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Friday, March 30, 2007

Heaps of beautiful pictures!

Thanks a million to Zach for most of them. And the other ones thanks to MJ for them! I love Camera's, and siblings who can take beautiful pictures.

Make sure you read my post below about my adventures in writing. ;)
Philip Island!

on our birthday we went. And Allen, Maria, and myself went exploring. Its a beautiful beach!

Third time for saying goodbye to my dear brothers.

and about the 8th time I've gone to the Melbourne airport in the past year!

The kind Blakstons came and saw them off, then we went and got ice cream with them.

So out last look at them... it least until JUNE 14! Yup, that's right, the Blackwoods are coming home! June 14-July 17. *sigh* 5 weeks of home! How much better can we get! :) Can't wait to see ya'lls!
Dixon's Creek Family camp 2007

Now that was one Grand camp! :)

Lots of people..

Lots of sports and games

Lots of fun and fellowship with all these GRAND people! :)

Lots more playing

Lots of Music (it was a GREAT band!)

Lots of GREAT food (thanks to the Blakos for all that yummy stuff!)

Lots of fun dusty bush walks!

Lots of relaxing, Sleeping, and studying.
Mine and Charity's birthday Grand night in the City

All five us girls got into a one (maybe two) person picture thing- for about 5 minutes because its kinda of hard to get 5 people to smile all at once,Especially when you're being suffocated. ;) It was fun though. EXCEPT that the picture came out blank!! These are Jono's pictures (the guys where standing outside laughing at us all crammed in). *sigh* to much fun.

Well i hope you enjoyed these lovely pictures. Take care my friends. And I'll see you soon! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rain drops falling all around me....

We have received two days of beautiful rain! This land needs rain so desperately that it would take a whole two weeks of rain to quench its thirst and dryness.

Last Friday night & Saturday (while some of my family where up at Dixons creek for a working bee) It rained contentiously though the night. IT was a beautiful sound waking up and hearing the rain fall on the tin roof above you. Then it rained (/ poured some) most of the day Saturday.
Yesterday it sprinkled on and off during the day, then in the evening it rained ( go to Charity's blog to read about our walk last night. :)). I must say if you haven't ever spun around in the rain before, you really are missing out.

Update on Family camp: three weekends ago was out RP family camp at Dixons creek. It was a wonderful time of food, fun, & fellowship. The talks my dad gave, and Lynsey's sermon on reconciling relationships where very good and useful (For me it least). It was really good to just be together with the Lords people.

The week after family camp was great as well. I believe you all know that Allen and Zachary came out, and that now we (the Blackwoods) are official permanent residence of Australia (if you didn't know, now you do). They made it just time time for Camp, and then mine and Charity's Birthday. They where only here for 10 days, but it was a very lovely 10 days. IT was almost like they never left.

The weekend after Dikko, we 6 kids went up (Sat. day morning) to Karin & Lynsey Blakstons for the afternoon. We went to Hanging Rock again, and had a picnic! :) Me and Maria had a near death experience- after we tired to find our own way down. sigh why can't the Blackwood children be normal and take the path!??!. But thankful after some panicking, calling out to some strangers, almost tears, and a crowd of people gathered 'round- a very nice Ossie bloke (older, don't worry =)) helped us get down. and we made it back to the PATH, and found the others who where waiting at the bottom.
That night we went to the City with Jono and Lou B & Matt and Justine G for out birthday. We went Lazar tagging at Crown, and then went to get some food at the food court and just walked slowly along the Yarra River, watched the torches light up, then whet and got some ice cream. It was a lovely day, and i couldn't have asked for anyone better to share my late birthday party with. :)

Allen and Zach left two Tuesdays ago and now its just normal and boring again. :) Actually life in the Blakwood house is never really boring. Tomorrow Ben, mum, and I have our home school group (oh what fun... not. :) jk, it's alright- just not as fun w/o C and M there), then the next two weeks are school holidays. Yeah! Easter weekend we might go away camping with some people, but we are still deciding if we we are going to or not. Then Easter Tuesday-.... like three weeks, I am cat sitting for The Lumleys (an older couple from our church) who are going away on holiday- so that should be interesting to see how that goes.

Um... i think that's all the news i have. So now that you are all updated on my life... I'll stop typing and you can stop reading. :)

I hope you all have a lovely day
God bless

Song: Rascal Flatts Bless the broken road
I decided i needed some country. :)

(Ok, as soon as Zach sends me some pictures i will put them up!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Listening to the rain poor down
Thank you God! Please send more!


Happy late birthday to Charity, Rose, and me :-)
I had an absolute splendid birthday! I got the two things i wanted most for my birthday- and they came on an air plane Friday morning! That's right- Allen and Zachary are here! My brothers are back! We are a whole family once again. They made it just in time for Dixon's creek family camp (I'll update about that soon- with pictures D.v.), and mine and Charity's birthday.
Most of you should know that me and Charity Share a birthday (also Joel Edwards & Rose B.) and have for 14 years- yup that's right, she got me for her 3 birthday! Aww... could you ask for a better present!? :) lol- these past 14 birthdays have been full of sharing cakes, party's, matching presents, and love of course. :) I'm just now starting to see that's its pretty sweet to share a birthday with with my sister- and our 18th & 21st we are having a huge blow-out and your all invited! :)
We had a lovely birthday breakfast yesterday morning, then we did out paper round (with Allen and Zachary's help), then we went to subway on our way to the beach. It was a lovely beach, about an an hour and 15 min away from here- Philip Island- and we spent the afternoon there. Then came back home and Matt and James Pluke stopped by, then Ralph dropped in with some lovely yummy presents! :) And he stayed for cake and ice cream, then decided to stay for a movie- Born Supremacy- he didn't end up leaving tell 11:30 (ish), so it was a long, but lovely day!
(More pictures of yesterday, this past weekend, and are party we are having on Saturday coming soon Lord willing!)

Charity- no matter where life takes us, no matter how far we apart we are, no matter who comes along, no matter where we are or where God puts us- you will always be my sisters, and i will always love you, and no one can take that from me! I love you my dear beautiful sister, and i'm honored to have such a wonderful big sister to look up to.

A very happy birthday to Rose Blackston also! 1 year old- She's a little dear. And me and her already have a great friendship goen'. See she's a lot like me. First of all her name is Rose and mine is Tamara Rose . What else... she's very feisty... and um... well I've been called feisty (you guys think i am?) before. She adorable and I'm... ;) nvm, we don't have that in common i guess. The list goes on and on, and pray our little friendship will too. :)

So i got the bestest birthday present, the weekend before i had the bestest lead up to my birthday, and I've got the greatest sister and friend to share a birthday with. :) God is good indeed!

Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58 -Therefore, my beloved brethren , be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Song: "Here with out you"- Three Doors Down.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Exhausted from the past, trying to live in the present, but excited for the future...

Last weekend:
Sunday, we had a Joint Psalm w/ Geelong! There was 88 people the last count we had. It went very well. We ended up staying in McKinnon all day, because there was no point driving 45 min home, eating, then turning around and coming back right away. So we had lunch with Some of the Blakstons, Hughes (Denny and Jeane), & Margret. After lunch some of us went to a park, then came back and set up for church. It was really good to see people also.

This weekend:
Saturday: Woke up at 7:30 shut my eyes for a minute, then woke up at 8:30 to Judy Rogers blasting in my lounge. Cleaned and got ready for Carolyn's and Thomas Hugues's baby shower at 10:30-12:30. 1:10 me and maria went to a girl from our Churches 12 b-day party at the beach (with 15 girls!). And i thought I was a drama queen- you should have seen these 11 & 12 yr old girls! Wow... :) But it was fun-made some friend, swam, ate, jumped off a pier, laughed, and pretend like i was at GCA in 5th grade again. :) Good stuff. Got home around 5 (had to pick up a refrigerator on the way home), then went to our neighbor,Rosa, 's party- us girls ended up staying till 9 (me and MJ stayed the whole time it least). Got home, washed the dishes, cleaned up my room, hit the bunk, exhausted! Was a good full, long day!

Sunday was wonderful. Had a fellowship lunch, then AGM (annual general meeting), got home around 3:45, didn't get a nap in (was typing out my testimony for someone), went to church, came home, took a walk w/ my sisters, put on an Odyssey, then studied my eye lids for a few hours.

Next weekend:
Dixon's Creek Family Camp! I can't wait. I could hardly do my school today i was so excited. They moved it to Labor day weekend (instead of eater weekend) this year because its warmer, and Lord willing the weather wont be so bad (it was really wet and muddy last year). But I love Dikko whither the sun is shining, or the rain is pouring! And at Family camp heaps of people come!

Family camp 2006- my first time to Dixon's creek, and i feel in love with it! :)

So I'm tired from yesterday, but living in today, and looking forward to tomorrow! :)
God bless.

Matthew 6:34- "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

Daniel Bddingfield-"if you're not the one"

Thursday, March 01, 2007

One rainy night....

three sisters set out on an adventure across the world.... or maybe just their neighborhood.

walking on dangerous sidewalks

laughing and being silly with a crazy sister

and there's another one of thoes crazy sisters :).

Thanking God for the bit of rain... :)

Life is good with sisters... I wouldn't be here w/o my sisters. I love 'um!

Some cool randomness....

Maria is a good photographer ain't she. :)

Welcome to the first day of march everyone!
well I must go to bed. G'night fokes.
God bless you in the hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead.
~Tamara Rose

"tiger Lilly"- matchbook romance