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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Hurts the Most....

Is not being able to give them a hug and say "goodnight, I love you" every night, so that you're sure, if you die in your sleep, they knew you loved them..
Is knowing I can't be the older brothers for Benji
Is sitting down at the table and thinking "wait, not everyone is here".....
It's not having those other two opinions on Friday night when we're all arguing about what movie to watch.
Is knowing when when you just need one of those hugs only a big brother can give, that you can't have it.. yet.
Is not being able to be there for them when they need me and vise-versa
It's knowing that when I end this post and go inside that they're not home..
Is not having two more people teasing me..
Is knowing that they're growing up without me..
Is, when we Skye or talk on the phone, I can here them and see them but I can't touch them
It's not being able to get into trouble with them.. :) Or having them there when I get into trouble to tell me off.
Is knowing that no matter how loud I yell they wont be able to here me.. :)

~What hurts the most.. Is having the two people that are closest to my heart, be so far away from my hand.. ~

(yup, this is my bub- Allen)

(and this find fello I call Zachary)

This post is for my big brothers.. you maybe be thousands of miles away, but that distance doesn't weaken my love for you any! Miss you more then you know.. Thanks for being my older brothers..

(and these are my siblings.. I love them all so much and more.. :) what can I say, they're my best friends.. my heros, forever and always!)

And here is a video of me having fun and getting into trouble with some brothers of mine :) hehe- so much fun..