Rooftops: Lostprophets

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Swimming in the beach in winter....

Can you say crazy? Yeah well, that's precisely what I thought when Maria first asked if I wanted to ride down and go to the beach, but I decided it would probably be fun. So Zach, Ben, M.J. and me all rode about 50 min to this beach (I have no idea why we rode so far, we have a beach like 5 or 10 min away on a bike) And I'm talking massive hills! Huge. It was an alright balance of how many were on the way there and how many were on the way back.

In my brilliance, I knew we should wear shorts under our pants. So we did, and after the long journey there we hid our stuff in a bush that we had to climb like 14 feet to get to (just to make sure it wouldn't be seen and that it would be hard to get to). So Maria and were probably in the water the most, but we all got wet. Even though I cut my feet on sharp rocks, rough sand, rocky hills, and - the worst - the dreaded snails,. ;) and even though the water was freezing cold, it was still cool! It was sunny one minute then super windy and rainy the next. Sometimes you couldn't hear yourself talk! But we got some cool pictures and got to hang out together. I definitely think that's the coolest thing - hanging out with family. ;) The beach is about the only thing left these days that is free and great fun! Even in the winter.

Well I need to go. Just to tell you again) I'm officially back into the blogging world! Hope you all love my template as much as myself and Charity. Thanks for the comments. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

THANK YOU, CHARITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... I'm finally back. No, Zachary didn't convince me to become a MOABite. I just took a break from blogging for a while. But, oh baby, it's GREAT to be back! Especially with this GREAT new template which my dear sister, Charity, has spent a couple hours "creating". Isn't it perfect?! And the picture is SO CUTE! We took it the other day at the Glovers'. In the picture with me is Joshy (and Maria, standing behind).

Wow... a lot has happened. The Missions Team came and went. My wonderful brothers came and are still here until the end of the year. Allen is in Geelong right now, but Zachary is here with us. They have both started Uni - Zachary at Monash, Allen at Deakin. It's so great to have them around! :)

I wonder if anyone will even look at this, considering I haven't updated in 3 or 4 months. Well, they better 'cause it's been SO LONG and I want to get back into blogging business. :)

Hmm.... I could probably write about a ten page report of my life, but most likely many of you already know what's going on. And if you don't know, you probably don't care. You can always go to
Charity's or Maria's blog, though.

So for now, just let me know what you think of the new look. And I'm going to try and post some pictures in the near future for your enjoyment. PLEASE comment and keep coming because I am seriously back in business!