Rooftops: Lostprophets

Friday, December 29, 2006

They're Gone again,

Once again my brothers are gone, but this time I watched them walk away, instead of them watching me walk way. Yesterday at 11:20 (iss) they walked though those airport doors and *snaps fingers* just like that, they were gone.
I didn't really cry at the air port, all of yesterday I was actually reasonable happy (I'll tell you why in a minute), Wednesday was the killer. I guess I got all my tears out Wed night, cus' boy-oh-boy did I cry. Silently on the way home from the Glovers (at 9:45. our last car ride with just us 5 older kids for awhile), then when we got home I cried and cried for about 5 or 10 minutes alone in our dark living room. Then with my sisters a little after that. It was good though because I got all my tears out so my Brothers didn't see me cry.

I'm sure more tears will spill over later when it hits me that they are gone, but for now I'm ok. So Jono And Lou Blakston and their 4 kiddo's met us at the air port- before that we had breakfast at Jono's parents house- then after the goodbyes they came back to our house for lunch *laugh*, it was a lunch that turned into afternoon tea, then a game, then dinner, then a movie, then showers for the kids, then at 9:30 ish they left. :-) I was good to have them though, it made us happy. But when they left I hit the bunks, 4 hours of sleep made me very tired. But i didn't go to sleep right away, I heard the phone ring at 2:30 am- the boys calling to say they had made it safe- then I went to sleep till 9 something.

So, They left on a jet plane, and Lord willing they'll be back again in less then 5 months, But oh babe, I hatted to see them go.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A big thanks to Zachary!

my dear brother, For helping me get the Rose thing back up and helping me out with my blog. Ok so I've got a pink blog.... is that to wierd? Well I can mess around with it still, not anymore right now. I'm sick of messing with this blog, but I hope you like it. Thanks again Zach!

Two more days till christmas. Are you ready? I'm not, Ive got all the gifts and everything i'm just not ready for this Christmas, everything' to wierd. But it does feel more like Christmas now then it did.
Welp God bless and have a very Merry Christmas all! (and if there is any, through a snow ball for me :))

~from the girl "down under"

Friday, December 22, 2006

Ok right now I'm very frustrated. Maria decided to help me upgrade my blog and it destroyed my old template... :( I'm very sad and annoyed. Oh well I'll work on it later. I don't think I can get my old template on here, so maybe later (with some help from my family) I'll mess around with this and make it pretty. Maybe Charity can help me again and make another pretty blog.

"last kiss"- Pearl Jam

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

lalalalalife is wonderful

10 reasons why my life is wonderful!

#1. I've got my whole family here for Christmas.
#2. Saturday I went lazor taging and bowling with the bedfords
#3. I had a great run yesterday night
#4. I've got the best sisters in the world!
#5. I've got the greatest Brothers ever!
#6. Its warm.
#7. we have a beach 5 minutes away.
#8. I've got the best parents you could ever ask for!
#9. My church family loves me and I love them!
#10. My God has blessed my with great family, friends, and home, and He's always there!

:) Those are 10 reasons why I have a wonderful life!

thanks to Ruth for the great song!

"life is wonderful"-Jason Mraz

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This ain't the Christmas I know.....

It's supposed to be snowing. We are supposed to be getting our warm clothes out. We are supposed to be making snow angels, making hot chocolate to warm us when we come inside with clod hands and noces. We are supposed to be sitting 'round the fire. Thats my Christmas is supposed to be.

We aren't suppose to be waiting for rain 'cuz its so hot and dry, our summer clothes aren't supposed to come out for another 6 months. We aren't supposed to be laying out in the sand, drinking ice cold lemonade to cool us down we we come inside from the blazing sun. We aren't suppose to be sitting around a pool! This isn't my christmas, its not the way its supposed to be...

I miss waking up, looking outside and seeing how calm and white everything is. The first snow, getting all excited, getting my snow suit on and running outside and loving that first mouthfull of snow.

We should NOT be waiting for the first warm day, getting our bathers on, then running down the ocean, and getting our first splash in the face of salt water.

The days are suppposed to be getting shorter and colder, not longer and warmer. Where are the coats and scarves? Not shorts and flip-flops. Where has my Christmas gone..... But I guess Christmas really isn't about all taht, maybe I should focas more on Jesus's birth, and less on the seasons. It really isn't
that big of a deal weather we have sand or snow under our feet.
Christmas (in my eyes at least) is a day to be with our family and friends and celabrate Christ's birth. And maybe, even though I miss my white Christmas, I should try harder to see what their Christmas season is all about. See it there Their eyes.

A Christmas on the beach won't
really compair with a white christmas, but maybe, just maybe if I give it a chance, I might even like it. :) Besides I've got my 5 siblings with me and my parents. Can't ask for much more. :) Plus I've got all my new Ossie friends. Don't get my wrong, I miss all you guys like crazy, and miss my white Christmas, but I love my new second home and I'm willing to give this Christmas a chance.