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Friday, March 31, 2006

You want to see an Australian Hottie?

You'll want to keep your lips on this one all night!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Profile picture

So you do guys like it? Complements of a very sweet brother! :) If you guys couldn't tell I'm holding a little black dog that I got for Charistmas. *sigh* but sadly Zacharty really wanted it so being as nice as I am I gave it to him! :) I just let it give me a kiss before I had to give it up. But I did get the one Zachary had and its cute as well. I have a pic of me and it and I may end up putting that one up. I don't konw i'm experimenting with my Profile Picture.

To night we have a bible/ pray meeting so I better go. Have a wonderful day. And Look at Charity's blog she has a funny post. God bless

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Playing with Kanga and Roo :)

Camping was a blast! Saturday morning at 6 us kids, my dad, and Tony went and saw lots of Kangaroo's (as you can see from the pic). I think the finaly count was 16. It was pretty amazing! The Beach was beautiful too! When we got their, us kids went and ran down to the beach I told Charity that we were living out a dream! We went and ran on the softest sand I have ever felt and ran in the watter when the sun was going down. It was encreadible!

So we set up the tent Friday night, ate some hotdoges, and went to sleep. The wind was pretty strong that night but besides that fact that I was on a hill and kept rolling down then got stuck between charity's cot and the poll but It was ok. Then after we went and saw the Kangaroo's we came back and Casey, James, and Matt Pluke had just got their. Even though we brought lots of serf bords we didn't get to becuase the waves were to small, But we got the general idea how to do and and Matt tied a rope to a stick and we sat on our knees on a bogey bord and we pulled each other aroud. So even though it was cold and we didn't get to serf it was still great fun! We packed all up after we ate lunch then went to squeaky beach (which btw when you walk on the sad it really does squeek. Its really sweet! :)) and didn't swim because it has a really strong undertow but we climed some big rockes aroud it. Us girls went to the top of the meadum size rock then Matt got to a really hight one, then Maria went up, then after her Tony went up. He sliped once and fell but not off the rock, But it still scaird us all! Then they told me to go up so after a bit of convensing I went up. It wasn't to hard, Tony and Matt helped me a little bit but mostly I did it my self. It was great fun! A weekend I won't forget.

Well I need to get to bed now. I put a few pic on here just so those of you who don't have time to look at our pic blog can see a few Kangaroo's but All who can go to the Picture blog! Maria put a lot more pic up and they are really cool! Alrighty well we all have to get back to school tomorow :( so you could pray that it would go well. Thanks! Have a wonderful week.

a cool spider Posted by Picasa

wow baby she's big! Posted by Picasa

a bunch of Kangaroo's together Posted by Picasa

Beautiful.... us and the veiw Posted by Picasa

The girls... Charity, Maria, Kanga, and Tamara ;) (stole that from my dad) Posted by Picasa

one of the 16 Kangaroo's we saw Posted by Picasa

on our way to Wilsons Prom with Tony and Norma Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm real happy right now! Casey and James Pluke came over this morning and Casey brought a cake and us girls had a little tea party! It was really fun! And we talked and stuff. The burns are... Actually they just got here so I have to go soon but anywho, here for Supper and after supper us kids are going to the plukes for a "sleep over" :) So that should be a blast! Then Friday and Saturday we are going camping with Matt and James Pluke and Tony and Norma McKemen (casey Pluke has to work which stinks but i'm sure we'll do it again). And i'm really excited about that. We sould finaly be able to see Kangaroos and some other cool animals and Mathew's going to try to teach us surffing! :) Not that he can't teach, I'm just scaired we can't learn it! :) Oh well it'll be fun to try anyways. Well I have to go in and eat! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Love you all!

P.S. look at the pic blog and Charity's blog and comment!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Well I don't have a title for this most because I'm to tired to think of one. Well sorry I havn't updated in so long I havn't been on the comp for a few days. And have been kind of busy.

Monday we went and saw the race walkers so that was pretty cool. Our party on Saturday also went really well. We should have pic on the pic blog soon of the party and a couple other things. :) I had a really good birthday. Thank's everyone who said happy birthday or sent a card! It was really sweet! Well we have bible study to night so that should be good.

Ok well I'm really tired ( I don't know why though) so I'm going to end this little post. Hope everyone has a splended day! God bless

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

12 wonderful year's have gone by!

It's been a whole life time for me, but just a blink of an eye for my parents.

Well I'm now an offically teenager! Thirteen wow. Ok does that sound old or young? To me it kinda sounds old... But because I have four older sib's then it also sounds really young. Well Thank's a lot every one who rememberd my birthday yesterday, But even if you didn't i'll still give you a chance to redeem yourself (You live in the US) becuase its still Tuesday over their. ;)

Also Charity, my older sis who I look up to and admier, Is 16! Sweet sixteen! Can you belive it? Wow... Thats old. :) Well you can also tell her happy late birthday. :) I'm sure she'll forgive you.

Oh hey do you guys think its cool that me and Charity have the same birthday (March 14th)? I think its pretty cool! Kinda wierd but cool.

So yesterday we went out to eat with Casey (f0r our b-day) and that was fun. The water was really nice and we said that it was mine and Charity's bithday and when we orderd desert ( a huge thing of ice cream that we all shared) He put a sparkiler in in! Then we didn't have to pay for it ( ether he just did that becuase it was our birthday or some one messed up but it was pretty cool). Then we rented some movies and watched them all afternoon. Then we went to the bible study. So I had a pretty good birthday. Exccept I'm was kind of sick, Just like a cold, But it was still great fun!

Well I tryed to update yesterday but M.J. unpluged the comp and I didn't have time to update again. But Charity did help me get the music back up and some difrent pic. Well I hope you all have a wonderful day! Love you all!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The heat really takes it out of us!

Well its like suppose to be 38 (c) today! And thats in the upper 90's (f) well some were aroud that, But they don't have bad humidity so it's not as bad as it would be if it was 100 in Indy. Well I'm kind of tired and I have to do my job before I can get to bed. :) Well Church went well this morning so that was good. Have a wonderul sunday everyone in Oz and every one in the US have a wonderful end of saturday. God bless

P.S. two more days tell....??

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well that's what Maria and I didn't today. Well first we road the tandem (sp) to Ray and Carolyn's, And that was really scary, but we made it their alive and I actually got pretty calm and it wasn't bad at all riding with her after a little while. She's pretty trusting.... Sometimes. :) Well we stopped by a mail box and dropped off some letters , then we went to see if Carolyn or Ray were home. We got their and we heard some music so I figured that some one had to be home. Carolyn was cleaning. So we decided to help. Well first we talked and weeded the front yard a little, then we washed the van.... And each other :) we probably got more soap and water on each other than the van. lol Then we dried off and had some lunch. After that we vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen up. Ray got home and ate some lunch then we asked if we could paint (it was on Carolyn's "to do over holidays" list) But Ray was a little hesitant to let us. :) Even after we told him all the painting we had done at our old house. :) He decided that we should do a little easer job, Weeding. We weeded for probably an hour and a half or more! It was pretty fun but I have a few scrapes on my arm's from the tree that kept running into me! :) I told them that they had to pay us $200 an hour but I kept getting hurt so the price kept going up for my hospital bill. :) But instead they said we could have two huge leaves (that we really wanted) for our payment instead. They are huge leaves!! Like 2 Ft. Seriously! So when we were done we started home, on the tandem, in our machines helment's, with two huge leaves, flowers in Maria's bike helment, And we're Americans! :) What a sight I know. You should have seen the look one peoples faces, It was hilarious! I wasn't that embarrass because everyone already things were sorry wired Americans. :)
Well that was my adventure of the day.

Hey if you all could pray for Charity and my mom they are both kind of sickish. So just pray that they would feel better and whatever they had would be cured. Also for all the Purdue Corp students who are on their way to... Somewhere to ski ( hehe I forget were sorry). They are driving all night and all day tomorrow (well that's IN time). So hopefully the drivers will stay awake and every thing will go smoothly on their spring break.
Well have a wonderful night everyone! wow its night here and night their.... Well early morning but hey its dark. And its the same day! How cool! :)
God bless.

P.S. guess whats happening in 3 days? you get a prize if you know!!??!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Our house is now a home

Yeah! Our shipping crate has landed! Despite the look of the boxes it cam in, The only thing so fare that we have noticed hurt is, my Dad's desk is a little dented (but I think we can bend it back), So its really good! We are going to try to get our house and garage set up all by next Saturday. We got a lot set up yesterday but we still have quite a few boxes to go though still. When it all gets set up we will take lots more pictures than we'll try to put them on the picture blog.
In other news...

Yesterday we went to the Plukes for dinner. Afterwards my dad and mom talked to Brett and Jackie, And us kids went out to play hind and seek in their huge back yard! Then we went night swimming. It was great fun.... Except I got pushed in by Maria, Matt, and Ben's. It was really mean because I was just about to get in. :) really I was! And James was suppose to go in but he ran off and left me. But it was pretty fun.

Well I need to go do my job and do some stuff. We might have school off for a while because during the common wealth games the schools get off the 10th-27th. Pretty sweet, But my mom says we'll drive her crazy if we don't have any thing to do so we might do part of our school. Well hope every one has a wonderful weekend! God bless

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Very sore! Yesterday we (Maria, Charity, Carolyn, and myself) went running and we streched first and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my back so I'm pretty sore! Pluse Maria punched me yesterday so my armes are really sore from that! :) And on Saturday we went rock climbing, which by the way I can rock climb, So i'm sore from that also. So right now I feel like I'm 60 when I walk aroud or try to do anything pretty much! lol No offence to you guys who are 60. :)

Blog contest

Well Charity said that I should tell you all to comment and stuff so she can win. Me on the other hand I couldn't care less if I got first or last place. But I not going to try to not win I just am sure I'll lose! Well I have to go the breakfast table is calling to be cleared. Have a wonderful day everyone!