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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tired of being tired

*sigh* you think the closer we get to leaving the more excited we would all be but thats not the case hear. There is just so much packing, and cleaning, and more packing to be done and might I add this must all be done in less then a week! Unlike my sisters and brother i have not started with my own stuff yet. I have a box of stuff i want to store ready and a box I want to ship all ready bot not my sutcase's. So tomorow i'm going to pack my room up! :) I don't actauly mind packing my cloth and stuff but every thing elce in my house is the stressful part.

My agenday for next week...
Sunday evaning is our last Sunday at S. Side and in the evaning (5 :45) after the servas we are having our little going away party. I'm sure there will be lots of tears so if your like Nathan and like pictures of people crying then pring your camara's and your selfs. :) Monday after we pack all our 30 sutcases and out crate and out peano in the truch we're renting we are going up to Lafeyette to drop off some stuff then spending the night there. Tuesday The boys (as in Allen and Zachary) are going to drive us up t0 Chacago (sp) to the train station and we're are going to depart from my dear brothers (again i'm sure lots of tears). Then We will be on the train for two days and get to L.A. on Thurday and there we will met up with Meg and Brandon and fly to Oz. So we will get to Oz (Lord willing) on Saturday. Man its already making me tired thinking about it! :) But i'm sure it will be exciting.

Well this might be the last time I update in the USA for quiet some time *sniff* But don't worry I will keep bloging in Oz (though i'm going to try to change my template and get my music up and running again and get some pictures on hear) I know you were a little worred there for a moment! :) I'm sure we will have lots of fun in Australia though. Ok well i'm at the Rays right (Mary made us a wonderful cake... Well she make it for the Maria and Charity for being in there class, but i taged along and got some) now and i should to get off hear now. Keep commenting please! And keep us in your prays. Thanks for every thing you guys have done (especially the food some of you guys gave us this week it was great! :)).
Love you all
God bless

Tamara Rose

Monday, January 09, 2006

Kansas was great!

We had a blast with the Mann's! They are so fun to be with and are so sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Mann are extronanary! They are all very nice! We had lots of fun with, singing, playing insturments (they are all extreamly good at some insturment or another its amazing!), Talking, Eating (very good meals btw), Paying Ultament football, and just messing around! It was great. We also made the greatest (home made ;)) movie ever! THE CHROICLES OF BLARNI
The Lion, The Witch, and the cubord
Its amasing! And hilareious! Its to long to put on a websight or some thing, but if you guys want to see it than just talk to Zachary if you see him. And if you are fare fare away I might be able to e-mail it to you it would just take like 10 or 20 minutes to load! I think i want to show it at my wedding. But I had a wonderful time. Oh their is a nother video "Will's mad skilz" That Zachary mad on Wednessday (when we were not there He drove up Monday morning with my G'pa because he needed another driver so he was up there 2 days before us). Its pretty cool i have to say.

We went to my Cousins (Jason) Funral. It was never nice, Sad but good. It was nice seeing them again. I think the last time we saw them was like 3 years ago. They have changed a lot i gotta say that!

Well My family is watching a movie so i'm going to make this post shot... Well shorter than i normaly have my post (sorry my other ones always go on and on i'm going to try to shorten them). Pray that our house would sell we have about 2 or 3 people looking at it this week and it would be very nice to have it sell before we left. And pray that our packing would go well and that no one would get stressed out (well its a little to late for that! ;)). We are moving 2 weeks from tomorow! TWO WEEKS! Now i know you all will miss me... ;) well i hope so it least.
ALrighty well God bless

Tamari Samari