c) today! And thats in the upper 90's (f) well some were aroud that, But they don't have bad humidity so it's not as bad as it would be if it was 100 in Indy. Well I'm kind of tired and I have to do my job before I can get to bed. :) Well Church went well this morning so that was good. Have a wonderul sunday everyone in Oz and every one in the US have a wonderful end of saturday. God bless

P.S. two more days tell....??

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well that's what Maria and I didn't today. Well first we road the tandem (sp) to Ray and Carolyn's, And that was really scary, but we made it their alive and I actually got pretty calm and it wasn't bad at all riding with her after a little while. She's pretty trusting.... Sometimes. :) Well we stopped by a mail box and dropped off some letters , then we went to see if Carolyn or Ray were home. We got their and we heard some music so I figured that some one had to be home. Carolyn was cleaning. So we decided to help. Well first we talked and weeded the front yard a little, then we washed the van.... And each other :) we probably got more soap and water on each other than the van. lol Then we dried off and had some lunch. After that we vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen up. Ray got home and ate some lunch then we asked if we could paint (it was on Carolyn's "to do over holidays" list) But Ray was a little hesitant to let us. :) Even after we told him all the painting we had done at our old house. :) He decided that we should do a little easer job, Weeding. We weeded for probably an hour and a half or more! It was pretty fun but I have a few scrapes on my arm's from the tree that kept running into me! :) I told them that they had to pay us $200 an hour but I kept getting hurt so the price kept going up for my hospital bill. :) But instead they said we could have two huge leaves (that we really wanted) for our payment instead. They are huge leaves!! Like 2 Ft. Seriously! So when we were done we started home, on the tandem, in our machines helment's, with two huge leaves, flowers in Maria's bike helment, And we're Americans! :) What a sight I know. You should have seen the look one peoples faces, It was hilarious! I wasn't that embarrass because everyone already things were sorry wired Americans. :)
Well that was my adventure of the day.

Hey if you all could pray for Charity and my mom they are both kind of sickish. So just pray that they would feel better and whatever they had would be cured. Also for all the Purdue Corp students who are on their way to... Somewhere to ski ( hehe I forget were sorry). They are driving all night and all day tomorrow (well that's IN time). So hopefully the drivers will stay awake and every thing will go smoothly on their spring break.
Well have a wonderful night everyone! wow its night here and night their.... Well early morning but hey its dark. And its the same day! How cool! :)
God bless.

P.S. guess whats happening in 3 days? you get a prize if you know!!??!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Our house is now a home

Yeah! Our shipping crate has landed! Despite the look of the boxes it cam in, The only thing so fare that we have noticed hurt is, my Dad's desk is a little dented (but I think we can bend it back), So its really good! We are going to try to get our house and garage set up all by next Saturday. We got a lot set up yesterday but we still have quite a few boxes to go though still. When it all gets set up we will take lots more pictures than we'll try to put them on the picture blog.
In other news...

Yesterday we went to the Plukes for dinner. Afterwards my dad and mom talked to Brett and Jackie, And us kids went out to play hind and seek in their huge back yard! Then we went night swimming. It was great fun.... Except I got pushed in by Maria, Matt, and Ben's. It was really mean because I was just about to get in. :) really I was! And James was suppose to go in but he ran off and left me. But it was pretty fun.

Well I need to go do my job and do some stuff. We might have school off for a while because during the common wealth games the schools get off the 10th-27th. Pretty sweet, But my mom says we'll drive her crazy if we don't have any thing to do so we might do part of our school. Well hope every one has a wonderful weekend! God bless

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Very sore! Yesterday we (Maria, Charity, Carolyn, and myself) went running and we streched first and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my back so I'm pretty sore! Pluse Maria punched me yesterday so my armes are really sore from that! :) And on Saturday we went rock climbing, which by the way I can rock climb, So i'm sore from that also. So right now I feel like I'm 60 when I walk aroud or try to do anything pretty much! lol No offence to you guys who are 60. :)

Blog contest

Well Charity said that I should tell you all to comment and stuff so she can win. Me on the other hand I couldn't care less if I got first or last place. But I not going to try to not win I just am sure I'll lose! Well I have to go the breakfast table is calling to be cleared. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Been a while

Sorry about that everyone. I haven't really been on a compture longer than a phew minutes latly so I haven't had much time to update but I will try to more, and I'm ganna have to if I want to get any points in the blog contest, Which I actually don't even care about but just decided i might as well just give it a go. But if any of you want to do it you can look at this websight and it will tell you about the rules and stuff. Well look at one of my sisters blog if you want to know what has been going on in our lives. the past week or so. But starting monday week i'll try to start updating more.

Well we have to leave for church in like 30 min so i might try to get a little sleep before we jave to go. But before i do go you have to look at this beautiful list that we (Charity, M.J., Ben, And me) came up with.

You know your a Blackwood when.....
  • You know how to argue by the time you're 2 years old.
  • When you're upset with someone, you simply say their name in a disapprobing/disgusted way.
  • You've actually eaten green eggs and ham.
  • You carry your Bible in the box that it came in.
  • Your scedule gets all messed up if you dont have Frideay night pizza and Saturday morning chocolate-chip pancakes with peanut butter and syrup
    Your birthday just isnt a birthday without monkey bread.
  • Nearly every phrase reminds you of a song (and you start singing the song out loud)
    Thr front row of your church is often filled by you and your family.
  • You're late to everything except for church.
  • You're known by nearly all RP'ers as "Ed's kids"
  • Pouring/spilling water/food on somone is a common accurance during dinner
    You're very easily entertained.
  • Your disagreements often go something like this...
    "Allen, you are wrong"
    "No, Zachary you are wrong"
    "Allen, no you are wrong"
    "Zachary, No! Zachary you are wrong" etc
  • While driving along in the car with your siblings, you enjoy loudly singing along to weird music and bobbing you heads back and forth in rythem with the music
  • You've always Loved "Adventures in Odyssey" and often quote lines from them
  • You're used to at least six people talking at once.
  • One of your favorite things to do with people is tell them your life stories for hours and hours
  • your big vacation of the summer is covfamikoi

and feel free to add on.

Hope every one has a great Sunday, wether its just started or in the afternoon. ;)

Monday, February 13, 2006


If you would FINALLY like to see some pictures go here. Maria and Charity made a beautiful websight. :) It has a lot of my pic on there too. Also go here if you want to see a really funny websight that maria made in memory of Flo! :) Its great But flo may kill me if she finds out that i and tellling every one about it! ;) If your reading this flo i hope you still love me! :) I love you! lol

Ok if you want the whole long story of out journey down hear Than go to Maria's or Chairty's blog. I don't really have time to write it all out considering that Charity and Maria are on the comp all day, and even if i did no one would read it becuase you have proububly already read M.J.'s or Chairty's and i'm sure mine wouldn't be much difrent. But I'm going to put a little short (well it least compaired to the s) post about it just so you get my veiw of the whole adventure.

At the train station was very sad! It was proububly the Saddest, Hardest, and scaryist thing i have every had to go though. Trying to say good bye to the boys, trying to hold it all together and not cry, trying to catch up with the guy that had our sutcases and trying to get to the right car! It was crazy, It was so loud I have never been on a trian so i was scaired but i just wanted to sit down and cry and let the world go on with out me.... But considering i'm in Australia right now writing this post you might be able to guess i kept going and didn't give up, Though i did want to many many times!

Well the train ride was very good. I met a phew nice people on it. Benjamin and I were in the same cart so that was annoing at times but alright. We went in the loung a lot and looked though the train (as much as we could) so that was fun. I got some nive pic of the senerie (sp) and played cards ex. It was very relaxing which was what we ALL needed!

L.A. was kind of cool to see. Very crazy big city which i don't think i would want to live in but it was cool to see. And the plain ride wasn't that bad. It was wierd having two nights in one day but was proububly better becuase if it would have been light out I wouldn't have been able to sleep very well (not that I did any ways but it was better than if it would have been light). When we first got off the plain and standing in line i didn't feel very well but when they were waiting for us and had the sign and every thing it was amazing! I was almost overwelmed with all the new people entroducing them selfs and standing all around me but it was good.

Well thats about it. Short and borring! :) Well hopefully not. I could have told you MUCH MUCH more but like I said if you read Maria's and Chairitys you proububly know almost all I would tell you. I really do love Australia! They people hear are encreadable and its just beautiful. We are still getting settled in and getting used to every thing (some thing i don't think i will every get used to) but its nice.

I don't know if I will put my pictures on here sence most of them are on the s little websight thing but i still might.

Well I think thats all i have time for. I'm still thinking about changing my template but may not end up doing it i donno. Tell the other side of the world hi for me! I miss you all lots and lots!

God bless
~Tamara Rose~

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well I just wanted to say we made it! This is our 12th day hear (I think). I would love to write more but i need to go get back to school. It is a beautiful country though and I love the people hear! They are So sweet and Amazing! I love them :)!

I'm going to try to change my template soon becuase this one is getting a little old but not sure what i want it to look like or say. Sugjestions (sp) are welcome.

Hope every one has a wonderful day..... actually its night in the US ;) Well have a wonderful end of Wednessday.

Oh please write:

100 Foot Street
Frankston South, VIC 3199

I would love to hear from you. I'll try to put pic on hear soon or my dad will have them on our family websigh soon I hope. Zachary actually has some which are kind of sad so go look at them.

Oh One more thing Maria got a blog so you should go look at it!

Love you all and miss you lots!! Please keep us in your prayers.

~Tamara Rose~

P.S. I havn't changed my name but like no one can say my name! Its worse than in the states! Its crazy! I knew i should have! ;) Oh well its a little late now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tired of being tired

*sigh* you think the closer we get to leaving the more excited we would all be but thats not the case hear. There is just so much packing, and cleaning, and more packing to be done and might I add this must all be done in less then a week! Unlike my sisters and brother i have not started with my own stuff yet. I have a box of stuff i want to store ready and a box I want to ship all ready bot not my sutcase's. So tomorow i'm going to pack my room up! :) I don't actauly mind packing my cloth and stuff but every thing elce in my house is the stressful part.

My agenday for next week...
Sunday evaning is our last Sunday at S. Side and in the evaning (5 :45) after the servas we are having our little going away party. I'm sure there will be lots of tears so if your like Nathan and like pictures of people crying then pring your camara's and your selfs. :) Monday after we pack all our 30 sutcases and out crate and out peano in the truch we're renting we are going up to Lafeyette to drop off some stuff then spending the night there. Tuesday The boys (as in Allen and Zachary) are going to drive us up t0 Chacago (sp) to the train station and we're are going to depart from my dear brothers (again i'm sure lots of tears). Then We will be on the train for two days and get to L.A. on Thurday and there we will met up with Meg and Brandon and fly to Oz. So we will get to Oz (Lord willing) on Saturday. Man its already making me tired thinking about it! :) But i'm sure it will be exciting.

Well this might be the last time I update in the USA for quiet some time *sniff* But don't worry I will keep bloging in Oz (though i'm going to try to change my template and get my music up and running again and get some pictures on hear) I know you were a little worred there for a moment! :) I'm sure we will have lots of fun in Australia though. Ok well i'm at the Rays right (Mary made us a wonderful cake... Well she make it for the Maria and Charity for being in there class, but i taged along and got some) now and i should to get off hear now. Keep commenting please! And keep us in your prays. Thanks for every thing you guys have done (especially the food some of you guys gave us this week it was great! :)).
Love you all
God bless

Tamara Rose

Monday, January 09, 2006

Kansas was great!

We had a blast with the Mann's! They are so fun to be with and are so sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Mann are extronanary! They are all very nice! We had lots of fun with, singing, playing insturments (they are all extreamly good at some insturment or another its amazing!), Talking, Eating (very good meals btw), Paying Ultament football, and just messing around! It was great. We also made the greatest (home made ;)) movie ever! THE CHROICLES OF BLARNI
The Lion, The Witch, and the cubord
Its amasing! And hilareious! Its to long to put on a websight or some thing, but if you guys want to see it than just talk to Zachary if you see him. And if you are fare fare away I might be able to e-mail it to you it would just take like 10 or 20 minutes to load! I think i want to show it at my wedding. But I had a wonderful time. Oh their is a nother video "Will's mad skilz" That Zachary mad on Wednessday (when we were not there He drove up Monday morning with my G'pa because he needed another driver so he was up there 2 days before us). Its pretty cool i have to say.

We went to my Cousins (Jason) Funral. It was never nice, Sad but good. It was nice seeing them again. I think the last time we saw them was like 3 years ago. They have changed a lot i gotta say that!

Well My family is watching a movie so i'm going to make this post shot... Well shorter than i normaly have my post (sorry my other ones always go on and on i'm going to try to shorten them). Pray that our house would sell we have about 2 or 3 people looking at it this week and it would be very nice to have it sell before we left. And pray that our packing would go well and that no one would get stressed out (well its a little to late for that! ;)). We are moving 2 weeks from tomorow! TWO WEEKS! Now i know you all will miss me... ;) well i hope so it least.
ALrighty well God bless

Tamari Samari