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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stressed and a little tired

We cleaned today till like 4:00 pm! Almost all day! Ok first of all its Saturday and normally we clean on Thursday and second we aren’t even having a showing. So are you wondering why we did all this cleaning? Well did I tell you how we were going to go to Kansas some time this week and my parents were going to go to Vegas today though Monday? Well my parents didn’t go, because they didn’t want to be their, if my Cousin Jason died. Alright well you are probably lost right now so I’m going to explain. My Cousin Jason, who lives in Kansas, has a dieses that he has had sense he was born also his younger brother Aaron has it. Jason is 23 (24 in March) and Aaron is 19 (I think), that is actually old for this dieses that they have. Normally they die around 18 and the oldest is 21. Its really sad, but God has shown his grace to both of them by letting them live longer. But on Tuesday we got a call from my Aunt Carla saying that the hospice nurse thought Jason would only live a few more hours, But he is still alive but barley. They think he might have serious brain damage because his eyes aren’t responding but he is still breathing and his hart is still pumping. My aunt and uncle almost don’t want him to have to suffer any longer. They don’t want this to on. We always thought that Aaron would be the first to go because he was always worse than Jason, but a few months ago they put him in this hospice care thing. It’s for people who have some thing wrong with them and aren’t expected to live much longer, but he seems happy their (well this is what my Grandma told me and she talks to my Aunt a lot and is up their right now) and doing a little better. So any ways every thing is up in the air, because if he dies tomorrow or some thing than we would have to go Monday probably. But If he doesn’t die before Monday than we still might go but he may be a long time so we don’t know how long we would stay and the Boys have to go back to school the 9th. My dad way/is thinking about going tonight but he doesn’t know if he going to do that. He has been working all day (he just got done) and is extremely tired also. Well Just pray for us that we would have wisdom about what our travel plans are going to be. And pray for my aunt and uncle and their family. My Aunt is very stressed out. And they will have to go though this again
With Aaron so that’s harder.


Well things are stressful around hear and next month it’s going to be getting even busier! Well I would give my best of 2005 but I think I’m going to go watch a movie. Happy New Years Eve every body! I have to say all en’ all 2005 was a pretty great year for me! Who knows 2006 could be even better! ;) Christmas in Oz should be a little interesting! :). Well have a nice New Years Tomorrow. Any bodies have any “New Years resolutions”? I think mine is that I will get though 2006, with out dieing in the land down under. lol I think that’s what I want. Hope you who went had a wonderful time at WC. I heard it was good. Alright Well goodnight all. I hope 2006 brings lots of joy, prosperity, and.... hmm running out of wise things to say ;) and lots of love! :) i donno if that fits but oh well.

Ok well please keep praying for our Famly and My Jason and his family. God bless.

~Tamara Rose~

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas All

So how was every one Christmas? Hope it went well. Mine did. On Saturday we had our Family Christmas and it was really good. Though it didn't really seem like Christmas, Nor does today (well to me) seem Like Christmas. I mean it was just to dreriy and rainy and so dark. But It Good to see a lot of people in Church. My dad preched and it was a very good servace. After Church in the afternoon we went to the Hospital and sang some Psalms to Maxine with the Hovee's, and some other s. Then they came to our house afterwards and we had a little "psalm sing" It was only us, the Hovee's, and Grace but it was fun. We went around and had favorates then we had some popcorn and stuff. Even though it was small it was still a good time of singing, but i think i am all sang out for the night. ;)

So one of the gifts I got From me dear little bro Benny was a high lighting kit. We didn't wast any time After we opeand gifts Saturday Morning we ate breakafast then Charity got started. Zachary took pictures (on before 2 durring and 1 after) that I am hoping to get on hear or some thing so you can all see my lovely hair, Well actually you can't really see the high lights because its just a Camara and they blind very well but i still try to put them on hear. When i first took them out I screemed because they were so blond but after i took a shower and stuff they blinded really well and now i LOVE it!

Well thats about all i have time for tonight. Hope every won who's going to WC has a great time. Have a wonderfully week. I'll try to update before next year. ;)
Merry Chrismas

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm free!

Yes I'm free from dreadfull school! Yeppie!!! I wish I could say i'm done forever but I'm only done till next year ;) Its really fun saying that or saying "see ya next year". I love doing that.

Well anyways sorry it took me so long to update. I was busy a lot last week then this weekend we hade componey and my dad was working on the comptures so I couldn't get on. Well actaully he still is. He like reprogmaed the computers so now a lot of my stuff is gone, Well its actually still on hear its just in a wierd place. Well I donno were just going to have to download some stuff so its kind of frusterating for me because all this stuff is moved around and some stuff is gone and I am not a tecnical person so i can't rigure it out. :)

Ok so now this is the time were I tell you all whats going on in my life and what you missed and whats comming up. and i'll try not to bore you to :)
So first of all like I said I'm off school, My last day was friday. Well friday we had a friend from evens vill come down, Roy, and he just left tonight, then Betty Eger came for lunch and she is staying till Tuesday or tomorow afternoon. Then wednessday afternoon the Man's (some friends of ours from Canses) our comming and staying till Thursday morning. And then friday we are going to my Aunts for Christmas with my mom's side of the family then Saturday( chistmas even, Also my mom and dads anaversury) we are having Christmas with our faimly then my dads parents. Then Sunday we are not going to celabreate christmas, becasuse We think its more emportant to celabrate the birth of chirst than to do wordly things and opean gifts ex. Well i'm not really going to get into that because I'm not very good at saying what i mean. :) Then we might have a psalm sing at our house or chuch Sunday night because they arn't having an evaning servas. Then Monday we might have Christmas with my G'ma and G'pa Walace so that will be fun, And if your wondering yes we have a LOT of Christmas's! ;) Thats what happens when you have a lot of family. Then Tuesay though Friday the s and Zachary (oh btw the way Allen and Zachary our home also. Allen came one last Wednessday and Zachary came home yesterday, And because we have componey Zachary and Ben took over my room and Allen wanted the whole basment to himself and Ben's room is the gest room so i was stuck out side... :) just kidding i sleeped in Charitys room. Well actually my dad had to tell them they had to let my up their because they wouldn't. Ok well back to the Subject) our going to winterconfrence and Allen will proububly work or do some thing and Ben is having a whole bunch of little boys over so i am stuch with no sisters and nothing to do so i am going to try to excape some were but still don't know were to. :) Well some time next week we want to go see Narnea and Tuesday Its maria and I's last glogging lesson so we are going to have a party! :) fun stuff. Well thats pretty much all thats happening I think. Ok so now i am going to do my "want i want to do over chistmas break list" ;-P

1. Finish shopping (well actually i might be done i'm not completly sure and if i'm not I only have a little left to do)
2. Finsih wraping all my presants
3. take a hot bath
4. relax
5. sleep!!!
6. Call people
7. write a phew peopls
8. Do stuff on the comp
9. visit with friends and family
10. Just chill and have a good chistmas break!

Ok well i think thats pretty much all i wanted to say and have time to say for now. have a wonderfully next week. And if you still have school then just keep telling your self "it will be done in like 1 day (or how every many days you have left)" and if your already out enjoy it. This is actually the fist year i really really looked forward to getting out of school for chirstmas break. Ok well i really should get on upstairs now. God Bless all

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

It’s snowing! Yeah! I love snow! And so does my dog and cat… well more dog but the cat thinks its fun to play with! It’s so cute to watch them play. My dog has been playing in it ever since it started and still is! You know how sad it will be in Oz not to have snow on Christmas… actually they won’t have snow at all except in the mountains! That’s going to be awful! Oh well I guess I should enjoy it well it last! Man it has been snowing for a long time and hasn’t let up a bit! Its crazy out their! Well if you are on the road be careful! It’s really getting deep fast! For those of you who go to school I have a feeling that you won’t go if the snow keeps up! There are tons of cool advantages to snow! I love
It! I don’t really want to go out side but my dog is looking at me with sad little eyes though the window and scratching on it and I am really board and wasting my life away on hear so I probably better get a move on! ;) Well hope you all enjoy the snow! And don’t take it for granted I have always but this yeah I don’t think this yeah I am going to every single snow flak… Ok maybe just every time it snows!! Last year I actually just laid down in the snow and looked at each little flak! It was so beautiful just sitting their in the quit and looking at Gods beautiful creation. I don’t under stand how you can do that though and not believe in God! It’s just crazy! I mean really. So this yeah if you find time to go out in the snow just take a minute and look real close at each beautiful snow flak and thank God for such beautifully snow! It truly is amassing to see how each one is different and how its mad so perfect! *sigh*… and just breath it all in… J well I am done with my… preaching for now. Have a wonderfully weekend. Ours is going to be a little dull because Charity and my mom aren’t hear but I am sure we will survive! Well I hope so:-D
God bless all

Monday, December 05, 2005

They harts!

Ok we had a great time with the harts Saturday! They are an incredibly nice family!! They are a ton of fun to talk to and hang out with! And their Kids are really sweet, and adorable! I love just sitting and talking with them! Especially about Australia, They make be very excited to go! Oh yeah I am talking about the harts from Layette (actually they are from Oz they are just staying in Layette), not the once from my church. J You probably already figured that out when I said incredibly nice, though! lol just kidding! :-D

Well my mom and Charity are going to Chicago with my G’ma and Aunt, to go shopping the 7th through the 10th, so pretty much till they kill them self’s! I am not a huge fan of shopping. I mean I like it some times but I pretty much have to be in the mood for it and I am not the one to go for 3 days strait! I will go for a few hours tops but not from 9 or 10 am to 11 or 12 pm! I think that’s just craziness, but I am sure they will have a blast! J

Well I don’t really have much else to say…. I am still considering the name thing. Oh wait I do have some thing else to say! Please comment! I am going crazy no one is commenting! People are so going to forget us when we go to Oz. Well will come back and people we be like;
“Who are the Blackwoods?” It will be so sad! Well anyhow please comment! J I am desperate. Well maybe I should just quite blogging I don’t think any won really reads or likes my blog. I guess the posts just aren’t interesting enough. I am sorry my life is not that interesting and I am not that good of a writer so yeah. Well every blogger thinks about quiting their blog at one point or another so I guess this is my point. I don’t know I will think about it I guess. Well have a nice week every won.

Friday, December 02, 2005

finally a date!!

Ok we have come to a date. January 26th lord willing we will be in the air on our way to Australia! People ask me how I fell well I would tell you: excited, scared, nerves, every mixed emotion pretty much! ;-P I really don't know who or how to fell! I kind of want it to hurry up but then again it seems like its coming to fast and I know there next month and a half will go very fast, but I almost just want to leave tomorrow. :) That sounds really weird and I don't know why but I do. Hah Megan and Brandon Fisher are actually traveling with us. They where going to go the 27th buy decided to have 3 s to help them with Jolene would make it worth it so they decided to switch their thickets so they did.
Ok I have had MANY people tell me rude remarks about Oz so I decided to share all that I could remember:
Would you hurry up and go to Australia- I think every Sturm has said that to me :)
When are you leaving!- Mel strum
So they let you in to Australia…. Wow I am suppressed!-Brandon Fisher

Well that's all I can think of and have time for. My bed is calling me. Well if you have any more you like to add or that I missed please share. :) lol really!
That's all for now. Thanks for praying. God bless. Oh waite! Also i am changing my name thier i am going to go bye my middle name: Rose.

( i did this last night btw)