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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Christmas. A happy, busy, stressful, joyful, crazy, lovely time of the year!
Christmas. before I moved to Australia..
I used to jump out of bed in the mornings and run to my window to look at my beautiful white Christmas, then quickly make my way the living room where out stockings full of candy hung and join in with who ever else was up in the trading. Mum's amazing breakfast comes next, then family worship (as always) and then opening presents! :) Then all the laughing, hugging, "Thanks you" 's and all that jazz. *sigh* I love my family.
Usually, a few days before Christmas day my mum's family would get together (the Coles) for a lovely feast, singing Christmas carols, pressys, laughing, and enjoying this big crazy bunch of people I love so much it hurts! Most of the time the day of Christmas -after we had had our family Christmas in the morning- we'd get together with my dad's dad's family (Blackwoods) for a late lunch, which is always great. The day after its my dad's mum's family (Wallace) we get to spend time with. You really can't beat family. And around that time we'd have a few other little ones with friends, church, adopted grandparents etc.
Christmas in Australia.
So, this is only my second Christmas here, and last year i did get my white Christmas (it hailed for 10 min in the morning), but this year it's suppose to be a little more sunny and warm, and we're planing on going on a picnic in the City. Starting new traditions here has been much harder then I thought. In my view Christmas with out all your family, isn't Christmas at all. And i must admit i sulked a fair bit this year- about not having my brothers, my extended family, the beautiful white Christmas I always remember waking up to etc.-, but i finally realised God has placed in our lives a surrogate family, and I'm happy. And hey, nothing compares to a white Christmas, but a picnic in a beautiful park, with my new family here, doesn't sound so bad ether. :)
So, Have a blessed Christmas. Now matter where you are. No matter how hot or cold it is. Enjoy it. Thank God for this time to spend giving, laughing, rejoicing in Christ- who is God- becoming a man and dieing for our sin, realising what's important to you, thanking our Redeemer for the life He's giving us and love it.
Random fact about me you might not have know [before reading this post, I mean]

  1. Sometimes the laugh gets stuck in my checks
  2. When I am {attempting} to cook, i have to measure "a pinch" :P
  3. I once ate half a mud pie with worm in it (my siblings made me!)
  4. I can touch my nose with my tong
  5. when I laugh hard I cry
  6. I have walked through (and ordered) a Drive through.
  7. I weed-whacked (for you Australians that's whipper-snipped) for the first time in my life two days ago... and almost killed myself!!
  8. I have been proposed to by four different people ( 2 lil' boy, a guy my age, and one old gentleman old enough to be my great-great grandfather) in the past year.
  9. I have walked 1/5 of the way across a frozen over lake when there was no only like 3 little patches of snow on the ground
  10. I don't like coffee

Family. I love 'um.. but that doesn't mean I always like them. :)


Anyways, that's about it for now. So lovelys, I pray you have a
VERY beautiful Christmas, and a lovely New Year!
God bless
with love in my great Savior,
Tamara Rose


Charity said...

I LOVE YOU A LOT! That was a very, very good post. I am serious. That was way better than what I just wrote. I just wrote silliness. You wrote from your heart.

I'm going to read to you now, even though it's 12:30 AM because you're my sister and I love you! Oh...and I kinda like the book myself. Hehe.

We're going to have a great Christmas. Really. Because Maria will be there! Remember? :)

ben j. said...

YOU CAN TOUCH YOUR TONGUE TO YOUR NOSE TOO??? How did I never know this? I probably did... like... two months ago. BUT I SO TOTALLY FORGOT!! Yur amazing! Anyone who can do THIS

:: touches tongue to nose without assistance from hand ::

Is Amazing!!! [that, of course, includes me]

Anyways, Christmas looks to be about the same as it always has this year: turn-based waiting game promising a small half-time show where the entire household searches relentlessly for an odd number of AA batteries to make one of my cousin's new family-harassment-device work beautifully. Business usually continues after another 3 minute shananigan where the female members of the family attempt to release the hair of one of their members from the deathly clutches of that aforementioned device. Still, it's Christmas, isn't it?

Ok and.. whippershwnwhated? How can you almost kill yourself with just a whickershnupperer? I mean, I've been using wishtershnydershnuperators for years.. I can't imagine not knowing how to use them.

:: scratching head ::

ben j. said...
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Mariaj said...

Don't worry, I do comment on your blog. I actually wrote a HUGE comment on your last post, but then it got deleted and I was too lazy to write it all over again, I guess I will just have to make this one extra long.

Yeah, I would have to agree with you on what Christmas always meant to me as well.

It is this time of year that I am really starting to miss my extended family and especially my brothers. There are only 4 candy filled stockings this year. It is 7am and no candy trading has happened, in fact, I am the only one who has looked in mine yet, although that probably accounts to growing older. :)

Hey, don't worry, not only do we get to see Grandma and Grandpa Cole, Grandma and Grandpa Blackwood, Katy, and the boys, but we get to open presents with G'ma and G'pa B-wood and household this year. (Okay, so it is only over the webcam, but still, that's pretty exciting and crazy!!!) We should totally do that more often.

Well dear sister, now I must get dressed and rush around like crazy for the next 12 minutes!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! SO much to do, so little time.

Love you!