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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

God’s promises and love in my life

So if you would have asked me at 4:45 today how my day was, I would have told you it was going pretty rotten. I woke up to a dark rainy Monday morning.. not always the most fun way to start off your work week. After breaky I started on school. The rest morning wasn’t so bad, just hard to concentrate on school. People seemed to just keep coming. Keaton was at our house in the morning, then Maria watched Rose ( a little 2 year old from our church) and she was VERY distracting- in the cutest way. Then the rest of the Blakston clan came to pick Rose up. More distractions.
It was 11:20 by this stage and I hadn’t made to much progress on school, but I had to leave it and get ready for work. Lou dropped me off at work at 12 and I finished at 4. I did not feel very well at work though. I was sore and tired (from the weekend) and didn’t want to be smiling and chatty to people. I wanted to be in my cozy bed with trakies on. It’s continued to bucked rain all day (sunny and blue skies one minute, poring rain the next) and was a bit chilly (not like the beautiful sunny spring day we had yesterday). After I paid a library fine I went home. A pile of dishes and school work to be done, awaited me at home. It was 4:45 and I had had a crummy day. Then I looked outside right as the sun had broken through the clouds. Then the beautiful rain we need so much came falling to the ground. Though I didn’t see a rainbow I was sure there was one out there, and was reminded of God’s promises and love. After that It didn’t seem like such a bad day. I did the dishes quickly, finished my school quickly, ate a lovely dinner with my family and looked out at the beautiful sun and rain (which continued to shine and fall). I realized that It had been a pretty nice day. And they day wasn’t even over.. So I decided to post on my blog.

So Hello everyone (or anyone.. if anyone is reading this). I trust God is blessing you abundantly in my absence. I do apologies for the very long break I’ve taken from posting. I wont promise that I will start regulartly again.. but I decided that I should post today. :)

Let me share with you what has gone down in my life sense I last posted (8 MONTHS ago!!)

-I got a Job at WORD, ( a Christian book store in Frankston) that my neighbor manages, in March. Its going very well and I feel very blessed to have this job.

-In June and July Ruth and Kate (friends from the states) came out for 6 weeks. We had a blast; 5 giggle girls all in one room. We managed to show them a bit of our Country. We flew to Tasmanian and spent a week there with relatives of friends- who are now our friends :). We also took a road trip to Sydney with two girls from Geelong, Jane and Emily. We drove there in one day, stayed two nights with Jane’s Aunty and Uncle, saw everything there was to see in Sydney in one day, then drove home. :) It was a blast. Ruth and Kate left 2 days before we did.

-Thomas came three weeks after Ruth and Kate and is staying for 6 months to a year and working here and helping with the church. He has been such fun! The day we picked Thomas up from the airport we went to Kennet River alone the Great Ocean Road and stayed there for a few days.

- We’ve been to America and back. July 11 we took off, and landed again back home on the 15 of August. Highlights of this trip; Seeing Family again, International Conference08, Catching up with friends, being back home again in Indiana, Road trip to New York (stopped in Pennsylvania, which was great!), flying business class 20 out of 21 hours home. :)

-We left Charity in America. She stayed behind and is now at Purdue with Zachary.
- Allen came. Is staying for up to a year and working.
- A week after I got back I went snowboarding with some mates

-We flew to Canberra with the Blakstons and stayed there for 4 days.

So that’s a very quick summery of what has happened since I last updated you all. Just ask if you want more details.

Well I trust you all are doing well. God bless
In Him
Tamara Rose

Romas 14:8 If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.


Josh said...

How are the snowboarding slopes out there? It was great to see you all in America, come back and visit sometime ok?

Me, Myself, and I said...

i love you.
i miss you.
we need to talk. twins should not go this long without talking. it's the law.

Charity said...

What a beautiful post!!! Thank you for reminding me of God's goodness. I miss you so much, little sister! I LOVED all the photos. I hadn't even seen some of the ones that *I* was in! :) I can't wait to see you, Lord willing, in just a couple months! Love you very much, and LOVE your writing. :D

Charity said...

p.s. Who is the HOTTIE on the snowboard?!?

p.p.s. The photo of us and Uncle Ralph is officially my lappy background!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you could use an update!